April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Lindsey

    I love the third one; Its so cute :D

  • http://www.fashionisaparty.com Suzanne

    i love minka <3

  • Rachael

    I think the first 2 are wrong for your skin tone (in my opinoin) but the 3rd one looks great. I have been having a problem finding the perfect nude b/c none of them look good on my skin tone. Only the pinky ones do.

  • http://snakesinthebasket.blogspot.com/ Nicole

    the third one looks great with your skin tone!

    i think personally i would like these more without the shimmer..

  • http://mitchwearsclothes.blogspot.com/ Michelle Tiu

    I’ve always thought of nude nail polish more of as a one size fits all kind of thing. Apparently not! I love the last one though. :-)

  • http://lovelipstickandlaughter.blogspot.com/ Esther

    Don’t you mean Shay is best for cool skin tones? I could be wrong, but I thought your skin tone was cool. I love Shay and Pandora! x

  • Ashlyn

    I’m happy you started swatching nail polishes again. I really love seeing colors on other people before buying them myself..And since you get most for free if not all, then why not swatch them.

    And btw… what happened to you swatching and reviewing collections you already had. For example, you swatched your NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. Good idea on your part!

  • http://www.cosmicordia.com Rachel

    Oooh. I think I like Shay the best. It’s nude but still has that slight pop of color :)

  • Kristina

    I like Shay the best, I think that the OPI Femme De Cirque is comperable, plus you get a sparkly color that is fun to layer over the black/white shatter polishes for a soft sparkle. I too like the brighter colors, but some of these nudes are interesting under the black crackle.

  • Kacy

    These colors are surprisingly really pretty for nudes. A lot of nudes I’ve used turned out really streaky. Could you do a post or something about formaldehyde free polishes? The only brand I know of is OPI.

  • http://www.havemakeupwillblog.blogspot.com Nikki

    Ugh all of these colors are gorgeous! I officially want them all!