Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish- Swatches, Review

Zoya’s newest nail polish line is called PixieDust, and it’s a new formula that features a matte base with glitter in it. This sounds like a weird concept, but if you think of it like stars in the night sky (matte black sky, sparkling stars) then it makes sense :) I was excited about this because I really love matte with sparkles- most of my Inglot eyeshadows are like that. It’s a formula that isn’t too common and gives a really unique texture and look. 

The formula on this particular polish is kind of difficult to work with if you don’t let each coat dry before adding another. When I first swatched these I wasn’t being patient, and the formula ends up being goopy and pulling if you try and layer too soon. Good thing is that this polish dries fast, and because of the formula its really easy to tell when it’s set (just wait until its matte!) Another annoyance, for me at least, is the texture. I really like my nails to feel super smooth, but these are all about that grainy texture. Normally I’d just throw on a top coat to smooth it out, but that would defeat the matte aspect and make them shiny (also really pretty, but not what I’m going for!)

These polishes needed about three coats to be fully opaque. On the swatch of London, I only had two coats and you can still see a lot of my nails (all other colors have three coats) It might even make sense to use a similar, regular polish first, then use one coat of the PixieDust polishes so you use less polish. 

The wear on these was nice, I had Dahlia on for three days and didn’t notice really any chipping (and no top coat!) As far as removing these polishes, it’s the same annoyance as any glitter polish is. Easiest routes are to either soak your nails with a cotton pad and nail polish remover for a few minutes (not scrubbing) or just pick it off.


Zoyapixie 1

Zoyapixie 25 GodivaZoyapixie 17 VespaZoyapixie 24 NYXZoyapixie 11 ChynaZoyapixie 22 LondonZoyapixie 28 Dahlia


Zoyapixie 2 Godiva

Zoyapixie 5 VespaZoyapixie 8 NYXZoyapixie 6 ChynaZoyapixie 7 LondonZoyapixie 9 Dahlia

PixieDust Polishes available for $9 each from Zoya.

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  1. Teri Evans says

    Thanks for taking the time to test each color(and the hassle of taking them off). They look uber pretty. I’m Lovin the red(: Sending love from Oregon! <3

  2. Ashlyn :) says

    I tried the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand ones from OPI and I thought I would just love them. Since i’m constantly using my hands, whether it’s doing hair or facials/massages…they were just too scratchy. I didn’t like the texture at all. Thank god I only bought the minis. Beautiful colors though. If I loved the texture…i’d definitely buy Godiva and Chyna.

  3. Melissa Wisdom says

    I grabbed a few of these and really like them. The red is amazing, and I like the soft green and grey/blue.

  4. Mary says

    I don’t like glitter polishes (I think they take forever to come off), but I love this! It’s so pretty! Is it out now? My favorite is Vespa and NYX.

  5. Matte nail polish says

    I love matte nails too. Illamasqua have some with this kind of finish. As others have mentioned though the best product for this is a matte top coat so you can make any shade have this finish, I must invest!

    Matte nail polish

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