Zoya Kiki Nail Polish

So yesterday I got my Zoya order from the Facebook 3 Free promotion, yay!! I guess after I posted that blog post I started reading what all of you were picking out, and changed the ones that I got and got NONE of the original 3 that I picked out, haha.

I saw a lot of you were getting certain colors because it was your name, your pets name, your moms name, etc. I looked, and they don’t have a color named Leesha or Alicia, so I looked for my pet’s name, and they had one named Kiki! On top of that, its GORGEOUS!


zoyakiki3.jpgThis is Kiki, if you’ve never seen her :) We’re kinda BFFs.




This is a bright, hot blue-pink with a gorgeous neon pink and purple shimmer. It’s such a Leesha color, I’m really glad a jumped on the bandwagon and looked up names of people (and pets!) I knew like you guys!!



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  • http://www.amandapurser.com Amanda

    I got my Zoya polishes the other day, too! I’m wearing Bela right now (which is gorgeous!), but I also got my namesake, Amanda, and Indigo. Love these polishes!

  • http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/ Cassy

    Gah! I’m so jealous, it is amazing. The closest I got was I picked one polish out that was kind of the name of one of my bff’s (spelled differently) and it’s pretty meh. I didn’t look close enough at the opacity ratings and got things they were waaaay too sheer. That’s my bad, though.

  • evelyn

    Love the color!!!

  • Rachael

    I am still waiting for my colors. It is FINALLY an open order. All 3 of the colors that I picked out were on back order. Anyway… I love that color. It is such a pretty pink. I may have to purchase that for this summer. Love it!!! How many coats did you use? I had asked this before but never got the final answer…. what base coat, and top coat do you think works the best with your polishes? My polishes NEVER last. After I shower they peel. I have tried everything. I buff my nails and everything. Its so darn annoying.

    • Leesha

      this is two coats.

      if i use a basecoat its usually a strengthener, but lately i’ve really liked Zoya’s anchor, as it helps adhere nail color. For top coat I use seche vite, always.

      • Rachael

        Thanks for the tip about Zoya’s anchor. I think that I will try that!!

  • Regina

    I am still waiting for mine…they take forever to ship! I wonder if it is always like that, or if they are just overwhelmed from the promo. I ordered on the 6th…

    • Leesha

      its not always like that, its just because of the promo. they got over 300,000 orders.. theres only so many hours in a day yanno?

  • Emily

    That’s such a pretty color! I love the bright colors too! I’m kind of shocked and sad that they don’t have a shade in my name XD Emily’s sooo common. Ah well, maybe in the future. I love a lot of their colors :D

  • Karlie Tipton

    I feel that if I stare at Kiki’s picture long enough, she may be able to command me to do horrible things… :)

  • http://www.themprettycolors.com Sarah B.

    Hehehe My cat’s name is Pixie, but I always call her Kiki!
    Your cat is very very cute !

  • Crystal

    Got mah 3 freebies in tha mail today!!!! Can’t wait to try them out. I got Ivanka,Dea, and Jo :D

  • http://twisteddecadence.blogspot.com star

    i can;’t wait till i get my zoya polishes i ordered!!! i have a pink like that but its not zoya

  • http://beautifulloft.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    It’s gorgeous!!

  • Fox

    I’m suprised I usually shy away from pink nail polishes but I really like this one. It’s girly but with a kick.

  • Mary

    i got kiki too :] sooo gorgeous! and yeah.. i got buffy since it was my cats name as well haha

  • Lisa G

    I got my 3 the other day…Buffy, Willow and Faith (guess where I came up with those names?). I love all of them and I have fallen deeply in love with Zoya polishes and after seeing Kiki that will be on my next order for sure.

  • Virginia

    love the color!!!!
    look like “bubble gum” from maybeliline… my favourite color!!!