Zoya Gemma Nail Polish

Gemma was one of the colors from Zoya’s new Intimate collection that I absolutely could not pass up (Along with Dannii!!) Zoya describes this color as “a light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer”. It’s a very unique color, it’s one of those that looks different depending on where the light hits it. For instance, right now as I type it looks much darker than these photographs, almost a murky blue-greenish gray! Definitely unique to my collection, so I’m glad I picked this up! :)




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  1. Brittbear says

    I’ve wanted this color for a long time. I want it even more now!

  2. Liz says

    It looks almost like a light jade color, i love it!

  3. Ana says

    I normally love jade-green type polishes but there is something about this one I don’t like. =/

  4. Vijaya says

    I’ve wanted this color for a while. <3 SOOOO pretty.

  5. vonnie says

    wow! that’s so pretty, i love the shimmer to it

  6. Harri says

    Mine will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait. I have Shawn, Suvi, & Ivanka on right now.

  7. Delane says

    This has been sitting in my shopping cart for a few days. I’ve been sort of trying to decide to buy it and sort of waiting for money to buy it.

    I think I’ll go ahead and make the order once I get the money.

    Thanks Leesha! You read my mind.

  8. Elysia says

    ooo my mom’s gonna love this color lol

  9. Amber says

    WHoaaa <3

  10. Gemma says

    my names Gemma :D hahhaa… im SO definately getting this now LOL!

  11. Annette says

    This is a really nice color…I wore it today for St Patrick’s Day. Looks really nice on your nails!

  12. Braye says

    Bought it and <3 it! You should see this baby with Bundle Monster's vine pattern, using white, stamped on Gemma… It's simply gorgeous!

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