Youngblood Cosmetics: Mermaid Palette

Youngblood Cosmetics is a company that is pretty new to me. I have heard of them (They have been on Hautelook a few times!) But this is my first real introduction to them. I got to meet some of their team at IMATS last June, which was nice! :) 

The first product I’m going to be reviewing is the Mermaid palette. It consists of four watery-themed shades. My initial reaction with these is that their color payoff was less than desired- they are all pretty sheer for my taste. The colors themselves are fantastic, my favorite being the top left shade, its a very unique lilac with a green duo chrome. The color is soooo sheer, though, it really bums me out. I only realized how much awesome potential these babies have when I tried swatching them over black, then it was like BAM! Color. Duochrome. Awesomeness.

Youngbloodmermaid 9Youngbloodmermaid 10Youngbloodmermaid 3Youngbloodmermaid 8Youngbloodmermaid 7Youngbloodmermaid 6Youngbloodmermaid 5Youngbloodmermaid 4Youngbloodmermaid 2Youngbloodmermaid 1

See?! They all look amazing. 

This palette retails for $43. $10.75 a shadow. In my opinion, that’s a little steep considering how much color payoff they have on their own. That being said, I will use this palette, as the colors are just too good to pass up when layered over black.

Available from Youngblood.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  1. elana_s says:

    You did go the extra mile to show these eyeshadows in as favourable a light as possible while still providing an honest review, which is why you’re the best ^_^ but even over black, and pigmentation aside, those colours are all so similar to each other that it doesn’t seem to merit being sold together in one (expensive!) quad… something for the Youngblood folks to think about, maybe.

  2. marie says:

    Hey could you possibly consider taking your pictures with a quarter or something so we can get a general idea of the size of each product? I just thought that would be enormously helpful… thanks :) I love your reviews!!

  3. makeupmattersbylnc says:

    Wow that’s awesome. I would never have thought to swatch over black. I would have only thought to put them over a white base to make them brighter. I’ve never tried this brand either. Are they cruelty free do you know?

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