xSparkage on The Haul!

I wanted to show you guys that xSparkage was featured on The Haul, which is a really great YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing new videos from the beauty community. They show all sorts of beauty youtubers, no matter what their fan base, so it’s a great way to find amazing new beauty bloggers that you may not have found otherwise!

The Haul featured my Surf Baby Video :)

I was featured once before last month for my “Moonlit Mermaid” video too!



It’s always fun to see your videos being featured when you weren’t aware it was going to happen! Thanks for the feature, StyleHaul!


  1. Kristina says

    Yeah! Beautify the world!

  2. Holly says

    its the youtube bloggers verison of the hills :P awesome, i bet your the specia guest ?

  3. lexi says

    You should feel speacial!
    Now everyone even people who have NEVER herd of you can see your AWESOME eye looks!
    did you ever go to a school to learn how to do eye makeup??
    Reply Please!

  4. Roberta says

    You deserve it! Kisssss *_*

  5. eugie73 says

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing so much stuff with us :-)

  6. Ashley Sarah says

    Never heard of that channel until now. The girl host looks so familiar though. Either way, that’s awesome for you!

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