xSparkage 3rd TwBirthday Giveaway

Hi! I was just informed that tomorrow, April 30th, is my 3rd Twitter Birthday!




I absolutely LOVE Twitter, it is by far my favorite social media platform and I am always tweeting (too much, some may say, but I really enjoy talking to you all!) In honor of this, I’m going to do a little Twitter giveaway:)

The Prizes:

  • Sephora by OPI GLEE Mini Nail Polish Set
  • OPI Katy Perry Mini Nail Laquers Set
  • OPI Serena Glam Slam Crackle Duo

**EDIT** The contest has ended, thanks for entering! Winners were @beccacrbn, @lilpianogirl, and @shannoninBC. Thanks again!



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  1. maria says

    oh leesha, you little silly billy!!

    katy please ;)

  2. Karin says

    Congratz! I would like to say im a big fan of your looks! Im a big lurker really and never really comment :) The 30th of april is a big day in the Netherlands! We celebrate the Queens birthday! We have big party’s and all wear orange basiclly :)

    Is this contest also open to International people?

  3. MillerTyme224 says

    I’m private so i don’t think I can win unless you follow me :(

  4. pixiepfanz says

    hehe i tweeted but i think mt tweets are going wanky lol

  5. Paige says

    Glee please! Happy twitter birthday.

  6. Kristie says

    The ones that are posting what they want on here realize that you have to TWEET Leesha to win, right?

  7. Sarahdams says

    This might be a stupid question, but what does “dm” mean?

  8. ompels says

    Congratulations! I would like to try the Katy Perry

  9. Janalyn says

    I just joined the world of Twitter this year! Still trying to figure out how it works! lol Congrats on your 3rd TwBirthday! I entered to win ‘Glee’ =))

  10. Brooke says

    I’m private too. Anyone more twitter-savvy than me that can let us know if Leesha will see our entries if our tweets are private and she’s not following us?
    Thanks! :-)

  11. Sammi says

    No. I held a twitter contest once, and I was NOT able to see the entries made by people who had their twitters private.

  12. Zam says

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