WIN 5 Inglot Eyeshadows and a 5-Pan Palette

I have been really trying to organize and keep my makeup area clean (my apartment is WAY too small for all the stuff I have, so this is a constant battle!) and my giveaway drawer is getting out of control. I have about 8 ingot shadows that I either bought when I didn’t realized I already owned, or they were picked out for me when a friend bought a pallet for me when they went to Inglot. I also have a 5 pan palette that I don’t use, so I thought this would be a fun little giveaway :)

The prize is 5 Inglot eyeshadows that are all cool-toned, ranging from lime green to electric blue to awesome teals. These shadows have never been used or touched. They will be sent in an Inglot 5-pan palette. This has been used, but has been cleaned and is good as new.

Inglot GiveawayThe eyeshadows to win are #24, #32, #59, #70, and #504.

TO ENTER: Fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway form below. You can enter up to four ways- Leave a comment on this blog post (answering the question from the form), follow on twitter, like on Facebook, and subscribe on youtube. Each gets you an entry into the giveaway :)

This contest is international, and will go until March 22nd. Good luck!!


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  1. Courtney says

    i need this! :)

    1. Leesha says

      please enter with the form above, it wasnt working before, sorry!

  2. Kathryn says


  3. Kaley says

    I loveeee the colors in this palette!

  4. Rikki says

    This look absolutely wonderful.
    And I follow you on Twitter, like on Facebook, and am subscribed so this is awesome.

  5. Jordanne Morrow says

    This is so great!! I love these colors, I hope I can win!! :)
    I already subscribe to you on youtube (jmorrow04)
    I follow you already on twitter (spazzmatazz92)
    and I liked your page on facebook!!

  6. Arianne says

    Those colors are gorgeous!

  7. Jennifer says

    I would love to have this!

  8. Catherine says

    This palette is so beautiful, I’m in love with mermaid type colours atm :D <3

  9. Michelle G. says

    I have always wanted Inglot shadows! I would be so excited to get this.

  10. stephie says

    Woo, they’re so pretty :]

  11. Leann says

    I love, love, love blue and green eyeshadows. I usually like to wear them as thick liners on the top and bottom lids, with a more neutral color on the lid.

  12. Amanda Meade says

    I’ve been wanting to try this brand for awhile now, this would be a great (and cost-effective) way to do so! :)

  13. Samantha Nolan says

    I would rock these eyeshadows by using a nude lipgloss!!

  14. Shahtaj Maqsood says

    I usually like to wear blue eye shadow close to my lash line and smoke it out with a pencil brush.Nice every day wearable effect:) Thanx for the giveaway :)

  15. Amanda says

    I’m not sure how I would rock these blue shadows…I’d have to play around with them and see what works :)

  16. Krystal says

    beautiful :]

  17. Dawn H. says

    Those are some beautiful fun summer colors! I’ve loved wearing blues/greens all of my life as they have always enhanced my blue/green eyes!

  18. Michelle C says

    Giveaway blog comment answer:

    Blue eyeshadow is one of my favorite colours to rock, usually I wear deeper shades of blue on the lid and in the crease instead of the bright blue shades and I like to pare it with a more striking colour along the lower lash line.

  19. Tricia Fitzgerald says

    I rock blue and green eyeshadows by using them as liner, or by just going all out and wearing them together for a nice bright look!

  20. michelle says

    always wanted to try inglot!

  21. Jessica says

    I LOVE these shades! :D

  22. Hannah says

    I would wear blue-toned eyeshadows wet as eyeliner!

  23. Mandy says


  24. catharine says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  25. Amanda says

    Great giveaway :) i love the colors

  26. Amanda says

    So sweet of you! :D

  27. PixiJasmine says

    Hi leesha! Great giveaway!
    I like to wear blues as an accent under the eye or as a smokey blue-toned look :)

  28. Fayelin Benzenbower says

    So gorgeous!!! Those colors remind me of oceans, ponds, seas…okay, pretty water in general. :)

    <3 Faye

  29. Zakiyah Shafique says

    These are so pretty!

  30. Nikohl says

    These colors are gorgeous! Personally, I love wearing a dark smokey eye with a bright color under the eye. That bright teal would be absolutely gorgeous >.<

  31. Dawn says

    I don’t know anywhere near me that sells Inglot, so it would be great to win some. Such beautiful colours, too. Thank you for making this international

    1. Dawn says

      I’ve not really experimented with blues before, but since I am cool toned I have every faith that they should work for me

  32. Rachel Vella B says

    Blues and greens are my favourite colours!

  33. Eline says

    Omgggg so gonna enter!

    i just rocked some blue eyeshadow in my Alice in wonderland look i filmed! :D loveit!

    x Eline

  34. Elena says

    I’m actually rocking a teal eye shadow as bottom lash liner right now. I adore blues, teals, aquas, etc, and could never have enough.

  35. Louise says

    Ranging through shades of blue making it nice and smokey at the outer corner!!!

  36. Rikki says

    Ah, now that I can see the form! lol

    I love colour so I’ll really just put blue on my lid or on the crease. Sometimes I’ve done it all over the eye!

  37. Katie Lou says

    I love wearing blue shadows with a hint of green and think winged liner :)

  38. Katherine says

    I love using blues to create a great copper and blue eye-look- copper and dark brown on the lid, with a blue underneath the eyes for a nice pop, or even vice versa!

  39. Amanda says

    I wear blue eyeshadows with my fave yellow blouse!

  40. Tata says

    I loooooove colored eyeshadows and a smokey colored eye :D

  41. Heather says

    I think this is too cool. I don’t have any inglot stuff yet. Thanks Leesha

  42. Dani says

    Your videos are my absolute favorite! I rocked one of your looks the other night at a performance and got tons of compliments!

  43. Pernilla says

    Beautiful colors! I’d probably do some sort of peacock-inspired look with them :)

  44. Amber says

    I love blue eyeshadows, and I usually sue them as a lower lid colour with gold, orange, or purple shades on the lid. It’s an awesome pop that gets me comments on my makeup all the time :)

  45. Katrina says

    those colors are PERFECT for spring!

  46. Elizabeth says

    I love to pair blue toned eyeshadows with super bright colors because bright looks are my absolute favorite!

  47. Nadie says

    Aa so sweet of you that it is international! I really would like to try a nice wing eyeliner that gets a lot bigger in the outer corner from dark blue to bright green !

  48. Heather says

    the blues would be awesome for a marine look… i think thats what i would do if I won it

  49. Stephanie says

    I like to wear blue shadow with a black smokey in the outer corner and sliver glitter eyeliner :)

  50. jorien says

    i just love to do a smokey blue eyeshadow look

  51. Rachel says

    I would love to try Inglot!

  52. Angela G says

    I often put them on my lower lids to give a pop of color! :)

  53. C R Williams says

    I need ideas on how to

  54. Rachel says

    I’m wearing blue right now – brightly all over the lid!

  55. Darci says

    Thanks for this great giveaway. I like to wear blues to bring out my blue eyes some times as a liner or a soft subtle look

  56. Cynthia says

    I love wear blues because people notice them. Teals are my favorite to work with. Mixing them with either greens or silvers for fun. I have brown eyes so a little tint of green makes my eyes pop. If its a more of a true blue look I’ll go with pink blush and lipstick. If its teal or more on a green side I stick with peaches. I love orange lips! They go nice with bright blue too :) love you Leesha

  57. Francesca says

    i would have a slightly off nude colour on the lid, with teal in the crease and the lightest two colours blended on the lower lash line

  58. Ray says

    I would wear these as liners or create a blue smokey eye. :)

  59. Andrea says

    I love these colors,, I think they would suit my green eyes

  60. Kaydee says

    It’s really nice that you think of your followers/subscribers when you have extra things :)

    1. Kaydee says

      ops!! haha i didn’t see the question, silly me! i thought we just needed to leave something in the comments. i would totally use this in the summer when i wanted to spice up my eye looks :)

  61. Katie says

    i like to use it to spice up neutral looks!

  62. Tina says

    IMHO, blues look awesome in conjunction with purple!

  63. Sally says

    A lovely giveaway, Leesha! I love Inglot palettes so much esp. for travel. I recently traveled by air and found two of my beloved Sugarpill shadows a mess… You never have to worry about your Inglot stack crumbling because the magnets make them so secure! Not to mention the variety of color and finishes!

  64. Sarah says

    Whenever I wear blue eyeshadows, I always wear bright blues. It really brings out my eye colour and I love bright colours.

  65. Carly says

    I use blue as a pop of color with my neutral eyes. I have blue eyes so using blue straight on the eyelid is just too much blue IMO.

  66. Danielle says

    I’d love to make a mermaid inspired look!

  67. Jessica says

    These would look great as liners or for a pop of color.

  68. Randi says

    This is a great giveaway:-)

  69. sssssssim says

    I wear blue or teal with grey or purple. And really nude lips. It’s a bit rough, cuz I have dark red hair, but I love it:)

  70. Rian says

    Gorgeous colors!

  71. Alessandra says

    i would either put it on the bottom lash line or make an eyeliner out of it! <3

  72. KIRSTEN says

    i wear blue-toned shadows in a smokey eye and false lashes. or i wear it as a liner with a neutral eye. :)

  73. Polly says

    I like to wear a bunch of blues at the same time- like a blue rainbow!

  74. Ulyana says

    If I won I would definitely do something tropical with all of those yellows and greens :). I love how blendable all the ingots are but it’s so hars for me to go to a store and get them!

  75. brigit says Suscribed Followed Liked
    I would rock blue eyeshadow with a smoky effect,very black lashes,winged black liner and a subtle pink lip!:)

  76. Holly says

    These colors are so pretty! I’d probably follow one of the tutorials you have up as my instincts aren’t so trustworthy on the blue shadow if my jr.high pics have anything to say about it. I love the really dramatic hunger games look you did with blue the other day- would be fun to replicate for a night out or something!

  77. Ula says

    I like to combine all kinds of blue with a touch of brown!

  78. Ashley says

    i would use blue toned to bring out the color of the green in my eyes. blues are the best way to show off blue/green eyes.

  79. Tania Contreras says

    I like to used it on the lower lash line for a subtle pop of color =]

  80. caseydia says

    teal is my absolute favorite color ever, and when you pair it with lime green its perfection!

  81. Dharini says

    i love using blue eye shadows wet as eye liner to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral look!

  82. Andruzrc says

    God I love the colors so much! I hope I win, have colors ever :D

  83. Zerschmetterling says

    love these!
    I always wear blues on the lid with blacks, greys or dark browns in the crease so it doesn’t look like “too much”

  84. Emily says

    I looove wearing blues in conjunction with purples!

  85. izzy says


  86. Nora says

    omg I want to do like a peacock look with these!

  87. Faith says

    I loooove Inglot! I only have a few shadows, but I use them daily :) such a great giveaway!!!

  88. J says

    If I wear a blue eyeshadow, it’s usually on the lower lash line and I keep it neutral on the lid!

  89. Georgia says

    I’d really love to come up with something like your District 4 look

  90. Ronnie says

    I love wearing blue/cool toned shadows because they make my amber eyes look insane! Thanks for this, Leesha! <3

  91. HennaTrendz says

    I’m lucky to have the Indian skintone…all colors including blues suit my eyes! love wearing them!
    on a different note…I’ll be happy to take off even used makeup from your hands :D
    Love all your tutorials!

  92. Jessica says

    I would love to wear them on the lower lashline to spice up an otherwise neutral eye look or use them in the outer corner :] Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

  93. Cindelyz says

    So many different looks are already coming to my head :3
    Marine/Mermaid inspired looks
    Neutrals wit pops of color
    Colored liner
    Limitless really c:

  94. Paige says

    I love to use blue and black and make my ow take on smokey eyes. :D

  95. Kelly MacLean says

    Inglot is fantastic. I would LOVE these shadows for a summer time beach look :)

  96. Kassie says

    I love doing smokey blue eyes are pairing the blue shadows with orange to really make them POP :D

    I’ve never tried INGLOT but have heard amazing things about them, I will be beyond happy if I won this giveaway and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win this awesome prize!!

  97. Angelica says

    Turquoise/ teal is my favorite color to wear! A little to line my lower lash line is one of my favorite looks to wear!

  98. Devin Cipriani says

    I always do Blue with a smokey eye. I love doing like blues or teals with a navy blue in the outer corner. It complements my brown eyes. And blue is my favorite color so these colors would be perfect!(:

  99. Jessica says

    I love these colors. I would use the blues to make a nice smokey eye!

  100. Jillian says

    I feel as though teal/turquoise colors flatter me the most. I love pairing them with purples, yellows when making a super dramatic look.

  101. Amy says

    i have an every dy look with a light blue shadow for a highlight a periwinkle blue for the crease and a dark navy with glitter to darken it all up with a green on the lid

  102. kel cooper says

    Blue just goes great w my skin tone! I use it to break up browns, on my lash line to bring out my brown eyes, orrr fade light to dark:)

  103. Tara says

    cool blue/greens look really sweet against my dark hazely eyes. the smokey teal in the crease, with a kind of taupe color on the lid, and the bright blue on the lower lash line would look really pretty. i’ve never tried inglot before, but i’ve heard so much about it, and those colors looks awesome! my roommate has lovely blue eyes, and i do her makeup for her dance recitals, so this palette would also look really awesome with her too!

  104. Krystal says

    i do the blue in the lid and dark brown in the crease! and black liner. :)

  105. Diane R says

    I rock blues as a pop of colour on a neutral eye or with a great black or dark brown for a smokey look or go crazy and pair with greens or yellows for something bright and funky.

  106. Ashley says

    I love wearing blue eyeshadows for a smokey eye when I go out.

  107. Kimberly says

    That electric blue is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Kimberly says

      I would use it on my lower lash line! :) For that pop of color!

  108. Carolyn says

    I love Inglot eyeshadows, they’re so colourful and give me so many ideas I want to try out. Thanks Leesha :)

  109. Naomi says

    Blue is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours to wear. I usually team it with black eyeshadow on the outer corners and blend to make it smokey. I’ll add some blue glitter if I’m on a night out! :)

  110. Lexi says

    I’ve been wanting to try Inglot products for what seems like forever!!

  111. Delilah says

    I LOVE rocking blue toned looks whenever Im going out to a concert or good local show. It really pops out and looks super pretty! Then with some glitter and silver and black lined lids….oh man I love it!

  112. Ailish Rose says

    I wear a smoky eye then add dark blue, or bright blue eyeliner for a pop of colour :)

  113. Jenn L. says

    Blue is one of those colors some people like to shy away, but I find that it’s an excellent color to use throughout the seasons. In the winter I can use a dark navy blue to smoke out my eyes or even use it as an eyeliner on my bottom lash line. In the spring/summer I can use it to be a bit more playful and spring feel. There’s so much I could use blue for.

  114. Emily says

    I have strangely coloured eyes which are a mix of blue green and a slightly yellow/browny colour, paired with my dark hair blue-green tones seem to suit me most!

  115. Jonelle says

    I would use the blue for a pop of color or as a liner.

  116. Rebecca Nacht says

    I love rocking bright blue eyes! One of my favorite things to do is do blue drop shadow with a neutral lid!

  117. Hannah says

    I usually do a gradient/smokey kind of look, starting on the inner corner with a light shade of blue & then the middle of the eyelid with a medium shade of blue and then on the corner with the darkest shade & blend them together nicely. Sometimes I use blue gel eyeliner on the top lid too :)

  118. Jill says

    When I get new colors I immediately think of new fun ways to wear it. I have no good blues in my collection and these colors are absolutely gorgeous. I’m thinking of looks ranging from soft to bold and from simple to extravagant.

  119. Lilian Nava says

    The way I rock the Blue’s is in the crease with a Natural color all ove the lid!.. or I would just do a simple eye and do a Cat eye with a Shimmery Blue eyeliner.. MUFE has a really nice one that I cant think of the # right now!.. But im pretty sure you will know which one im talking about!.. :)

  120. Esther says

    I love making smokey eyes with just blues! It looks pretty wicked [:

  121. Nadine says

    I wear blue shadow in combination with green or black in a smoky way. depends if I want to go dark or bright :)

  122. AudreyFR says

    I love wear blue eyeshadow with glitter like Royal sugar with a black cat eyeliner, I love it!

  123. Fallonita says

    Awesome, never owned inglot, would love to give them a try..xoxo

  124. Miranda says

    Those colors are so pretty. I would probably do a fun look for a summer music festival with these eyeshadows.

  125. Emma Deleuran says

    I would do something simple and pretty or i would do something smokey-ish :)

  126. Kaia says

    These colors are truly lovely~!! ^^ <3

  127. Janine says

    I love blue eyeshadows, they are perfect for me as I have very dark brown eyes and they show up really well. I need to be more adventurous with my blues though, I usually stick to quite dark/navy blues and team them with greys/graphite colours. A few brights would expand my range a bit.

  128. Chantel says

    I love blue! I would definitely use it as an accent colour along my lower lash line and i have so many parties and weddings to attend this summer, I want to incorporate these pretty blues into a smokey eye! :)

  129. Izabela says

    Applying them wet, as an eye-liner. Dark shades, the best ones!

  130. accunha says

    i do a smokey eye with the blues. this rock in blond hair like mine !

  131. rebecca says

    i love using a little blue liner on the bottom lash line for a nice contrasting pop of color

  132. Bengisu says

    I love Inglot and I love blue! I really hope I can win this :)

  133. Cara says

    Love teals. Just perfect fpr spring.

  134. Collier says

    I love inglot can never have too much inglot

  135. Kassondra M says

    I love to rock a blue smokey eye as well as a neutral eye with a bright blue shadow underneath the eye. Makes my hazel eyes pop. I love blue and green .

  136. Shannon d says

    I have been dying to try out inglot. What a great giveaway!!!

  137. aura morales says

    I would use the blue the eyeshadow to make my make up pop, I would also use them as eye liners :):)

  138. Lauren says

    I like to add a hint of blue to a smokey eye to mix things up.

  139. Missy says

    Turquoise is my favorite color, so i always try creating fun bright looks. I’d probably do something smokey with the with the teals. But the green/chartreuse color is really awesome too. I’d deff have a field day playing around with these colors.

  140. katie says

    I love to do gold with a pop of turquoise underneath… But my favorite way to do blue is a navy smoky eye… It’s unexpected and sexy!

  141. shauna says

    i love wearing blue and orange it really makes my blue eyes pop

  142. Sara says

    I love doing smokey blue eyeshadow because it compliments my very light brown eyes! I just love the contrast :)

  143. Heather L says

    This is a gorgeous palette!

  144. Molly says

    Blue in the middle with purple on one side and green on the other.

  145. Brooke N says

    I always rock blue eyeshadows with some black to smoke it out with a nice electric blue on the lower lid to stand out! :)

  146. Jena D says

    These are all soo pretty! Thanks for the giveaway! Good zLuck all

  147. Jahaira Burns says

    Giiiiirl id rock the crap outta these colors!!! I have brown eyes so these colors would go soooo good! Thanks for the giveaway, u rock! Love ya Leesha!

  148. Angie says

    I like to wear blue eye shadow as a main lid color with a dark charcoal grey smokey eye.

  149. Levi says

    I’ve wanted to try Inglot products for a while now! I’d like to do something bright with these colours :D

  150. Devoney says

    I use blues to create dark smoky looks. Whoever said people with blue eyes can’t wear blue eyeshadow is a liar! It always makes my blue eyes pop.

  151. Alisha says

    I love to dress up a black or grey look with matte blues of different tones. Sometimes I’ll even take the shadow from bright blue to dark green gradually for a bold look.

  152. Wendy says

    I usually do a navy smokey eye because of my medium-olive complexion.
    I also like a bright navy on the lid with a magenta pink in the crease.

  153. kaoticTPin says

    I like to blend my teal into a bright yellow base…with a smidgen of orange in the corners!

  154. Dee says

    I would just wear it all the time in different ways haha I love blue eyeshadows. Especially the 2 colours on the right. And the yellow is also gorgeous.

  155. Danielle G. says

    I would love to have those gorgeous colors! Especially to add a pop of color for the spring/summer! And I’ve never tried Inglot shadows!

  156. Renata says

    I love turqoise, ocean looks!! They’re so amazing!

  157. ANA says

    I would use blues with purples or light teal colors. Working with a blue shade can give u all sorts of ideas and use with any color…. :)

  158. Alexandra says

    I rock blue eyeshadow by applying yellow to the an inner corner and applying the darkest blue closest to my lash line and fading upwards creating a smokey eye

  159. Lauren says

    OMG that last blue. What a gorg palette, reminds me of a mermaid! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  160. Grace says

    I love doing a smokey navy liner on lazy days, or using teal and gold together <3 Blue is my favourite colour and my m/u used to match my hair lawl

  161. Sarah says

    I love using a light blue on the inner corner with a darker blue on the outer corner, so basically a blue smokey eye but I love to add designs so I almost always use a leopard print design or make it a midnight sky type of thing and add stars with glitter.

  162. Phoebe says

    I love wearing some bright colours as liners around my eyes, it always makes me stand out and it’s not too much which is great for school :)

  163. Desiree says

    Either a dark blue as liner on the lid or a bright blue on the lower lash line. And always with lots of mascara!

  164. Rhavyn says

    When I first started wearing make up I started watching your videos and colors were my “thing!!” till this day i’m still learning how to do a natural eye!!! Being a darker skinned girl i first though wearing blue eye shadow I’d look like that one chick from that old show with the blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick!!! But then i learned if you use a brown color as a blending up color to transition to your highlight it looks amazing!! After that I got braver and tried a shimmer light blue in the inner corner and gradually made it darker to the other corner!! I think any and everyone can rock a blue eye just gotta play with it and find something you’re comfortable with!! And thanks to you i LOVE COLORS!!! even rocked your rainbow look to work last year for 80’s day!!!Thanks for the contest and good luck everyone!!

  165. Charlie says

    I do blue in minimal! I have blue eyes, so usually it’s just a pop of blue smudged around my lashline to make my eye colour pop – but i’ve been looking for some more blue shades to experiment with!

  166. Jena D says

    My natural eye color is amber so blue is a perfect compliment to it! I could wear blue eye shadows everyday!

  167. Sherrell says

    I really like the yellowish color. So maybe that one on the lid and either the teal or mint color on the bottom lash line.

  168. Yashiyama says

    I do bright blue eyeshadow looks because I think in contrasts nicely with my red mohawk. :D

  169. xoxDanielleW says

    This awesome! I think its awesome that you do give aways! I love to wear blues and teals with purples. My eyes are blue green so if I wear blues it makes to blue stand out more. If I wear greens or teals the green in my eyes stand out better.

  170. Alicia says

    I heart blues… which actually look surprisingly good on my blue eyes.

  171. Emma says

    My eyes are a gray blue so these colors off shadows really make them stand out

  172. chelana says

    These colors are so pretty! i love blues and green eye shadows. its so nice of you for giving people a chance to win things we nite be able to get ourselves! :) you rock!

  173. Brittny says

    I love inglot eyeshadows! they so pretty!

  174. Cilla says

    I love doing blue and teal toned smokey eyes, but mainly I like to do blue based white on the lid, with bright blue’s and deeper blues in the crease. It sounds weird, but it looks really pretty on, kinda like clouds in the sky hah

  175. tealmermaidgirl says

    I rock blue eye shadows in funky smokey eyes or in bright bold styles. I have teal/blue hair and love to match my eyeshadow to my hair.

  176. Leanne says

    I love to use the colour under my lower lashes for that pop of colour with a natural eye or just alone. Or on the lid for a fun night out with the girls.

  177. Lorena A. says

    I wear blue eyeshadow on my lower lashline mostly but when I’m feeling real adventurous I use a light teal color as my inner corner highlight with darker teals, greens, blues or navy on my eyelid. Blue eyeshadow also compliments my brown eyes.

  178. Bre says

    I’m such a sucker for teals! That green is awesome, too!

  179. Becca Bath says

    Whenever I wear blue eyeshadow, I usually put a nude color over most of the lid, and put the blue in the crease or outter corner, that way it’s not all blue since I have blue eyes, but there’s still some interest.

  180. Denise Frey says

    I love the blues, on my deep brown eyes. Lighter teals/turquoise bring out the red parts of my iris. While cooler golds, like the 1 in yer Inglot make the gold parts of my eyes pop, as well. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE; the vibrant to deeper colors of blue, they make the deepest browns in my eyes and the black outer circle, very defined, more intense and the over all look is so gorgeous on my. I never liked my brown eyes too much, until I started experimenting with blues/teals/golds. I hope to win this. I don’t have any Inglot in my collection. I would wear 3 of the the colors in your giveaway palette at a time. So pretty!!!! Thank you Leesha! I wanna know, when do you use the hoola hoops? =)

  181. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for doing this give-away.

  182. Katrina says

    I usually do a smokey eye using greys and then royal blue eyeliner on the lower lash line, or neutral eyes and I use navy eyeshadow with gold flecks as eyeliner on the top and bottom.

  183. Krystal says

    I love doing bright blue looks, and these would go perfect with my birthday dress next week! Rock it!

  184. Krysten says

    Such an amazing giveaway! I love rocking blues, greens and teals on my lids. The brighter the better too! I enjoy having an gradient effect on my eyes, light to dark with a smokey liner.

  185. Shannon says

    I would wear those eye shadows in so many ways… I would wear them bold and I would wear them very posh. All depending on my mood. I would most definitely find a use for all of them.

  186. Jenn M. says

    I use blues all the time, whether its a blue eyeliner (Kryolan’s Day-glo palette, the UV blue is the perfect bright blue!), blue mascara to bring out my blue eyes, or blue shadow smoked out on my lid. Blue’s my favorite color <33

  187. gloria says


  188. Seren says

    I love doing sort of a gradient starting with a light blue on the inner corners getting progressively darker as it moves outward. I have brown eyes so blue always looks really good on me; I’d rock these so hard!

  189. Haley says

    I rock blue eyeshadow by using a taupe on the lid, with a light layer of nude sparkle, then I do a squashed crescent moon shape in the outer corners, tapered into the crease. (Maybe a bit of silver fading out on top of the blue, if I’m feeling special. :))

  190. Rebekah Pack says

    Never tried Inglot before, but would love to! With these colors I would probably do some type of deep sea siren-y type look. XD My favorite colors are blue, green, and everything in between, so this palette would be perfect for me! :)

  191. Elizabeth Clare says

    Hey Leesha,
    I have been watching your videos for a few years now, I have also just started collecting makeup, like highend brands, I always tend to buy what you suggest, the first things I ever brought that werent drugstore were NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencial in milk, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, and a Sigma brush kit,
    I havent been able to get my hands on any Inglot because I do live in Australia, but I am really into doing bright looks and I think this palette would be perfect for me, I love teals and blues, I have a dress up party soon and a few girls and I are dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, I think this would be perfect for some of those characters,
    Please consider me in this competition! Id really appreciate it!
    Love Liz

  192. VikaKrajsek says

    I’ve wanted to rock those Inglot colours for a looong time…now’s my chance!! :D

  193. Misato-san says

    Blue Eyeshadows? I totally rock them, it seems every time I wear them I get lots of compliments (see my blog for references)… like yesterday I made a look with Love Cycle by MAC and a bit of Parfait Amour on the crease, fucsia lips (Milan Mode by MAC)… simple look, lots of fun!

  194. amanda routhier says

    i love blue eyeshadows, especially bright blues! they always make my brown eyes pop :)

  195. Luciana says

    I LOVE blue/green/teal eyeshadow on my brown eyes, often i do a neutral make up with a pop of blue in the water line….

    Sorry for english, i’m italian :PP

  196. Katie says

    I would totally wear them as some bright vibrant liners, top and bottom. :)

  197. maira says

    I would put blue all over my lid and black on my crease and blend them out. I love these colors

  198. Stacy Static says

    I love to just put a great teal on my lid and lower lash line with a light blue on the inner corner for a look that makes my brown eyes pop.

  199. Susan says

    I love blue for my eyes, because I have brown eyes, I think that look very good with it. My favorite eyeshadows that I would love to have are the inglot ones.. I live in southamerica and I can’t afford them …

  200. Kristen says

    I am all about the blue or the teal smoked out eye right now! In LOVE with turquoise anything- and accent it with gold- Magenefique!

  201. IriasYrenee says

    i don’t wear blue very often, because i already have blue eyes and was told blue eyeshadow on blue eyes makes them look not so bright. but i got an very cool blue liquid eyeliner from my mom and i will rock it :) i hope i can enter this giveaway though i’m from germany.
    ps: love your makeups :)

  202. jdahl413 says

    I’d rock these colors all summer!!!

  203. Jennifer says

    Blue shadows are hard to rock with dark brown (Asian) eyes, but I’ve found using it as a liner somehow makes my eyes pop!

  204. Nathan says

    I rock blue eyeshadow by using a periwinkle color smudged on my lower lasheline, and using a skin tone highlight instead of a white one

  205. Carolan says

    I love wearing bright colours to add a pop of colour to my face and blue really like my eye colour :)

  206. Laci says

    I usually rock blue eyeshadows as a liner on the lower lashline — but I’m trying to get more daring!

  207. V says

    The teal looks beautiful. I’m not sure how I would wear these yet, but I would use the yellow for the inner corner of the eye.

  208. Nora says

    Teals I usually mix up with whites and mints to make a bright, but kinda everyday looks. Blues I tend to wear as dark smoky eyes.

  209. Laura T says

    What I love about this palette is that these colors can both be serious or fun depending on how and where you apply them (:

  210. Angelica says

    I looove, love, LOVE the colors! I have a darker skin tone and I’ve always wanted to learn how to use lime green and cooler tones without looking like a clown! I really like #59 and #70!

  211. Hayley says

    Blue is blue is blue. All over the lid.

  212. sara says

    I mix them with black/greys for a smokey eye or purple because I mix everything with purple!

  213. Chelsea says

    I sometimes wear blue eyeshadows for kind of like a smokey look, but sometimes, depending on what I’m doing and on my mood, I’d just make it aaaall bright, like BAM in your face. :) With these colors I’d probably go all mermaidy :)

  214. Keri says

    I love pairing a bright blue with bright yellow, blending them in the middle with a green, for a nice pop of color on a spring/summer day. :)

  215. Mijal Grinstein says

    I mostly use deep blue eyeshadows, kinda like a smokey eye.
    Black mascara, and black waterline ;)

  216. Tamara says

    This would be nice to have for summer. I dont buy makeup much so this would be nice to own and experiment with!

  217. Hali says

    I known for wearing bold and bright colors, lime green is my all time favorite! I love mixing and matching colors together blues and greens, purples, anything bright and creating looks with them! This palette would really give me something to play with! Plus it’s from an amazing company! (:

  218. Veronica says

    I rock blue toned eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Often times I line the upper lashline in black or brown, and the lower line in my favorite blue (or vice versa). I also like making a black (or dark) gradient base on my lid and layering a blue, whether it be flat or duochrome, on top. I like the effect.

  219. Shannon says

    I already prefer a lot of blue-toned shadows. I’m dying to try inglot! I would definitely try to blend the lighter blues with the darker ones and probably rock it with a bright pink lip…because I NEED bright colors on my face :D

  220. fredrika says

    lovely colours

  221. Silke says

    I rock them with my brown eyes! Sometimes with an brown smokey eye and than the blue underneath my bottom lashes :-)

  222. Nadia says

    I sometimes pair it with warm colors or darken it with blacks and grays

  223. Cathleen says

    I love bright colors for my eyeshadow. Last time I featured blue, it was a cerulean fading in from my outer crease with a sparkly pale apricot base.

  224. Henriette Rodkjær says

    I have green eyes, but looove the blue with my skin tone and i really want to give myself a challenge with som awesome blues like these :D

  225. Molkinaify says

    I like to use them on the lower lashline :D

  226. jeslat says

    I like blue on the bottom of my eye with neutral browns on top, totally makes my blue eyes pop!

  227. Shana Jones says

    I am new to wearing blue eye shadow but i have a few fun ones ro play with!!

  228. Sarah says

    usually when I wear blue on my eyes, I use a black pencil liner (I like the NYX Slide-On for this) and line my upper and lower lash line. Then, before the liner sets, I take a stiff angle brush and a matte or satin finish navy shadow (I usually use Urban Decay’s “Evidence”) and smudge upwards to smoke it out. I then take a shimmery cream colored shadow (usually Urban Decay’s “Vanilla”) and put it on my inner corner and brow bone. I finish the look with a bold mascara, a neutral blush (my favorite is MAC’s Mineralize Blush in “LoveJoy”) and a neutral lipgloss (I love the Revlon ColorBurst glosses).
    This look looks gorgeous on dark eyes!

  229. Brooke S. says

    Usually on the lid paired with very neutral colors or as liner on the top or bottom lash line. Thanks Leesha!

  230. Lauren Sutherland says

    Teal eyeshadows are my absolute favorite! and i’ve never tried inglot before!

  231. courtney goins says

    I love rocking blue eyeshadow with jeweltone purples and teals or just smoked out!

  232. Danielle says

    I have honey brown colored eyes so I would do yellow on my like and then do blue/teal on my crease. I would do a simple black liner with full lashes.

  233. Erin says

    Those colors are gorgeous! So much fun for spring/summer!

  234. Tasha says

    I looove these colors, I am a very fair natural redhead and I love using cool toned teals when I want to play with colors and break out of my neutral slump lol.

  235. Jessica says

    I love wearing a light blue lid with a navy crease, making it a smokey look but only with blues.

  236. Mackenzie says

    I like to wear them on my lower lashline or as liner on top. For a bolder look, I wear blues in the crease with a neutral on the lid.

  237. Lauren Sutherland says

    Ugh totally put that comment in wrong. I like to wear teal eyeshadows in a bright, kind of mod wing on my eyes. it really makes them pop!

  238. Ashley says

    Rocking these blue’s erry day! Especial for spring =D
    Love Inglot tutorials but I have none! Even if it was just one pan—so stoked >_<
    If I don't win it's cool, I try and recreate your looks (even when it's Inglot shadows) I make do and combine other colors to get the ones you have. Don't stop doing what you do!!!! Love ya Leesh~!
    BTW, did you change your blog icon? Whats with the "G"?

  239. Heather L says

    I use blue eye shadows when I want my eyes to really pop….so I usually use electric blues.

  240. Candace says

    I have blue eyes and love to wear teal eyeshadow!

  241. Vivien says

    I have been dying to try inglot eyeshadows, it’s not available where I live :( love the colors! & thanks for this awesome giveaway! <3

  242. Brittany says

    I don’t actually own any colors like these, they would be perfect for summer!

  243. Lívia Alli says

    incrdible colors! i’d use this color in the midlle smoking with this other blue shades!!!

  244. Sinead says

    Love to rock blue eyeshadow as liner on a pale face!

  245. Nicole says

    Blues really accent my green eyes, I like mixing blue and greens with either purple or brown to really make my eyes pop.

  246. Karla says

    I would do the look from your horoscope series GEMINI as soon as I saw the colors they reminded me of that look. One of my favorite looks.

  247. Martha Uhlig says

    I don’t really wear much blue, but these are so pretty :)))))))

  248. Lojs says

    I have an addiction to teal-coloured eyeshadows.
    I was going to buy some of these, but Inglot is wuite hard to buy in sweden.. Sad panda.

  249. Bea says

    I love to do a smoky blue eye. Especially with a really electric blue colour in the center of the lid. Works great with my brown eyes :)

  250. Miranda says

    I have blue eyes so I like to use blues to make them pop. Usually I like to do a blue lid with a brown back shade and brown/black/ once a gray crease shade. Doesn’t sound as appealing as it looked. I often wear blue eyeshadow as a liner when I don’t feel like going all out.

  251. Paula says

    I love blue eye shadows so I would use this nearly every day!!

  252. Lauren says

    I love blending blues into cool jewel tones and creating a super colorful look (and Inglot products are perfect for such things!) Amazing giveaway! Thanks! <3

  253. Tania Mendoza says

    I wouldl rock green and blue in everything and everyday not just on eyeshadows those are my absolute favorite colors plus ever since leesha has start using Inglot I’ve been dieing to try’em

  254. Isaura says

    I’m usually wearing neutrals, but a hint of blue or green can really make a look pop, so I throw in some blue on the lid when I want a more dramatic look. (:
    and cool toned greens and blues are great for spring and summer coming up!!

  255. Sheridan says

    I absolutely love blues eye shadows. They look really good on my skin tone and i like how blue looks with my bright red hair!

  256. Allison says

    I loooove turquoise eyeshadow with green and darker blues :)

  257. Angie Liddiard says

    I would rock them all at the same time, individually, or a couple at a time. I’d pair them with a brown crease color to tone it down more for every day wear. Thanks for the chance to win!

  258. Andrea V says

    OMG. Ahhhhh :D
    I So Want these eyeshadows.
    I wear blue often. (: And Ive always wanted an Inglot eyeshadow. / ^o^ /
    Gaaaaaahhh. (:

  259. Delaney Messitt says

    Blue toned eyeshadows are actually really gorgeous on me! I love the color blue and blue makes my eyes pop a little more :) I love mixing blues together and forming blue smokey eyes, etc. PLUS! I’ve never tried Inglot! haha! Too expesnsiveee :) But id really like to! Thanks Leesha for holding this giveaway! Have a great day!

  260. Kelsiegh says

    Personally, with only being 16 i wouldn’t do the more extravagant looks. I believe a simple neutral eye with a hint of gold on the lid and the blue as a pop of color on the lower lash line would look great and fresh, especially on darker eyes. It would also be a fun look to wear during the summer. (:

  261. Taime says

    I really love using bright blues/teals to bring some life to my eyes (really dark brown). I like to pull the color up pretty high and have a smaller highlight area. I love adding depth with a purple or a darker green in the crease. I could go on and on so I’ll just stop now lol. Thank you Leesha for sharing your spares with us!! :)

  262. Kajsa/Monticka says

    It doesn’t matter what kind of eyeshadow color I put on my eyes, I always rock it like a freaking rocker! ^_^

  263. LaLa Marie says

    I love how vibrant the blues are!!! They’re so exciting!!!

  264. Ericka says

    Love these colors I can’t afford inglot, these colors seem beautiful to use to create a ton of things specially for spring coming up!

  265. Cena Burnoski says

    I rock blue-toned eyeshadows by putting them on the lid and pairing them with a brown, peach, gold, or orange in the crease!!! Either that or I will flip-flop, I love putting Stila’s Kitten on my lid and using a bluey color with a purple in the crease. I love the contrast that this sort of look gives. Because I have blue eyes it brings out the blue, and because of the neutral balance it’s not overly blue! :) :) :)

  266. samantha says

    I love the teals and blues on my skin tone and they do wonders for my brown eyes.. I usually rock them a bit darker and not so bright… with some winged liner and nice full lashes.

  267. Stephanie D says

    The blue colors, oh goodness the blue colors. My heart skips a beat when I see bright colors like that! My blue eyes end up popping out more when I use blues and teals, and this would be perfect for it! The brightness in colors in general are just so incredible! <33333

  268. Indi says

    I dont do anything too dramatic with bluetoned eyeshadows. I like to use a bit of the color on my lids.

  269. Abby says

    I love doing blue shadows because even if it is Just a smoked out teal, it can look gorgeous! I would totally try you district 4 look too!

  270. Sanora says

    These colors are so pretty. I would rock them with all the blue clothes I have. I have yet to find the right blues for me and these look so perfect.

  271. Danielle says

    I love doing a pop of bright color on the eyes, and I am in LOVE with that lime green and the royal blue! Gah! Those teals are to die for, too.

  272. Tracy says

    I would rock the blue eyeshadow while getting my drink on at the bar ;)

  273. Astrid says

    I love cooltoned eyeshadows, because they bring out my green eyes! These colors are so pretty and remind me of the ocean <3

  274. Patricia says

    I’ve always loved blues and teals ever since i can remember. ive recently gotten into using them for bolder eye looks and would really like to use these colors to recreate your district 4 makeup look (one of my favorites btw). Would be super cool to win.

  275. Gisella says

    I like using blue/green shadows as eyeliner to give a subtle pop of colour to the look!

  276. Marissa says

    I love to wear blue/teal eye shadows. I have green eyes so when I wear blue my eyes really stand out

  277. Christie says

    Ooooooh so prettty! Thanks for the contest lady! :)

  278. Brianna Zimmerman says

    I’m doing my friend’s makeup for prom and these colors would be PERFECT for her dress, also i love them and would use them all the time:)

  279. Christina Marie Matos says

    I usually wear blue eyeshadows with a thin line of eyeliner and LOTS of mascara. Those Inglot eyeshadows are stunning!

  280. Lindsey says

    I usually wear blue blended out from my lashline with a gold or coppery eyeshadow over it, and a darker brown in the crease. Gray eyeliner and mascara.

    But that Chartreuse? In the inner 1/3 with a dark purple outer part. Ohhh my gosh I love chartreuse.

  281. MimiG323 says

    I’m brunette and pale with hazel eyes so a lot of times I think I look funny in paler blues… I try to blend them out and apply a navy liner though. I love these colors and want to learn how to work with them though!

  282. Kirei says

    I would blend the last two blues on the upper lash line and lower lash line. Thicket on the upper. I would then dab a little of the first light blue in the middle of the upper lash line, brow line and outer and inner eye to give it a little light . I would then take a very light brown with a hint of the third color and smoke it in on the crease to give a little depth. I would then finish with a barely noticeable hint of yellow on the outer, lower lash corner.

  283. Saga says

    I would do a crazy blue eye and mix some pink and purples in for a fun night out.

  284. Breanna Burns says

    I have never really rocked blue-toned eye shadow besides as liner. Love these colors! Awesome giveaway!

  285. Lindsey says

    I have been DYING for Inglot shadows for forever! This would be so awesome to win. :-)

    1. Lindsey says

      Oops- I like to keep my blue eyeshadow simple. I like mermaid-y looks with teals and blue-greens :-)

  286. Megan says

    I like to pair blue eyeshadows with green and/or purple. Normally I use greenish teal on my inner half of my lid, bright blue on the outer half of my lid, purple all in the crease, and then a navy blue just a little bit in my outer corner. When I wear this look it kind of reminds me of dragonflies….super pretty!

  287. Rachel says

    I have blue-grey eyes with specks of yellow and green close to the pupil. The colors in this palette mesh well with my natural eye coloring. I would love to play with them and try new looks. I’m already picturing an exotic bird look. A parrot or peacock.

  288. Sarah says

    Ahhh you’re the best – the only thing I’ve ever won from a blog was from you, let’s hope my luck hasn’t changed! I’ve been lusting after Inglot shadows so hard lately, eee

  289. Rachel says

    I’m the type of person that wears whatever color of eyeshadow I want regardless the time of day or season! So if I’m wearing a blue toned shirt or my outfit of that day is popping with blue somewhere, I’ll whip out my lovely blues and do a dramatic look! I typically wear satins, shimmers, or something sparkly so I’m not afraid to rock the Mimi look the right way ;)

  290. Saita Hopper says

    Blue eyeshadows would look great with my brown eyes and make them pop. :)

  291. Marian says

    I haven’t ventured into the eyeshadow. I’ve done subtle eyeliner. I’m scared! ;p

  292. Mariana says

    I love putting blue eyeshadow right on my bottom lashline!

  293. Yumemi Sakai says

    I looooove the royal blue pigment from sugarpill and i often use that wet to make it more vibrant and smoke it out with blacks and browns for a night out (:

  294. Victoria says

    I love wearing bright blues and teals on the lower lashline.

  295. Caroline says

    Love the colors! :D I just really really really love them :D

  296. Kristiana says

    I really don’t wear blue, becaue I already have blue eyes, I wear it as a navy blue toned eyeliner :)

  297. Frances Santin says

    Ever since you did district 4 (fishing) I love how blues look.I used to be not
    So sure about them but now I’ve been trying more bold colors.

  298. Jennifer says

    I love blues, i have brown eyes. So i love bright blues.

  299. jezebelseven says

    I wear the blues and teals all over, blended but still very bright, normally to clash with my hair which is normally hot pink or orange! Just went all brown though this morning, so curious to see how that changes my application…

  300. Hailey says


  301. jeny says

    I love love love wearing greens and teals, they really make my brown eyes stand out!

  302. Audrey says

    I love using colors like these in my day to day eye makeup so my boring eye shadow doesn’t look so boring.

    Plus, I’m curious to know how good these inglot shadows are!

  303. Sara says

    I like to wear blues with copper-y or bronze-ish colors. Usually as liner :D

  304. Chelsea says

    Oh wow! The colors are beautiful and great for summer. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    1. Chelsea says

      Whoops, also – My eyes are blue, so I like wearing blue shadow to make the color stand out! I often use it as an under-eye liner.

  305. MarijkeDeBruyc says

    I love blue so i love blue eyeschadows although i’m always carefull to not exaggerate.
    But when I saw teal was one of the springcolours i started experimenting with lots of colours because it’s impossible to not use bright colours with such a beautifull blue. I love it that when you use the right colours to to blend it up in the teal, you can pick almost every colour you want.
    Even combining it with some other darker blues gives a beautifull result.
    Sorry for the long post i just wanted to get this of my heart and share my opinion ;)

    (P.S. sorry if I made some mistakes in my English I tried my best :) )

    1. MarijkeDeBruyc says

      *i love blue *eyeshadows, *to

  306. Merenda says

    I like blue liner. I usually use Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar wet with a linerbrush to create a nice think but tapered line. With some Lumi on the brow bone, blended out with a flesh toned eyeshadow on the mobile lid. Add black liner to both lash lines and add some lashes too and voila! Power face lolol.

  307. Vanessa says

    I use rotate between green, blue, and purples when I go out. I usually do a glittery smoked out look! n_n

    1. Vanessa says

      oops! not use and rotate. :o/ I rotate between those colors.

  308. KatyD says

    I’ll be honest I have a lot of eyeshadow but I don’t have to many blues those are all really great colors. I would love to add them to my collection and I think they would look fantastic on my pale skin.

  309. Brittany says

    I like to pair blues with gold and taupes in the crease. I also love using blue liners

  310. Colleen says

    I normally wear blue shadows on the lower lash line but I will occasionally wear blue shadows all over the lid

  311. shelagh says

    i would use the blue shadow to help my dark brown eyes pop..I’d probably pair the shadow with a nude lip so my eyes would really stand out this Spring/Summer!

  312. victoria says

    I would love to win! Thank you Leesha!!

  313. Meggie says

    Blue shadows are awesome for summer. Maybe I can do the look you did with greeeeeens like 4 years ago but with blue :)

  314. Paige says

    I’d totally make rock this as an ice queen!

  315. Gingy says

    I can’t wait to try out Inglot if I win! I love wearing blues to bring out my eyes. :-D

  316. Modernaires says

    I’ve never been more excited for a giveaway. Thank-you! ^^

    1. Modernaires says

      (hit enter too soon, what a total internet-noob moment! -.-)

      These colours scream peacock to me. I’d definitely throw in some gold glitter and rock it.

  317. Amanda says

    Ahh!! I love using blues for a night out since I have green eyes, they make my eyes almost look teal, which I think is just sooooo neat.

  318. karla says

    I use blue toned shadows as liner!

  319. Jessica says

    Loving the blue, green, and teal eye shadows my favorite colors. If I get the chance of winning I would recreate a nice summer look. I Love you leesha and I watch your videos everyday!

  320. Kathryn says

    Love cool tones. That middle shade is gorgeous.

    1. Kathryn says

      Oh I forgot to add that I would use the brighter ones as a liner, and the more muted shades for crease colors!

  321. Sarah says

    Such pretty colours and I don’t own any Inglot. Thanks :)

  322. Natasha says

    I like using blue eye shadows in the outter corners of my eyes with greens, or whites to give a nice icey feel. Makes me feel like an ice princess :)

  323. kaden22 says

    All my favorite colors ! Love it, thanks so much !!

  324. tiffany jordan says

    these colors are awesome! I may be too pale for them but i’ll sure find a good use for them!!

  325. angelica says

    i would love to have those blues!!!!! AHHH! <3

  326. Emerald says

    My, oh my! How I would LOVE to win these colors! How they’re displayed in the palette makes them even more appealing to me! GAAHH!

  327. Andie Szabo says

    I’ve been trying so hard to pull off a classy blue eyeliner look!

  328. Gaby m says

    I like to wear blue eyeshadow as an accent or smoke It out with a black shadow

  329. angelica says

    love the blues! i rock the blues all the time!

  330. Cayla K. says

    I like using dark blues and navy for smokey eyes instead of black. It looks much more softer yet still sexy. Light blues I like to use in the winter for an ice princess kind of look and teals and electric blues I love to rock in summer. They just remind me of the ocean and swimming pools. Love. <3

  331. Ericka says

    I love blues :) I don’t even bother toning them down. Go hard or go home!

  332. Maya says

    I like to wear blue eyeshadow to make a statement with my outfit. It adds an unexpected pop of color with my skin tone and hair.

  333. Eileen says

    I don’t usually wear blue eye shadow, but when I do, I just line under my bottom waterline to make it stand out. (:

  334. Amanda E says

    I love blue eye shadows! I like to use a bright blue on my lids and then tone it down a little with brown or gray in my crease.

  335. Pamela says

    I would wear a neutral with a pop of blue in the inner corner :)

  336. Katy L says

    I have been wanting to try Inglot since you showed them after your New york visit! I honestly think (and I’m not brown nosing here) you got Inglot popular here and got them to start selling it online. I reeeally want to try this stuff. :)

  337. Kirsten Rogers says

    I would rock them in a Caribbean ocean type look. I have green eyes so I think that teal would really make them pop!!

  338. alkistis says

    I love blue colours espesially tyrkouaz!!! and I love blue eye-liner!!!

  339. Gabriella says

    Amazing giveaway! and I never let bight colors scare me when it comes to make up, just play with it and have some fun. (:

  340. Caroline says

    whenever i wear cool-toned blues, i use really electric blues so it almost look silverish, since im not that good at making colors work.

  341. danielle says

    Blue colors are my favorite color when I want to pop my own natural eyecolor. :)

  342. Katy L says

    I used to be terrified of blue eye shadows. Its all about using a light hand and I usually pair it with a funky gold eyeliner. I do use a lot of greens and teals with blues too. Very fun!

  343. Natasha says

    I hear so much about Inglot shadows, and have no place to purchase them near me! It’d be amazing to get to try them :]

  344. Jessica says

    I don’t have any blue eyeshadows, but I think it would look great on my lower lashline, as an accentcolor! :)

  345. Kim Wilson says

    I have to say this is pretty awesome those colors are on my wish list that I have written down for inglot eyeshadows and it would be amazing if I won!!

    1. Kim Wilson says

      Also I love blues I just got grey contacts and blues look amazing with them but I don’t have a large variety.

  346. Lisa C says

    Would love to try these cool blue and green shades! Plus, I was just looking at Inglot’s website, and this would be a great chance to give these shades a try before buying!

  347. Koopaqt says

    I love wearing blue eye shadows because my eyes are a hazel blue color and when I wear blue shadow, it makes the blue in my eyes stand out.

  348. Erin Kinney says

    i love to wear a neutral all over shade with a deep blue in the crease. I saw “the voice” contestants wearing this look with translucent glitter! woot woot!

  349. Serena Swaro says

    i love blue and purple. i love this comb

  350. Molly says

    That green looks amazing! I love wearing teal and turquoise shades as eyeshadows and eyeliners. Anyway to get a pop of color in my look!

  351. Lina says

    I love to wear blue eye shadow in a smokey eye since it makes my brown eyes pop.

  352. Rebecca says

    I have green/blue eyes so I feel these colours would really make them pop. I also have cool toned skin. Eeeeee so want!

  353. Lola says

    I have brown eyes and tan skin, and blues really pop on me! I love wearing with a nice gold :D

  354. Sarah says

    I loooove doing smokey aqua/navy eyeshadow. My eyes are a blue/gray color, and it really makes them pop.

  355. Amber de Santiago says

    I love wearing blue eye shadows as a base with a little smokey element for night looks. :)

  356. Kathryn says

    I’ve been meaning to try the Freedom system for ages, love these colours!

  357. Courtney says

    Gorgeous colours! Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome eyeshadows, Leesha!

    I know this girl who sometimes wears very bright eyeshadows not swept all over her lid, but as a relatively thin line just above her eyeliner on her upper lash line. It’s a cool way to add pizzazz to an otherwise-normal look, but it’s also wearable enough for school. I think that’s how I’d wear blue shadow.

  358. Marta says

    I like to wear blue eyeshadows with my Make Up For Ever seafon green matte shade on the crease and winged black eyeliner!
    Thanks for this giveaway Leesha :) xx

  359. Jessica says

    I would love love love to win this :) The colors are beautiful!!!

  360. Whitney says

    I love wearing blue eyeshadows and almost everytime I do my makeup I have a least a little blue in it. I especially loved blue eyeshadow with my pink and purple hair.

  361. Brooke says

    I love wearing blues all over my lid and blended into the crease! It really makes my hazel eyes pop! : )

  362. jackie says

    i love wearing blue eyeshadows as a deep dark crease color, and i really like to use it as an eyeliner even on the bottom lashes

  363. Megan says

    I cant decide! I love wearing Blues because they bring out my eyes!

  364. Sara D. says

    I love wearing really vibrant makeup so I would do a dramatic look using a couple of these. Lime green on the lid with the bright blue in the crease. PRETTY!!

  365. Laurel says

    I love doing makeup everycolor i like using blues a lot cause there is so much inspiration there with just that one color love blue eyeshawdows!

  366. Tasha Loomis says

    Great giveaway idea. (:
    Love tour work!

  367. Megan says

    If I wear blue eyeshadows I usually go all out with brights!

  368. Gina says


  369. Nikki B says

    I like to rock a sheer shimmery teal as a wash all over the lid or a neutral eye with cobalt blue shadow as liner.

  370. MoniS says

    omg these colors are gorgeous! Awesome giveaway! :)

  371. Leah says

    Having blue eyes I use blue shadow to make them pop more! You’ve revolutionized how I see makeup application, Leesha. And I pass it on where ever I go! Keep being creative!!

  372. Reina says

    I actually wore blue eyeshadow a few days ago. I like to wear mine in a gradation from light to dark, even along bottom lashes.

  373. Georgina says

    I love putting putting blue with green for a kinda tropical look

  374. Emmie says

    I love mixing blue-toned shades with a little purple or pink. Place some tealish color half way upon my lid, and then blend it in with a purple for the other side.

  375. Katie Young says

    When I rock a blue eye look I like to do a gradient blue from light to dark and then smoke it out with a kick ass teal or purple….Looks awesome everytime!!

  376. Ashley says

    I don’t usually use the blue eye shadow as a lid color, normally I use them as a eyeliner, either on the lash line or the waterline.

  377. MoniS says

    I definitely love using blues as a pop of color on my lower lash line or liner for my upper lashline if i cant rock the bold look for everyday! I.LOVE.BLUES!

  378. Shannyn says

    I love to rock blue colors by adding that pop of color on my waterline. I am currently obsessed with wearing neutral eye looks and adding a vibrant pop of color on my lower lash line. All of those colors look so beautiful. I heart Inglot.

  379. Kristina says

    I like to do neutral eye shadow on my lid then put a pop of bright blue under my eyes, it really amps up a boring everyday eye shadow look!

  380. Lyddie says

    I have lots of clothes that are blue, but no blue shades! This would be perfect for my eyes!!

  381. Adrianne says

    Love to do more neutral looks with pops of blue. Thanks for te opportunity!!!

  382. tstymctst says

    One of my favorite ways to wear blue is in a gradient with pink and purple. I call it my “cotton candy eyes” look. :)

  383. Alaina C says

    I like to wear blue-toned shades with taupe or black eyeshadows.

  384. Jess H says

    As an olive-toned girl, cool tones tend to wash me out. However, I LOVE color, and can’t discriminate just because my skin decided to not like the beautiful blues out there. I pair them with a warm-tone or purple, which my green eyes just ADORE. Teal and orange is one of my favorites, along with a baby blue and a deep violet.

  385. Anna says

    Beautiful colors!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  386. xoElissa says

    I always put blue tones on my lower lashline with a peachy color (like mac Melon) on my lid during the summer. Even though I have green eyes, it brightens them up!

  387. Manon says

    Ik ‘rock’ blauw-groene oogschaduws omdat ik uit Nederland kom, het land wat voornamelijk bestaat uit weiland en water.

  388. Melly says

    I love bold eye looks, and blue is my favourite colour! so I’d do a gradation of colour, going from the lime green in the inner corner to the dark green on the outer part of my eyelid, with the bright blue right in the middle!

  389. Veronique says

    This is such a cool giveaway! We have inglot at the mall where I live but there’s so much choice I never know what to get and always end up getting nothing… Blue is exactly the color I always go for when I want something a bit different and out of the brown toned looks. I feel like I can’t wear pinks and purples as they always make me look sick or tired, but blue is absolutely perfect on me, along with greens! It’s my way of being colorful and I love it!

  390. Kristen says

    i love to wear blue’s in the outer V and a crease with a contrasting but somewhat neutral orange shade. but i’ll pretty much wear them every way imaginable =]

  391. Mandy White says

    I love the way my blue grey eyes look when wearing blue eye shadows. I am always studying your looks because you have a wild style that I adore.

  392. Sarah says

    I LOVE wearing blue tones on my eyes! I have red hair and porcelain skin with forest green eyes, it just makes my whole appearance pop! Just like Leesha’s look in the District 4 Video, wearing blues on my eyes just draws the attention! xo

  393. Dakota says

    I love inglot shadows!

  394. Jess says

    I’m a little too scared to wear blue, but have been meaning to try it out when I got my hands on some Inglot colours!

  395. Camille says

    I love using blue and grey for a smoky eye and I love to use blue under the lower lash line for a pop of color on a more toned down look. :)

  396. Maggie says

    I love wearing vibrant blue shades – next to my green eyes and behind my purple glasses, it makes a really cool effect. I wore Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Radium today actually!

  397. Joyce says

    Gah D: I don’t know how to answer this question! It’s been 3 years since I’ve fallen back in love with makeup, and I have yet to venture out in the bold blue eyeshadow realm. I always either use it as an eyeliner or a darkened teal eyeshadow.

    I’ve been meaning to boldly use darker, jewel-tone blues like Deep Truth. I’ll get there… :P

  398. Brittany says

    I love wearing brights during the spring and especially during the summer!! I would love to win :)

  399. Amanda says

    Love the colors Leesha

  400. Amber says

    I love doing a smoky blue eye, or a thin electric blue line above my eyeliner. It’s subtle but it really makes people do a double-take. I do this with red, too! I get a lot of “what are you WEARING on your eyes?” hahaha

  401. Madeline says

    I love the idea of that teal in the crease with neutral shadow on the lid! I have blue eyes so it would be so cool to see the effects from blue shadows! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!

  402. Sarah says

    I love blue eyshadow. I have red hair, english rose complextion and of course blue eyes LOL. I always try to work in blue in my eyeshadow looks (dark blue liner is lush for blue eyes) to really make them pop when I’m having a down day.

    thanks for the compition :)

  403. Amy says

    I looove wearing light blue on my lid and dark purple in the crease :) But since I don’t really have any darker blues or teals in my collection, I would love to win this. I love Inglots!

  404. Sarah says

    I rock blue toned eyeshadows usually as a colour pop just on the outside corner of my eye, but when I’m more adventurous I’ll go all over the lid!

  405. Adaya says

    I loooove Inglot eyeshadows. I don’t own any of these shades, so I am really curious to try them out. Thank you for such a great giveaway!!

  406. Stephanie says

    I like to do a completely neutral lid, maybe darken the crease just a bit and then take blue shadow and smudge it above the lash and below the water line. I could probably do this with eyeliner but shadow doesn’t wear off as quick or shift or slide around.

  407. Whitney says

    I prefer using teals and aquamarine colors on the lash line and smoking it out :)

  408. Katharine says

    Best look with cool toned shadows i love to do is a dark smoky eye then put a pop of colour on lower lashline :)

  409. Monica says

    :) Well, since this is my first comment here, I might as well use it to tell you that I just ordered “the hungry games”-books… all three of them! I’ve seen your makeup looks, and i love them.. so I wanted to give the books a try as well. :) And I would also like to tell you that I think you are adorable. Really. You’re just like the rest of us, not like those gurus that seem far, far away from me. Even though you all are, since I’m Norwegian. :p But yeah.. I like that you’re so down to earth, even though you could’ve been waaaaay up in the sky, since you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. :)

    Yeah. So, thanks for your blog. You learn me a lot, on so many levels!

    Hugs from Monica

  410. Jenn says

    I absolutely love you videos. They make me feel ok with wearing vibrant colors. I recently started wearing bits of blue and green the colors seem to make the flecks of green in my brown eyes pop.

  411. Phoenix Raven says

    I rock blue toned eyeshadows by wearing a bright blue lid, paired with a very smoked out navy blue crease, or by using them as a pop of color on the lower lashline.

  412. Anmylica says

    Neat idea, doing a giveaway! I like those colors, and I’ve never tried any of the Inglot eyeshadows before. :)

  413. Anmylica says

    As for how I rock blues, I really like a pop of blue in an otherwise neutral eye, whether if be using teal eyeshadow as a liner or using navy in the crease.

  414. Stephanie says

    I am just getting into the “better” brands of make up and I’m noticing that they are so much better than a lot of the stuff I have used growing up. I have never tried Inglot Eyeshadows before so this giveaway is fantastic!

  415. Stephanie says

    I don’t usually wear blue eyeshadow (I typically wear neutrals) but when I have worn it, I usually really like how it looks with my brown eyes. I tend to just wear it really subtle.

  416. sierra says

    I love blues(: I never thought they did but the make my brown eyes pop. It make them a lot lighter and brighter I love it.

  417. Natali Syn says

    im a fan of bright shadow specially blue because it really brings out the color in every ones eyes (mine are light brown) its a fun way to make a bold statement whether you go all the way blue or use blue liner or mascara. its the next best thing to pink or red lips! I like to rock my blue shadow by blending it out with a teal color, applying some to the lower lash line and then using some thing like MAC’s vanilla shadow for highlight <3

  418. Kassi Jenkins says

    I love wearing teals! I have hazel eyes, so blues tend to bring out the color very well. I really love nautical themes, and incorporate cool colors everyday into my wardrobe. :)

  419. Kristy says

    I have been DYING for some Inglot shadows! I have tested them in store and love how pigmented and soft they are! This would be awesome….specally that lime green shadow! :)

  420. Roxanne says

    I would use these colours for a summer look or use it with a smokey look and then use bronze instead of black!

  421. Lydia says

    Pop of blue on the lower lashline

  422. Naddie D says

    To brighten up a neutral look I love to use bright shadows under my eye. It adds a little fun, but still remains work appropriate.

  423. Kelly says

    I rock blue shadow with a more neutral crease color and bigger hair. Maybe even a subtle throwback to the 80s shoulder pads obsession with something structured that boosts shoulders a little.

  424. Savannah Field says

    I love rocking a neutral eye with a pop of blue, teal, or green, on the bottom lash line. It makes the blue tones in my green eyes really pop! I also love being on the adventurous side and rocking blue smokey eyes!

  425. Daria D. says

    I wear glasses, so I generally use a bright teal eyeliner on my waterline and some bright blue to line my lid, it just frames my eyes nicely inside my chocolate frames =)

  426. Tracy says

    I’d rock every color in a smokey blue eye look

  427. Karen says

    I’ve been looking to try these! Can’t wait!

  428. Reut says

    First of all, hi! I Big fan of yours ;) I love you! :)
    And… I have tanned skin and brown eyes and blue eyeshadows always look best on me. Teal is my favortie color and I would love to try Inglot eyeshadows because I can’t get them :(

  429. jolene says

    I have been looking to try out some blue, yellow, and the teals. I have been watching your tutorials on YouTube and would like to try some of you looks out. Thank youb

  430. Talia says

    HI doll! Love wearing cool blue tones! I think it makes my brown eyes just pop! I have never tries Inglot and I would be overwhelmed with excitement to get to try them! Thanks for having this giveaway!
    Than you from Oregon,

  431. Sara says

    i love using a teal colour on the lid and a brownish-grey on the crease!!

  432. JoAnna says

    I love using blues for a pop over color underneath (:

  433. Chelsey M says

    Awesome. I love Inglot shadows. :)

  434. Leigh-Jayne says

    I rock bright greens with my bright red hair, such a clash but makes them both really stand out! :D

  435. Claire says

    I absolutely love tturquoise eyeshadow! I have never heard of Inglot before so I am super curious and would love to try them out!

  436. Beth says

    I love doing a neutral smokey eye and putting a blue on my lower lid so my green eyes pop! Its neutral enough for work but I still feel like I’m rebeling a little ;)

  437. Bianca says

    Those are so gorgoeous!

  438. Krystal says

    I use blue shadows in the crease mainly.
    I have grey/blue eyes that change colour on their own. To much blue can overwhelm my eyes.

  439. Anne-Marie says

    I think a nice bleu smokey eye would be awesome and with a touch of yellow-green in the inner corner or maybe the lid it’d be really cool! :D

  440. Barbara Brandao says

    I love to use green with blue eyeshadows. This pallette is perfect!

  441. Cassie says

    I really like to use blue eyeshadow for a unique smoky eye look.

  442. Taniella says

    I have vibrant red hair so rocking blues and turquoises are a favourite of mine. I’ve always wanted to own some Inglot shades because I know their quality is impeccable, so I really hope to win this!

  443. jordan kinnear says

    i love using blue toned eyeshadows to bring out the green in my hazel eyes – i recently rocked a blue toned teal look for a wedding which i loved!

  444. LadycrowX says

    I love to rock blue shadows an eyeliner, of course blue is my favorite color so I’ll rock it anyway I can. :D

  445. Rachel says

    Hiii leesa =) first of all, blue is my all time favorite color, so naturally I love wearing it on my eyes! I love to do a gradient effect, with light blue on the inner corner, a medium blue in the center and a dark blue on the outer corner and crease. The, I top it off with black winged eyeliner and about a million coats of mascara ;)

    I’ve never actually used inglot products before but you always rave about them in your videos so it would be really cool to try them! Plus their waay expensive so i wouldnt actually buy them for myself lol.

  446. Jenny says

    I rock blue toned eyeshadows blending it with dark navy blue,gray,and black. Then adding a pop of color to the lower lash line such as purple. I think it looks really interesting having all these colors going on. I think it’s important to find colors that make the look complimentary.

  447. Margarita says

    My favorite way to rock blue eyeshadows is in a smoky eye. I usually use something with a lil shimmer on the lid to make the eyes pop and go back in with a dark matte blue shadow to cut the crease and add dimension.

  448. Abby says

    I rock blue by using a small angled brush and a bright blue color and lining my eyes and flicking it out. Then I put some black gel eyeliner to make it look cool so yeah………… It makes my eyes look really light since they’re brown and everything so…….. yeah……..

  449. Laura R says

    i rock blue-toned shadows close to the lashline with bronzes, golds, and rich browns in the crease for contrast– specially in the summer!

  450. Ally says

    Such a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for doing this!

  451. Mikayla says

    Hi! I love to rock a minty greenish blue all over the lids with a more blue based teal in the socket. It’s my fav combo =]

  452. Ally says

    Also, my computer just spazzed and sent that before I was done typing, but i love blue and bronze or copper. I like the electrified look it gives.

  453. Rachael says

    GREAT giveaway! I have yet to try inglot!

  454. Vânia says

    Hi there! :)

    Well…. I only used blue eyeshadows once, and i tried a smokey eye look. :P

  455. Shannon says

    Even though my eyes are blue, I actually love wearing blue-toned eyeshadow. I think it makes my eyes stand out even more! Sometimes I’ll do a neutral eye but put a pop of blue on my lower lash line. Other times I’ll go all out and use turquoise and blue shadows together. With either of these looks I love a bold, black line on my upper lid, plenty of mascara, and a nice black liner on my waterline. These inglot shadows are absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure that whoever wins will love them!

  456. hollywoodcuppicakes says

    I would love rockin this! it would look SO great with my eye color and i could do so many awsome eyeshadow looks with it :) and i dont own anything from inglot so i think it would be super super awsome to have somthing from there and rock it :D

  457. Haley Wright says

    when i wear blue eyeshadows i like to make it darker and glittery! with blacks and greys. along with glitter! i love sparkle thats blue!

  458. Latoya says

    I would use #24 across the lid, black liquid liner to create a wing/flick, then I use #32 on the lower lash line, to finish off the eyes a white or peach color eye pencil to give it a Mod look. For the lips a peachy/coral nude color. I think it would be a super cute look for spring.

  459. BeckyG says

    I rock my blues by wearing blue on the lower lash line with a neutral eye! I love this look!

  460. Kimberleigh says

    I don’t have many blue eye shadows I LOVE to mix a nice turquoise with a white with a little bit of mascara when I’m wearing a very neutral outfit to give it a pop of colour.

  461. Samantha says

    Hey, Leesha!! The thing I LOVE about blues, greens, and teals are the fact that I can mix them with basically any color to make a great look!! They tend to go with everything and best of all, these colors tend to make my green eyes really pop! =) I have been wanting to try out Inglot products for a while now but we don’t have them anywhere locally to get them! I’d absolutely love to win this pallet! =)

  462. Stephanie M. says

    I have bright blue eyes so I haven’t gone into the blue shadow yet, because I’m not sure how to wear them well! I do however like wearing blue eyeliner on my lower lashline for a pop of color! I should try the top now that I write this out!

  463. Gabi says

    I love using blues as a liner alone, with other cool toned colors, rainbow eyes of course, and with a contrasting color like yellow or pink :)

  464. Catherine says

    Just last week I attended a masquerade party. Between work and school I didn’t have a chance to buy or make a mask so night of the party, I painted one on my face with makeup! It was light blue in the middle of my nose and faded out to a lime green at my temples. It was such a hit girls were asking me to do their makeup at the party! It sure helped that it matched my turquoise hair =]

  465. Hanna says

    I would rock these blues because I would use them for performances. My irish dance school colors are these exact ones, and they would be a GREAT addition. :)

  466. Nina says

    I just usually wear them along the lower lash line for a hint of color.

  467. brandy dowdle says

    i have an electric blue shade from revlon that i love. I love just doing bright blue on the lid with a thick line of black liner. its awesome! I love that yellow shade in the inglot pallet!

  468. Laura says

    I’m not really good with blending eyeshadows and all that, so I usually just pick a light neutral colour as a base all over the eyelid, and then use a blue eyeshadow on the crease. I also use a light shimmery blue on the lower lash line. :)

  469. Emily says

    I love to just use one shade blended into the crease with a light bronzer, and a thin wing of eyeliner

  470. Tina says

    Lately, I’ve been rocking blue shadows subtly. I like to use them as pops of color along my lower lash line. I’ve been wanting to get back into using bright colors dramatically like I did a few years ago. Whenever I do a monochromatic eye, I like create a gradient of color and blues are always fun to use for that kind of look.

  471. Maria says

    I rock blue shadows usually as a blue and white smokey eye or as a winged eyeliner!

  472. Kara says

    I love using Urban Decay’s eyeliner in “Electric” all over my lid and setting it with UD’s eyeshadow in “Flipside.” I love pairing that look with a purple eyeliner on my lower lashline!

  473. Alex says

    For everyday wear, I put 2 or 3 different colours under my lower lash line with a neutral eye.

  474. Halifax says

    I like pairing green with gold, lemon style lol

  475. Katie says

    Well since I have hazel eyes I like to usually go for a strong blue on my lid with green on the outer corner and a dark blue or black in my crease.

    Always a great look :)

  476. Carlie says

    i’ve been lusting after anything inglot for the longest time! i’d love to win! thanks for being awesome and always doing cool little things like this for your subscribers :)

  477. Angel says

    I like to use my blue with it more towards the lower lid and done out like a smoky eye. Leaving the center of the lid with a softer toned color, whether it be frosty or a lighter blue.

  478. Lydia says

    I love to use blue whe i have something that can match it. i like to have it under black eyeliner

  479. tracy says

    i either do all blue, blue & grey smoky, or sometimes a blue / green / purple peacock look…

  480. Mir says

    I love me some Inglot!

  481. Sarah says

    I love wearing blues on the lower lashline and waterline, paired with a neutral lid! :)

  482. Kayla says

    I love to rock blue shadows as an unexpected eyeliner. It pops against my normally neutral looks.

  483. Nicole says

    I haven’t tried out alot of blue shadows but when i found a really pretty shimmerly mid blue i just went simple with it all over the lid, bit of darker blue/black in crease and black liner so as not to distract to much from the central colour. Would love to play around with these blues!

  484. Jeanne says

    I love wearing blue toned shadows as a lower lashline pop of color!

    But if I get a chance to try these Inglot shades that you have oh so raved about, I definitely want to explore rocking it on my lids.

  485. zoe says

    I rock blue eyeshadow on my lower lashline with a semi nuetral look for a quick and easy pop of color.

  486. Lauren says

    oooh I have been keen to try inglot eyeshadows :)

  487. Crystal says

    I like to rock blue eyeshadow if I want to do a bold look or if I’m wearing darker shades I wear a tiny bit under my lashes for a pop of color:)

  488. Lauren says

    I would wear a mahogany eyeshadow over the lid and then line my eyes with the blue eyeshadow

  489. kryssie says

    you know, i dont actually own any blue eyeshadows, but I would love to try these ones out!!

  490. Jenn says

    I love using blues and teals for a smokey eye, makes it a bit more fun and great for an evening out! Or i love to use it as a liner!

  491. Lauren dodgson says

    This is an amazing give away, thanks leesha! Just come back from Chicago where I purchased my first inglot pallette! Wished I got more as we don’t have it near me..ah well hope I win xxx

  492. Kaitlin says

    With my skin color I love to rock a blue toned eyeliner with a lighter blue on the bottom lash line. If i’m feeling more rock n’ roll, I love to play around with a dark cosmic blue on the lid with black liner, major lashes, peachy pink blush, and a nude lip.

  493. MsDarkFairy88 says

    Hi! I have blue eyes so most people tell me I shouldnt wear blue eyeshadow! However I totally ignore them and rock blue eyeshadow in a few ways.. I love a bright blue mixed with some gold or copper. I also love darker blues, indigos and navy with a smokey eye! I also love a mermaid look, like a teal,blue, green eye with white shimmer highlights! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  494. Callie says

    I rock blues the same way I’d rock any other color really. Usually I like a lighter blue/teal on the lid and a darker blue or black in the crease.

  495. Kat says

    I either blend blue underneath the eye if i’m wearing something smokey brown, or i do a full out blue sea look. Blue is definitely the funnest color to play with!

  496. Shan says

    I remember when I loved to use pastel blues & aquamarine (the shimmery kind) in high school mostly because most people think blue is either tacky or can only use with certain eye colours, but the keyword is really: technique! Anyone can wear any colour as long as you know how to make it compliment you, and anyone who loves make-up would know lol. I like to wear blues like Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra / 60’s style (not as high, but dramatically subtle if that makes sense haha), with brown like a high-end smoky eyes, and also either on the inner rims near of my tear ducts or just 1/3 of my lower lash-line for an extra powww for a night out. :)

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, Leesha ^^
    Good luck to everyone~

  497. Ali says

    Hi leesha! I’m a huge fan. You totally got me into inglot (and several other brands as well). Thanks so much!

  498. sally says

    i adore blues mixed with taupe… love love love! good luck, everyone.

  499. Katie says

    I would use the #32 shade as an everyday spring time color with a light pink. That combo instantly makes me thing of a beautiful spring flower!

  500. Trudie says

    Blues and teals are my favourite colours! I’ll either do a smoky bright look like you did for the Hunger Games ‘mermaid’ tutorial (so inspirational!) Or a blue with a bright POP of another colour, either on the lower lashline, the inner corner or the centre lid. Failing that, if I’m in a hurry, I’ll just use a blue liner!

  501. Emily says

    I would love to rock this palette! I normally rock blue colors by using them on my lid and blending to a darker blue, gray, or black. If I really want a pop of color I will just line my eyes in blue =]

  502. Amy-Elizabeth (@brervixen) says

    I rock blues by using them with silver, or leaning towards the teal side of blue, which makes my blue eyes ever bluer!

  503. heather says

    i love your videos and your personality. these colors are beautiful

  504. Katt says

    I usually wear blues on my lid and blend it out with blacks or purples.

  505. Giulia says

    I really love blue eyeshadow, even if I have blue eyes. I love sea looks, and I love to play with all the range of colours.

    I really love to use blue eyeshadow with a glittered gold eyeliner! It’s the best!

  506. Kate F says

    I love wearing blue on my lower lash line with a neutral lid, or go all out with a Smokey blue & silver eye for going out :)

  507. Meg says

    I love using blue tones just under my eyes :)

  508. Amanda says

    I’ve always had a block toward blue eyeshadow.. like I’d look like Mimi or something =(. But I’m trying to get more into it! Right now if I’m going to rock a blue eye look I’ll wear a dark navy blue and black in the outer corner/crease. Simple I know but I’m a sucker for a dark smokey eye :)

  509. Jessa says

    I love to rock blue shades by having a bold pop of bright blue that makes people look! I tone down the outer and inner corners with a darker navy blue, then finish off with a sparkly blue powder right in the middle to add a bright punch. I’m no stranger to my brights ;)

  510. Thais says

    I rock blue-toned eyeshadows with a silver glitter eyeliner.

  511. Angelique says

    I love wearing blue shadows with bronze eyeshadows

  512. Mary says

    I love to add a nice cobalt blue as a pop of color as either top or bottom liner on a neutral eye, or sometimes I’ll go all mermaid and use some nice sea greens and darker blues, but my complexion isn’t a huge fan of that.

  513. Amy Pitsor says

    I love the look of blue eye shadows, but I need a little more practice with them! I love all the looks you do with blues and greens though!

  514. Madison P says

    i love to put a teal, or aqua color on my lower lash line when i do a neutral look. It is such a pretty pop of color against my amber colored eyes :)

  515. Heather C. says

    AH! I’ve always wanted to try these! If only my bank account would agree!!

    1. Heather C. says

      I forgot to put how I wear blues! I love to pair blues with deep purples and teals.

  516. Irene says

    Hey Leesha!
    I wear a lot of green/blueish eye shadows, not a lot of the straight on dark blue though.
    Usually have a neutral color on the lid, something skin tone like, and then the pop of green/blueish in the crease. I top it all off with a cool toned highlighter on the brow bone.
    This Inglot palette would be great to experiment with some other shades of blue.

    Oh and I’ve been adoring your Hunger Games series. All my friends and I discuss them the day after and they actually help us remember what every districts’ specialty is XD

  517. Lily says

    I like using them for pops of color, like eyeliner, though a complete blue eye looks gorgeous when used with black. :)

  518. Marnae Kirby says

    I like to rock blue shadows one of two ways. Either with a mix of purple and pink shadows for a fun spring time look. Or with a neutral eye and some blue shadow on the lower lid acting as liner :)

  519. Elaine says

    I use blue over a white base (took me two years to get my hands on nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk, but I finally got it (: ) then blend a dark grey into the crease and black in the outer v and blend the grey and black onto the lower lash line (:

  520. Sam says

    I like to do blues in different ways. Sometimes I’ll do a deep blue smokey eye, sometimes a really bright pop of blue on my lower lash line/water line. I love colours and I don’t shy away from the more intimidating ones like blue.

  521. Noelia says

    Inglot doesn’t exist here in Argentina, so this is a great opportunity for me to have som Inglot Eyeshadows :) I would really appreciate it!!

  522. Jamie says

    I love doing a light blue on my eyelid with a darker blue in my crease.

  523. Alice says

    A pale wash of blue on the eyelids!

  524. sharon says

    Lately, i’ve been LOVING teals with golds! its an odd combo, but it looks so nice! It warms up the teal so the whole look doesn’t look icy, even if the majority of the look is blue/teal :) i like maybelline color tattoo in edgy emerald, with mac’s teal crushed metallic pigment from the surf baby collection, with a teensy bit of gold shimmer on top :)

  525. Casey says

    I rock blue toned eye shadows with a gradient effect going across my eyes :)

  526. kristina says

    I loveeee wearing bright, glittery, over the top makeup, and blues and teals are my favorite colors! they compliment brown eyes beautifully. i like to mix blues and purples for a colorful smokey eye, and on lazy days i use neutral colors on my lid and a bright turquoise eyeshadow or glitter on my bottom lid and it looks awesome =]. keep up the great work and creativity leesha, i’ve been watching your videos for years and you’ve really grown as a makeup artist and you’ve taught me so much, thanks!

  527. Brandyne says

    I love to wear teals and bright vivid blues in summer with gold accents.

  528. Jenny says

    I would rock these colors as a spring look.

  529. Sam says

    Hey Leesha,

    I love to wear blue eyeshadow when I go to the snow. a smokey blue look is always fun and as winter is on it way in a few months (I’m from a southern part of the world), I’ll need some new and pretty shades. I also love to throw a random colour under they eye, like pink, just so people will notice me when I walk past :)

    – Sam x

  530. Betsy says

    How would I rock blue eyeshadow? Uhm Hard.

  531. Kim says

    I like to wear blues with greeny tones, like teal, for more of an ocean effect. :)

  532. Tonje says

    I either wear a blue smokey eye, blue eyeliner or a flash of color with blue underneath a black smokey eye :)

  533. dunielle says

    I don’t wear much blue eyeshadow these days, but when I do, I usually wear the deep navy blues. However, I’ve always, always loved the pale blue shades. Reminds me of my grandmother.

  534. Helena says

    I like to wear blue with contrasting colors, like oranges and yellows.

  535. Sarah says

    I would rock the blue tones but either adding some lorac 3D liquid luster glitter and making it either a fun bright look or making it dark with brown/black cut crease (: I would so love this palette! you introduced me to INGLOT (:

  536. Katelyn says

    Those colors are awesome! I’ve been wanting to try out Inglot.

  537. Elyse says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would pair the deeper teals on the upper lid with chartreuse of the lower lashline! So fun.

  538. Angiee says

    Hey Leesha!

    I love to use blue and teal colours on eyelid and blend out with a grey or beige tone. And i like to use a pop colour like violet or electric orange under the lower the lashline :-)

  539. Sandra says

    I love to use blue eyeshadows like a liner, i think that looks so good XD

  540. Jorgiee says

    Hey, Leesha!
    I have extremely dark brown eyes, thick brows and pale skin, and really love a neutral eye with a bold, fun-coloured eyeliner (like that gorgeous lime green)!
    For a more dramatic look, I would most probably use a really nice, light shimmery colour on the lid (like Urban Decay’s “Sin” eyeshadow) and cut my crease with a darker brown eyeshadow like Inglot’s #457. I really love that “wide-eyed” look, so I would use a white eyeliner to line my water line and lower lash line, and then use an angled liner brush and mix Inglot’s eyeshadows in #24 and #70 to draw a line where the white eyeliner ends, and a slight black line where the blue line ends. After I line my lower lash line, I would take the brush and draw a thick, winged liner on my upper lash line, curl my lashes, apply mascara, tight-line my upper lashes and apply demi-lashes.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to win that gorgeous palette! x

  541. GiGi says

    I would rock them on a chair, in the air, on the table by the stairs….

  542. Joanna says

    Those are beautiful colors! I hope i win =]

  543. Heather says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win, I really appreciate it.

  544. Kaki says

    I love a neutral eye with a touch of blue in the outer crease for a pop of color! Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to try some Inglot shadows after hearing such good things from you!

  545. Jess says

    I love them as a pop of color on the lower lash line.

  546. Amber says

    I’d love this as a teal / yellow smokey look. Totally gorg!

  547. Kim says

    I love using blue/teal on the lid with purple in the crease. And occasionally with green. :)

  548. Brenda says

    my favorite way to wear blue eyeshadow is making a ice princess look or a under the sea turqoisey look

  549. Sarah Desiree says

    I like using bright blues on the lid to create a bold look with a darker blue/violet or black on the outside of the eye. I love using blues since its a colour not many use

  550. Maryam says

    I love a deep, blue sea mermaid-y look on my eyes, with dark green/black in the outer corner!

  551. Jessica says

    I live in California and had the chance to go to Inglot in New York but couldn’t make it because it was pouring raining and had to catch a flight… I would love to win this!!

  552. Annie says

    awesome giveaway!!! I’ve always wanted to try their shades (fingers crossed)

  553. Heather says

    I’ve been looking for more bright colors. Most of my collection is dark colors and neutrals. And the bright colors I have aren’t really a good enough quality.

  554. Samantha says

    Last summer when I was really tan I wore a very neutral eye, just a little light bronze shadow, with a teal blue liner and shadow (from urban decay) on my bottom lash line. I thought it would be to much but I got so many complements, and a couple of friends even copied the look later.

  555. Sabrina says

    I’d use a mixture of the blues on the lid then use the green on the bottom lash line to a get nice contrast. Blue eye shadows used to scare me, now i love trying different shades :)

  556. Shelly says

    Yummy! Inglot is so hard to come by in Canada!

  557. Megan says

    I use blues mainly on the lower lash lines. Teals are my fave.

  558. Cara says

    This giveaway looks so pretty!!

  559. megan says

    Well, in all honesty I have never really ventured into the blues ever since the end of elementry school.
    I’ve always been a tiny bit afraid to try them again, but have been having a huge urge to :)
    This is so nice of you :D Thank you for this <3

  560. Shannon says

    I love putting a pop on the inside third of my lid and blending it into neutral eye for a fun but day time appropriate look!

  561. Vanessa says

    I’d rock the blue eyeshadows anyway possible…with a mix of the first light blue and the two medium blues on the lid, then pack the bright blue into the crease. Then I’d take that green and line my lower line line and outline the edge of the bright blue!

  562. Laura says

    I love to mix them with unconventional colors like yellow. Bright eyes FTW!!

  563. Christine says

    I like to blend turquoise with navy blue or black, or wear a bright blue on my lower lash line!

  564. Jessica says

    I love blue-toned colours for a pop colour :)

  565. siew ee says

    I rock my teal color on the 1/3 of the outer lid and the rest in gold.. =)

  566. Jen says

    Neutral eye with blue as bottom liner

  567. Toria says

    I love wearing all sorts of blue eye shadows! They make my brown eyes stand out to the max and look great when paired with green and purple!

  568. Chelsea says

    I love those colors~!
    I like to use blues on my lower lashline for a pop of color! c:

  569. Julia... says

    i like blue colors, they make my brown eyes look so much nicer. Greets from Holland.
    xxx Julia

  570. jane says

    i use them as a pop of color underneath my waterline. i also love blues to stand out. i have green blue eyes and it really makes them shine.

  571. Jessica says

    I like to wear them as a liner. A little pop of color for an everyday look!

  572. Deborah says

    I love rocking blues/teals underneath my lower lash line as a pop of color for a neutral look. It just adds a bit of fun to an otherwise day to day look.

  573. Alyx McCabe says

    I absolutely loveeeee these colors!! my favorite in the palette is the light teal color all the way on the left =D

  574. Leah says

    I’d use them as an accent for things, and to get back into wearing more makeup than just foundation and concealer. :)

  575. Allison says

    these colors are all really pretty and i loveeeee inglot ive to the one in canada and new york its amazing this is so sweet of you!

  576. Allison says

    i love to use blue colors to bring out my brown eyes and i love to use it as bottom liner

  577. Mar says

    I like useing teal eyeshadow on the lid with a deep blue/ almost black on the crease

  578. Hilarye says

    I really want to try inglot shadows!

  579. Stacy Boggs says

    I rock Make Up For Ever blue eyeliner every day but I also use blue eye shadow in aquamarine tones all the time!

  580. Danielle says

    I like going for a blue and green gradient

  581. Naomi says

    I’ve mostly used blue eyeshadow on the lower lash line or blended it with copper or brown shadows on my lid. Not brave enough to do an all blue look yet!

  582. melanie smith says

    i loooove blue and green for my eyes. i have brown eyes so i guess purple should be the color i gravitate towards, but i just keep going back to blue and green. so far ive tried to keep them together (blues with blues, greens with greens) but i want to try putting them together, see how that does

  583. Amanda says

    I like the light blue on the lid with the darkest green on the outer side of the lid. The yellow would go in the inner corners.

  584. Ronie says

    I like like to wear light blue all over the lid with a dark smoky blue in the outer corner and crease. =)

  585. Danielle says

    I like to wear bright blue all over the lid and create a halo of lighter blue through the crease and around the orbital bone. ;)

  586. Elda says

    I usually wear blue eyeshadows as an eyeliner!

  587. Florence says

    I love putting a bright blue along the upper or lower lash line, or a wash of it on the lid with a neutral colour in the crease or just lots of mascara to balance it out. =)

  588. Anneka says

    I like doing a gradient effect from light blue on the inner corner to dark on the outer with black winged liner and a bit of silver glitter on the inner corner too.

  589. Kristin says

    Love using them as liner with a neutral coloured look!

  590. karen says

    that minty green looks yummy.

  591. Kristen says

    What a great pop of color these would be for spring!

  592. Nicole says

    Well since i have blonde hair i tend to wear blue a lot ! I love the way it looks! But i would do the electric blue in my crease with light blue on the lid and then lime green in the inner corner and of course winged liner fierce lashes and a little light blue under my waterline running into the lime green color :)

  593. Karen Q says

    I love them as a pop of color on the lower lash line!

  594. Charlotte says

    I like to use blue-greens as a light wash over my lids with a little black eyeliner and mascara for a quick and pretty look for the beach!

  595. Rebecca says

    I like to wear silver/grey all over the lid and then just add the blue in the outer corner and crease. Or if i do blue on the lid I’ll add a neutral brown in the crease, so the blue doesn’t look too over the top.

  596. Sienna says

    I like to do blues and browns together i think its a pretty combo Reminds me a bit of peacock feathers!

  597. Nikki Melanson says

    I love making blues the statement on my eyes, whether all over the lid with a deeper color in the crease, or with a thick liner of teal with bright lips. YAYYYY inglot! :)

  598. Alexandrea Wilson says

    I love doing the gradient look! Lime green is my favorite to put at the highlight in the corner <3

  599. Nicki Lundeen says

    I love to wear a light wash of blue and then intensify the crease with a darker color and then add an ever darker color to the outer “V”. Blues look so fabulous for spring and summer. I haven’t ever tried Inglot shadows and have been wanting to for so long. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing palette.

  600. Leslie says

    I like to do blues and yellow together

  601. Julie P. says

    I’d mix the lighter shades on top, bold eyeliner and slap on the brighter deep blue on the lower part for a pop of color! Can’t forget to add some falsies w/ those. :)

  602. Bailey says

    With a palette like that, it would be so easy to create a gradient using all of the teal/blue shades with the yellow in the inner corner or as a liner under the eye. Stunning for Spring/Summer!

  603. Kimberly says

    I like using the shadows to make my eyes pop. I have green/blue eyes with a tad bit of a hazel color so it makes them look super pretty. Since I have smaller eyes, it helps a TON!

  604. Molly S says

    Since spring and summer are coming up, I’d definitely do a wash of color and a bright bold liner in another color to add an extra pop to my brown eyes!

  605. Amanda says

    I generally wear blues underneath my eyes, or I wear teal/purple combos~ :)

  606. tania says

    love blues =D and i want so much to try inglot eyeshadows =D

  607. Melissa says

    Blue toned eyeshadow are perfect for my skin tone and eye colour, so I use them frequently. Normally just go for something crazy ’cause I love it!

  608. April says

    i like using mid tones in the crease.

  609. Rebecca says

    I start with a light blue in the inner corner and get darker as I go out and make a blue smoky eye!

  610. Alison says

    I rock blues by putting shimmery shades in the middle, accenting them with a dark navy on the outer corner, and contrasting them with a purple eyeliner to really make them pop!

  611. victoria klager says

    i have been really into blue eyeliners lately. i line my upper lid with the blue and use a very thin line of black underneath it, to make my lashes look extra juicy even with the blue.

  612. Autumn Caravona says

    I use blue-toned shadows as an all over wash on my lid! The good thing is, they don’t compete with my blue eyes! :)

  613. Isabel says

    I don’t own any! So I’d be excited to experiment :)

  614. di garcia says

    never worn these shades, would love to try them!

  615. jasmine perez says

    i feel like blue shadows are very overpowering to me so i always pair it with a brown crease

  616. Kira says

    Wow those shades are gorgeous!!!

  617. Hannah Elizabeth says

    I like to use neutral colors on the top lib and blues/greens on the bottom. ^ ^

  618. Camilla says

    I love Inglot shades and I so bummed that we don’t have Inglot in Norway.
    But I do have some Inglot (from a shopping spree in London).
    I would use the light blue as a bace and then the darker blue in the crease. And then probably the lime green on the bottom lashes.

  619. Clare says

    I like to use blues to smoke out darker colors! Light blues work great for transitions.

  620. Jessica says

    I rock blue toned shadows by doing a sort of neutral eye on the lid and doing a bright pop of blue on my lower lash line :)

  621. Tiana says

    I love blue eyeshadows with silver on top, it looks like the ocean on my eyes ^.^

  622. Courtney says

    I like wearing blues on the lid as a cut crease with black above =P

  623. Emily says

    I like to:
    1) use a bright blue all over the lid and blend it out with browns
    2) Do natural eye shadow with a blue eyeliner
    3) do a blue smokey look

  624. Ruth says

    I’d rock blue and silver colors on my eyes. i like an edgy eye makeup :)

  625. Kristen says

    I love using blue liner with a soft pinky-gold eye. If I’m going all out, I’ll use a light green-blue on the inner half of the lid, a darker green-blue on the outer half, and then either a dark teal, midnight blue, or bronze in the crease and outer corner.

  626. Kate says

    I love using a lime green on my lid, then using darker teals and blues in the outer corner and crease. If I’m feeling daring, I even add a touch of black :)

  627. acuragirl20 says

    I’d use #24 & #32 in the front of my lid and use #504 to make my eyes look bigger and deeper.
    Been loving blue and green this Spring! :)

  628. Xaila says

    Green/yellow on the lids, A blue-purple in a cut crease, green-turquoise under the bottom lashline, Dark green winged eyeliner, thick black lashes and what ever color I decides fits that days eye colour choice. peach-orange lips and a subtle pink-peach blush.

  629. Amanda Finlaw says

    I would use either the lightest color or the bright green on the lid, and blend the darker turquoise colors into the crease, and put some of the lid or crease color, or both, on the lower lash line! I could also play with these colors with neutrals or other bright colors :)

  630. Kendra says

    I use blue pretty much anytime I do my make up. I mainly use it all over the lid with a black mascara or do a natural lid with blue on my lower lash line.

  631. Haylee says

    I love doing blues on my lid, with a little bit of a taupe color in the crease to tone it down. I personally love using blue duochromes as an innercorner high light or at the height of the arch in my brow. It adds personality to any just regular brown neutral look for me for school!

  632. Christy B. says

    I have never tried Inglot and these are beautiful colors!

  633. Allison Sands says

    I mix blues with black and brown to make it more wearable. =] But one of my favorite blue themed eye look to do is a teal/electric blue cream eyeshadow and winged out black gel liner. Very pretty =]

  634. Dominique D. says

    Wow, the colors are so beautiful. I would love to play with them, especially the lime green. I would place it all over the lid and use the electric blue for my lower lash line.

  635. danielle says

    I have always wanted to try the Inglot colors!

  636. Kristen says

    Love that middle color.

  637. Morgan says

    I use blue when I want to be bold- I usually only wear pretty neutral colors!

  638. Amanda says

    I love rocking my blue eyeshadows with a black smoked out crease, or as a bright pop of blue under the eyes with a pretty neutral lid on top.

  639. Megan says

    I love using. Blue eyeshadow to make my eyes really pop. I usually put a bronze or orange color on the bottom to warm up my skin tone.

  640. Rachael C-C says

    I usually use my blues as dark outer crease colors with a nice complementary color on the lid. Or, I’ll rock a smoky blue eye.

  641. Kristabelle says

    I love doing mermaid eyes with turquoise and purple, and I also love a pop of blue on my lower lashline with a smoky eye.

  642. Nikkie says

    Blue on the lid with a brown in the crease, or a more neutral, light or pastel shade on the lid and a dark blue or navy in the outer v and crease. I also use it as an eyeliner.

  643. Melody says

    The way I like to use blues is put what ever kind of blue I’m in the mood to use in the outer corners of my eyes (the way girls do smokey eyes) then use a light cream or white color over my lid. :)

  644. Julia says

    I like using blues and greens as a bright winged eyeliner to go with a more neutral look.

  645. J. says

    Hi Leesha! I just want to say that I’ve been watching your makeup videos for over two years and you never cease to amaze me with your awesome makeup skills or impress me with your new ways of doing things with makeup!

    Thanks so much for sharing your makeup tutorials with us! Your Inglot palettes always look beautiful, especially this one.

    The way I rock (and ROLL!) blue eyeshadows is by putting just one shimmery aqua blue, teal or turquoise eyeshadow and I’m out the door. I’ll sometimes put a brown eyeshadow in the crease after I put one of the blue eyeshadows on my lids.

    Then I’ll blend out the brown eyeshadow almost up to my brow bone. After that, I’ll put more brown in the crease and usually use a highlighting color on my brow bone and blend out the brown a little with it.

    Last but not least, I’ll glide on some black or teal eyeliner pencil to my top and bottom lash lines, winged black liquid eyeliner to my top lid (if I’m adventurous) and PRESTO! I’m done baby!

  646. Ren says

    I’d love to try a pinup style twist with these colors. #32 on lid an a bit up on the crease, #70 in the out corner/blend into crease, Line with #504,a touch of navy liner, corner falsies and an orange lip. =3

  647. Megan Havers says

    The nearest inglot to me in in Montreal which is 6 hours away! I loved it though! I got the coolest lipgloss! I would love to win. Thanks Leesha

  648. Andrea says

    I mainly use blues as a pop of colour, along with browns and golds. I’ve never really owned any high end makeup (Like Inglot for example) and despite entering plenty of contests, I’ve never really won anything in my life, not even a free coffee from Tim Hortons. life kinda sucks right now for me so winning something would be amazing.

  649. Simone says

    I will usually do either an ocean look, or mix blues with smokey greens and swirl it all together. I also love to do a light/turquoise blue on my lid (or aqua) and a navy or true blue in the crease with smokey navy liner and black mascara.

  650. jessica says

    i love yellow corners, teal in the middle, bright blue outer corners with a blended darker blue in the crease….super fun!

  651. Tara says

    I rock blue in my crease! I pop a nice champagne-y cream colour all over my lid, and do a soft blended crease look with winged liner and smudged bottom lash-liner. I love to use light blues as they bring out my eyes, and the dark ones to bring up my hair :)

  652. dslrbbt (danielle j) says

    How would I rock blue eyeshadows??? For spring–with some greens!! But I also like the idea of using some of these in conjunction with some Goldilux by Sugarpill! :)

  653. Jayla says

    Love blues for a cool pop of color as liner on days I’m feeling I need a little something for my self.. blend in a little less. (:

  654. Melissa Cox says

    I have blue eyes so I guess I am SUPPOSED to rock blue eyeshadow, BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I’m a little scared to. I wore a teal color today in the crease with a glittery brown on the lid. I am also known to rock a blue eyeliner……

  655. Cindy says

    Blues are usually a color people are afraid of since it can look “clownish’ but I don’t care! I love wearing bright color combinations, and I’m really loving that light blue shade. I keep the blue to my lids, and usually pair it with a darker color (dark blue or black) to create a smokey eye with two or three colors. I could have a lot of fun with this pallet. :]

  656. Dawne in Iowa says

    I love blues and blue-greens as a lower lash liner when I wear golden browns! It’s such a great pop of color!

  657. Andrea says

    i’m thinking like 50s’ barbie, electric blue to the crease and just blended out softly so there isn’t a harsh line then black winged liner and mascara! :)

  658. Sara says

    With little sparkles, a dramatic cat eye liner, and my red hair.^^

  659. rachel says

    I rock blue eye shadow on my lower lash line with neutral shades on the top along with some glitter liner :)

  660. Channy Oldfield says

    i love to rock a bright blues over the lid with a navy in outter crease and a smidge of gold liner =)

  661. Angela says

    I use blue on my lower lashline to make my whites more bright =]

  662. katherine says

    probably use them as a lid color and darker crease.

  663. Amby says

    hey leesha, i recently got my first ten pallet of inglot shadows. i love them. with blue toned shadows i like to use them on the lid, with black in the crease and creeping a little onto the lid, nicely blended. Thanks!

  664. kim says

    I would rock blue toned looks using the bright blue all over the lid and then a light brown color in my crease to browbone and highlight with a smidge of that golden yellow in my tearduct, with some concealer as highlight.

  665. Kristy says

    I rock light blues on my lid and darker blues in the crease.

  666. Cozy says

    I love to pair them with a bronze or brown crease color! :)

  667. Natasha Singh says

    I usually love wearing blue as an accent colour on my lower lashline. But recently I’ve been trying bolder looks and I like using it to make a smokey eye a little more modern and less harsh. :)

  668. Cathy Harris says

    I love doing blues on the bottom lash line. Esp during summer with a gold eye

  669. Lindsay says

    I would use these colors to do the look you did for the District 4 tutorial from the Hunger Games, wouldn’t turn out as good as yours but I hope to get to try. I would dieeee to have these!! Love and hugs! Thanks :)

  670. Lindsay says

    I would use these colors to do the look you did for the District 4 tutorial from the Hunger Games, wouldn’t turn out as good as yours but I hope to get to try. I would dieeee to have these!! Love and hugs! Thanks :)

  671. Shannon says

    I love Inglot! I’ve never seen it here in Canada, though!

  672. Olivia says

    Hello from Hong Kong! Leesha I think you’re one of the BEST make-up artists out there, these colors are gorgeous! (Blue hues are my favorite!) As far as I know, Inglot products cannot be found here in Hong Kong… And I’m going to tell my friend about this contest right now!

  673. Myra says

    I would do a blue smokey look.. The color looks really nice!!

  674. Christine says

    I like to do a teal on the lid with a dark blue in the crease and a little black in the outer V

  675. Rachel says

    I love bright blue eyeshadow with a gold color in the crease :)

  676. MandyB says

    I love pairing a less intense silvery shadow with a shot of bright blue in the crease/outer corner. Anyway I can sneak in bright hues at the office is great!

  677. Danish says

    This is an aweeesome giveaway.
    I own like no Inglot shadows.

  678. Danish says

    And I sneak blues everyyywhere.

  679. Danielle says

    Blues can be tough for me to use but I love using blues and teals as liner with neutral looks for a pop of color and I’d do smokey or gradient look with the colors here using them all together.

  680. Chris Taddei says

    I like using teal or deep blue eyeshadow on my lower lash line like and eyeliner with gold or neutral eyeshadow looks

  681. Chrissy Murphy Carlberg says

    I love an ice blue on the lid with a smokey grey in the crease/outer V. Then I take a sparkly midnight blue shadow and mix with some liner liquid and get an awesome winged line going. :D

  682. Camille says

    Blues on the lid, then tone it down with a neutral. Smudged out liner and fake lashes!

  683. Ashley S says

    i LOVEEE color!!! so i’d mix different color blues and put a blueish green on my lower lash line and use the shadow as a liner on the top lash line :)

  684. Camille says

    Blues on the lid, then tone it down with a neutral. Smudged out liner and fake lashes! !!

  685. Rachelxdenise says

    Some smoky blue to bring out my brown eyes!

  686. Courtney says

    Love blue eye makeup! I like having it as a base and layering other blues and greens and glitter on top of it!

  687. Danielle says

    Love a deep blue smokey eye

  688. Shannon Stone says

    The light blue on the far left would really make my eyes pop <3

  689. Chelsea says

    These colors make a great palette! I think I’m most intrigued by #59.

  690. Theresa says

    I’d love to try out these beautiful bright colors plus Inglot is not available here in the Philippines.

  691. yessie says

    Usually when I use blue on my eyes any shimmery blue on the lid (my new fave is kat von ds peggy mixed with any shimmery teal) & on the crease a soft brown & some black on the outer corne, soft liner on the outer half of the lower lid & mascara
    Or sometimes, when iget inspired (4 example yesterday) iused a tourqoise base & patted a shimeery olive green on the the inner half & the rest was dark blue mixed with a satim tourqoise which made a pretty cool blue! In the crease iblended a red shadow & in the crease line iblended some purple &red & blue.& the outer half of the lower lash line was a black shadow. Overall the look wass like a fruit roll up but the blue stood up more
    Blues are just awesome to play with!

  692. Mrs K says

    I would rock it with blue on the lid and brown in the crease OR black winged liner and blue on the bottom lashline! Thanks Leesha!

  693. Gabby Sachetta says

    I love blue eye shadows, I really like to wear them with greens to make a good gradient effect and also with purples cause they contrast so nicely! :)

  694. Renae B says

    I love using it as a liner on the top and bottom lashes and blue is soo beautiful for spring and summer!!

  695. almeida88 says

    I would like to wear the blue all over the lid and maybe add some glitter to make it sparkle, if i dont use glitter i like to wear blue on the lid with a purple liquid eyeliner and keep it simple since blue is a very popping color ;)

  696. Celia says

    I still have issues rocking blue shadow but I think I just need a decent blue shadow to work with. Here’s hoping I win this one!

  697. Deanna says

    white to a dark blue in the crease area

  698. Lidia says

    Usually I will put blue eyeshadow all over the lid with black in the inner corner and the outer corner.

  699. Lisa says

    I love a neutral eye with blue underneath!

  700. Melissa says

    I like a soft, shimmery blue with a nice brown for contrast or a bold blue liner with a neutral lid.