Wet & Wild “I Dream of Greenie” Eyeshadow Trio: Swatches, Photos

Wet & Wild Trio “I Dream of Greenie” includes a combination of three frosty shades of green- a bright chartreuse, a mid tone teal, and a pearl with green shimmer.





I was really impressed with the color payoff on these! The shadows are very soft, which is a good and bad thing. Good, because you get nice payoff, but bad, because the chip incredibly easy, as you can see from my product photos. The “crease” teal color has a huge chip in the side, and was there when I got it (unfortunately this was the only trio of these shades my Walgreens had!) So as long as you are careful with these, they’re definitely worth the money!



  1. Abby says

    AH I want now!

  2. HOlly Reinhart says

    I love these! I have all of these trios. You may remember I used them for the Peacock Garden attempt at a guest look. I keep them in a special drawer & NEVER carry them with me. They break ridiculoud easy. But they are soooooo gorgeous!

    1. Brooke says

      Yeah I remember seeing that on guest look Holly, you did such a great job!! =) I love these eyeshadows as well, and want to buy more (not that i need them lol)

  3. Lisandra says

    I love the colors

  4. Jenny says

    I’d love to see photos of the wet & wild shadows on the eye where it says to apply them.

  5. Marissa says

    I love the color payoff of this trio! I, too, was extremely surprised because it was so inexpensive and Wet n wild, which used to be terrible. The first one I purchased completely broke apart before I even opened the case, so I’m definitely really careful with it now.

  6. Courtney says

    I love the Cutesy names of the Wet and Wild Palletes. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!

  7. Untypically Jia says

    Love the trios! I already have I’m Feeling Retro and Cool as a Cucumber. I’m dying to get Spoiler Brat though. That one looks amazing!

  8. Megs says

    I see these trios all over! But I can’t find them anywhere =(
    Are they not available in Canada?

    1. Sam says

      Shoppers, Walmart, I think London Drugs.

      1. Megs says

        I haven’t tried London Drugs but I looked at Walmart & Shoppers and they don’t have them. =(

  9. Carefulwiththataxe says

    I just got a eyeshadow “pallet” from LA colors. It has 5 colors ranging from a bright pink to a beautiful deep purple. Also I got brand new lipsticks from AVON for $.50 each. I spent $3.50 and got two lipsticks,a face scrub, a gradual tan spray,an eyeliner,dry nail polish, note pads, glittery hair gel, a brand new eye liner brush, and a makeup bag. This was at a yardsale. I’m going back tommorw and see if they have anymore makeup I want.

    1. Courtney says

      This is nessisary to this post how?

      1. Brooke says

        probably because the subject is getting a lot for a little bit of money??? lol i think it sounds cool, be nice!!

  10. jenny says

    definitely checking these out! thank you<3

  11. Kristen says

    So glad you reviewed this one. It was the first trio I ever bought of these and I love it! You’re right; if you’re careful and don’t toss it around (which someone probably did), then it’s fantastic.

  12. Nicole says

    i love these! really wish they sold them where i live..

  13. Brooke says

    very very cool, I love wet n wild eyeshadows, i have quite a few but I haven’t seen this one yet. def want it now, thanks for sharing! =)

  14. Mere says

    I love when you review drugstore brands soooo much.

  15. Valerie39 says


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