Wet n’ Wild Blue Had Me at Hello Eyeshadow Palette- Swatches, Photos

So this week I FINALLY found the new Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows! I have heard lots of great things about these shadows, and it has been hard for me to believe. In my mind, Wet n’ Wild is still the really cheap, terrible brand it was years ago, but apparently they have reformulated their product and I have heard rave reviews from so many people! My Walgreens had all of the trios and 2 of the 8-shadow palettes in stock, so I went a little crazy, as I know a lot of you would appreciate some input from me about them!

This first palette I’m going to review is one of their 8 shadow palettes- “Blue had me at Hello”. The name reminds me of the play-on-words names that OPI does :)







For the most part, the color payoff on these is really impressive! I was disappointed with the sparkly black on the bottom right, as it looked so pretty in the pan, but swatted was a huge let-down. The matte black on the bottom left is awesome, and the teal and blues on the right are great too!

Something worth mentioning- the shimmery colors are messy and fragile! I just swatched these once and the imprinted lettering already had started to fade, and there was a lot of shadow that didn’t get picked up by my brush that become loose and kind of useless, so they are a little wasteful in that aspect, unless you picked up shadow and the pressed the extra into your brush.

This palette was $4.99 at Walgreens. I just found out it’s also available at Drugstore.com, which has 8% cash back if you visit through Ebates. If I had known this two days ago I would have ordered online and not at Walgreens!


  1. Mai says

    Yeah their eyeshadows are really soft and fragile but the color payoff is rather amazing! I hope you can manage to find their LE trios.

    Also, I love the new layout.

  2. Nicole's Mirror says

    I want this so badly. But it is impossible to get this where I live! The drugstore brand in my country is not exactly as cheap as that :(

  3. Clodagh says

    I have a few single shadows from Wet n Wild but i find they are a bit too shimmery for my liking, not too enthusiastic about that brand btw. But my favourite inexpensive makeup brand (like cheaper than most drugstore brands) is Catrice! i love their eyeshadows, some lipsticks, all of the lipglosses i tried out and their nail polishes are AMAZING! the only thing about Catrice is i dont think that they are available in the US, because they are a German brand, they might sell it the UK because they definately sell it in Ireland! oh and Miss Chevious on youtube has used some of their products in a few of her videos!

  4. Raina says

    I Dream Of Greenie is an AMAZING Wet N Wild palette. I have a caramel complexion and the green pops so intensely on my skin tone it’s incredible. Definitely everyone should check it out.

  5. Rachel says

    Even getting one good shadow out of these palettes is worth it to me. The whole palette is a third of the cost of one MAC shadow.

  6. David says

    I heard that Wet ‘n Wild were really known for their eyeshadows, and now seeing this post makes me want to buy a palette right away. lol Great Post!

    Have a Good Day!



  7. yesenia says

    Nice eyeshadows , haven’t seen that at the store

  8. Courtney says

    I am so happy that you found these, because now maybe you will use them in your tutorials. I know alot of people including me ask for cheaper makeup to be used.

  9. Kristen says

    Try the black in the silver, pink, and sparkly black trio (I don’t know the name of it). We used it for competition makeup and the payoff was a lot better than this one. Also, I’d recommend the “I Dream of Greenie” trio to anyone who likes bright colors. It has a almost matte lime green in it with a light touch of gold sparkle (the sparkle doesn’t show up that much on the lid and the texture is of a matte too). The other colors are super buttery and soft, plus they’re super pigmented. I know it’s hard to find bright colors at the drugstore, so here’s a great recommendation.

  10. Seana says

    Gahh I wanna try these so bad!!!
    I love the trios and 6 pan palettes, but I never see the 8 pan ones anywhere! I will have to grab some off drugstore.com!
    That lid color on the right looks amazing!

  11. Jenn says

    They’re actually Out of Stock on drugstore.com :-/

  12. Stephanie says

    I know what you mean with them being fragile. I bought the Comfort Zone palette and dropped it a few inches into my sink and the top right shade shattered everywhere and it was brand new too haha. :|

    1. Yamary says

      A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this infortamoin.

  13. Katee says

    I have the purple collection, i actually used it to do a friends makeup for prom and I LOVE it. One thing i did notice is that I can not use brushes with this pallet i usually use either a q tip or my finger, the sparkly black is the same in the purple pallet and it picked up well with a q tip or finger. (:

  14. Breeanna says

    Hi, Leesha! First of all…I love your videox so much, and you’re my favorite makeup guru ^_^ <3 I have a Wet N' Wild palette with 3 colors in it that I bought at Big Lots. I needed some cheap makeup :3 It's called Cool as a Cucumber. It has a light green browbone color, a dark purple crease color, and a dark green eyelid color. I LOVE those! :D they have a pretty decent color payoff. I've watched your videos for years, but I just recently got the courage to start doing makeup on me! :D so I'm starting off with some makeup I can actually afford lol :) I use the cute little soft brushes the palette comes with, btw. I'm gonna need to buy a legitimate brush soon, huh? :) I love you! :D <3

  15. Shirley says

    The Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadows are soooo soft and soooo easy to break. I accidentally dropped mine from my lap and it broke two of the eyeshadows. It made a huge mess and the dark shadow color covered everything else. Yikes! I wouldn’t recommend having it shipped to you; you might end up receiving a bunch of mixed-colored powdery mess.

  16. Lara Bushue says

    Leesha! I just bought this today, it is gorgeous!! Could you possibly do a tutorial on a couple ways to wear this? I absolutely love it, but I have never used colors like this! I’m not sure how to go about this! Thank you!

  17. Shelby says

    I reilized that the bright blue color looks like the nyx jumbo pencil in electric blue and the silver looks like the nyx jumbo pencil in pots and pans

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