April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • katee

    cant wait for urban decay tomorrow well i guess today….haha <3 i bought lorac this week and i am officially addicted! also gotta check out betsey johnson. i need a new purse <3

  • Noel

    I also like the deal sites. I joined Hautelook after you posted the first one about it, and I go back several times a week to check it out. You might like this site, they have deals every day on tons of items–not a lot of cosmetics but they do just about everything else; clothing, household items, shoes, art, jewelry, etc. All of their deals come from small businesses that are design-minded. Be warned though; the stuff they have is really addicting, I go check every day for the new items!


  • http://xxrocksteadyxx.wordpress.com Sarah

    Coastal Scents is having a sale right now. The 88 Original Palette is like $14 and their 12 peice brush set is $9.95 right now. I ordered to 88 palette yesterday and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing deal, Leesha!

  • Shannon B

    I actually went on Hautelook and Urban decay and decided to buy from Urban decay instead because it had all of the same stuff for sale ( and more) and the urban bride set was a dollar cheaper. The only thing Urban Decay didn’t have on their sale was the Jones eyeshadow. They even had all of their loose shadows for sale for only $1.00, so I picked up 6 of the colors, 2 each about 2 weeks ago. It’s definitely a good idea to keep an eye out for good deals on Urban Decay’s site under the “SALE” tab. :)

  • Leah


    I know you’re a huge fan of the cream eyeshadows by urban decay. I love using the lighter colors for a quick look, but how do you use the darker colors? I am having a hard time figuring out how to use those in an effective manner.

    • Atina

      Yes please!! I just bought a ton of the UD cream shadows too and would really LOVE it if you did a tutorial using them!!

  • Atina

    Man, I missed most of the stuff on Rue la la (Le Creuset) ;-( Boo, that’s what I get for not having read your blog sooner!!

    Since your living in Austin hope your able to make to ACL this weekend, it is ALWAYS a blast!!! Enjoy ;-)