Weekly Deals: 9/20

Sorry I’m a day late with this! I just got back from Paris on Sunday night and needed a day of recovery :) Here are deals I’m excited about for this week!

This week seems pretty slow as far as deal sites, especially in the beauty department, but here are a list of certain sales that caught my eye :)

Deals9 20


(Mario Badescu is on sale there now, it started yesterday. Stock up!)

BCBGMAXARIA Shoes & Handbags
Youngblood Cosmetics
Whitening Lightening Teeth Whitening Kit

Fusion Beauty

Baci Eyelashes


Rue La La

Completing the Kitchen- From Basics to Beyond (You know me and my love for kitchen sales!)


Running Start Sale (gym essentials including Puma, Fila, and Marika)

AR + Cook (Kitchen Utensils)
Sweet Romeo
VIOlight (toothbrush sanitizers- I use the travel toothbrush & case every time I travel, I LOVE it!!)



4% Cashback at Sephora
6% Cashback at Drugstore.com and Beauty.com
4% Cashback at Kohls.com (Tuesday only)
7% Cashback at Perfumemania (PLUS 25% off any order with code SEPT25)

I also just placed an order with Betsey Johnson and used WELCOME1 (all caps) and got 20% off my whole order :D

Happy Shopping!


  1. AmandaTX says

    I’ve just recently become an ebates convert. Is 4% good for Sephora, or should I hold out for something higher? Do you know how high it goes, Leesha?

    Thanks a bunch! You’re super fab. :**

    1. Leesha says

      Sephora varies but you never know when it will change. I’ve seen it go as high as 8%, especially during holiday months

      1. AmandaTX says

        Great, thanks.

        I’ve been holding out for a Sephora Friends & Family or Ulta 20% off to stock up on the Stila and/or UD glitter liquid eyeliners (which I would LOVE to see a battle of the brands on, btw). Though, after watching your yt update to this post, I’ll be ordering some directly from Stila.

        Also, UD has some amazing deals on their site right now as markdowns. The Urban Defense tinted moisturizer is down to $6 if you don’t mind the “vintage” packaging–the same as it just was on Hautelook, and the cream shadows are down to $3 each. They had a couple of pigments for $1 each, and some marked down liners, as well. I’m eagerly awaiting my UD package!

        Thanks for being so fab and cluing us in on the sales!

  2. katee says

    crown brushes are going to be on haute look (: (: (: (: (:

  3. kate@MUContest says

    Have you ever checked Beyond the Rack? They get some great home sales too…though so not fond of the shipping I’m still waiting on a couple of things.

    :) In the mean time have to check out the Ideeli sale I always forget to go to that one for some reason : /

    1. Leesha says

      the shipping is the main problem i have with them. the charge a LOT for it, and then it takes a LONG time, if ever, to get to you. I ordered something from them in JUNE, still dont have it. called FedEx about it, they said “oh, the post office has it, go to them and find out where it is”. problem is, there arelike 5 post offices by me, how should i know what one “supposedly” has it? its so lame.

  4. Ana says

    Hi Leesha! Why are you so lazy lately? Get your ass back here and post something! I’m checking in here both day and night, every day, and still don’t see anything new! Miss ya

    1. Sam says

      Check her youtube channel. She’s got a bunch of stuff up there.

  5. Jenn says

    Hi Leesha! Don’t know if you know about Mrrebates.com…similar to ebates.com but sometimes they give a higher purchase % back…sephora is 5% and drugstore is 6%, elf is 6%. Just another way to get cash back! Thanks for all the sales tips!

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