Wearable Wednesday: Taylor Swift

Yay! Today’s Wearable Wednesday is based off of Taylor Swift. A whole bunch of you sent me pictures of her makeup, and for the majority it was bronzey with thick liner, so that’s what we did today! :)





Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Stila Kitten Eyeshadow
Stila Ray Eyeshadow

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  1. Bella Sugar says:

    Oh god, I hate her sooooooooo much! shes fugly! the makeup looks better on you though. you should leave your waterline unlined more often, it makes your face look bigger and brighter

    • Kelsey says:

      thats not very nice. you probably hate her because you’re either a joe jonas fan or a taylor lautner fan.
      anyways, i totally wore this today without realizing you were doing a tutorial on it!

    • the epic ninja says:

      look, everyone is entitled for their own opinions, but i have to say i really disagree. Taylor swift is gorgeous and does a great job.
      just saying

  2. Alisa says:

    great look Leesha…just want to know that for medium/darker skin tone thhis look wont show up much…will darker shades of the same colour do? or some other colour?

  3. Dee-Dee says:

    I really like this look .. and i wanna ask you about the tragus piercing does it hurt?!
    because i wanna get one so bad but i’m scared :( ..

    • xsparkage says:

      it doesnt hurt to get it done, you just feel pressure. the first couple of days hurts a little bit when you smile or anything but not like, crazy unbearable pain, if you want it then just do it!

  4. freda says:

    wow ! Leesha , you’re always the one doing bright looks ,
    what happened ? Lovin’ it though as always . OMG ,mega cool
    looks just like Taylor !

  5. Jules says:

    Hey Leesha! I love this look but I can’t afford stila eyeshadows. Can tell me good dupes for the two eyeshadows that you use. Please& Thank you!! <3
    p.s I would perfere if its a nyx or a loreal hip eyeshadow :) (if not thats ok)

  6. Veronique says:

    I think that this is a great look, but if i don’t want it so full on how should i tone it down?
    and i didn’t think your skin video was harsh, i get what you were saying, i mean why bother doing nice makeup without having a clean face. don’t worry about people these days are really insecure and get insaulted really easily. luv ya Leesha keep vlogging!

  7. Lisa G says:

    I’m not a Taylor Swift fan either and I almost skipped this on YT, but I’m so glad I watched it. I wore this look yesterday and received a ton of compliments from my husband to my mother-Thank you so much.

  8. Dannii says:

    hey :) i watch your videos all the time but this one is really simple and easy look, will definately try this out for school! And also, by the way your nails look AMAZZING

  9. Turtle says:

    OMG!!!! Love it!!! Im deffo going to do this…. im going to a party on sunday night, PERFECT!!
    Huge fan of Taylors, so i reeeeealy like this!
    BTW: Rockin’ that ponytail!

  10. Jada says:

    I was a HUGE fan ever since the red hair! I always loved red hair, and always was thinking: “Man, I wonder if I could pull it off!”.
    Then, I remember seeing the video when you’d JUST dyed it blonde.
    I love both.

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