Wearable Wednesday: June 2nd

This was a fun look to wear, I like how the pastel fun purple green lid was contrasted by the dark green liner. Yay!






Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
MAC Springtime Skipper Eyeshadow
Coastal Scents Hot Pot S16
MUD Honeysuckle Eyeshadow
Tarte Emphasize High Definition Pencil (Dark Green)
MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
MUD Mascara


MAC Petal Point Blush


Urban Decay Quiver Ultra Glide Lip Gloss


  1. Abi says

    Your blending is to DIE for. It is so fantastic!!!

    Do you know if you buy MUD products anywhere else besides their website?

  2. Kelsie says

    I LOVE this look! In a certain light, the eyeshadow gives off the appearance of a muted rainbow. :) Thanks, Leesha!

  3. Patricia says

    Reminds me of a sunset, lovely!

  4. Nancy says

    Love the look!! I have similar kind of hair to yours. Its really thick, quite coarse and very curly. I’ve used quite a lot of different products but the ones that have worked best so far are John Frieda Frizz-ease, Tresemme, and VO5. Another thing is not to touch it too much, you want to scruch it while damp and then preferably leave it to dry naturally and of you need to blow dry it use a diffuser but only dry it until most (not all) of the moisture is gone. Hope that helps!

  5. Annie says

    I’m really loving these colourful looks that definitely aren’t too much :]

  6. Laura says

    I love this. :)

  7. Lisa G says

    Yay for using my two favorite colors together-green & purple. Love, love, love this look! I’ve been debating on whether to purchase MUD products-do you recommend them at all?

  8. Dena says

    I have thick, curly hair and found that Back To Basics Coconut Mango conditioner is the best in terms of conditioning and controlling the curls. An anti-frizz, like Farouk Bio-Silk, helps with frizziness. Maybe if you let your hair grow longer, if will help pull the curl down?
    At any rate, I love your look, hair included.

  9. Lily says

    A friend of mine uses the typical rave gel and dilutes it as she goes down to her hair. So put alot in the roots and then dilute it with water as you scrunch down. I haven’t tried it yet, but her hair looks gorgeous and its always curly.

  10. kristi says

    regarding your hair, would you consider some kind of curl reformation? like using rollers? put rollers in damp hair after applying an antifrizz or similar curl product, but make sure said product is made to create soft curls, not crunchy curls. when hair is COMPLETELY DRY then take out the rollers and style with fingers, and then maybe use like a light setting spray product. see how that works for you. when you get the hang of it, putting the rollers in shouldnt take a long time at all and with practice youll be able to do it really quick. experiment with different size rollers too; the smaller the roller the tighter the curl; the bigger the roller the looser the curl. hope that helps you!!

  11. kristi says

    also, if you are going to use a diffuser, make sure you are doing it correctly! there is a technique to it and most people get it wrong! when using a diffuser, try to actually touch the hair as little as possible if at all. just let it almost sit on the diffuser so there is minimal movement. the point is to dry it, control frizz, and minimize the disruption of your natural curl. play around, practice, experiment! the next time you go to your stylist ask for her advice too regarding what you can do at home as far as styling, and be VERY specific about what you want and what your goals are for your hair. good luck and hope that helps!

  12. mya says

    this was my favorite vid dat u hav eva done!!! =] i really liked it but i was wonderin if u new any dupes 4 brushes?!?!?!?

  13. jazziiee ell says

    Lovee this look soo much:) you schould do colors like this more often! :)

  14. Melanie says

    Try curl rocks by catwalk tigi or something like that i love it. it’s the only thing that seems to work for my curly hair…You can get it at target, walmart(maybe). PLaces like that. not expensive to it is worth a try

  15. Marisa says

    I have super curly hair, not too thick, but really tight, corkscrew curls.
    I shower in the morning (because brushing curly hair dry is a bad idea) and brush through my hair once in the shower while the conditioner is still in.

    Then, I towel dry it and while it’s still damp I put in L’Oreal’s Studio Curl Power curl cream. Once my hair is less wet, I also put in a gel. I found that gels that are supposedly made for curly hair don’t work well for me, so I’ve been using L’Oreal’s StudioLine Mineral fX Control Cream (I’m not sure if that’s the name in English, I live in Europe). It’s number 2 in strength and it works really well.

    I’ve gone through almost every single curly hair product that I can find, and so far, this is the one that I’ve had the most luck with and have been using for the longest time. I wear my hair down every day, so I’m especially picky about how my curls look :P

    Good luck!

  16. Christie says

    I freakin’ adore this look! :D

    I have the absolutely beastly firzzly curly hair too (and I do mean beastly, nothing at all pretty about my hair! lololol) . I usually use a light hairspray while my hair is still wet. Instead of scrunching my hair, I’ll grab a handful and gently kind of wind my fingers through and hold until it feels like the spray should be dry. (kind of like I’m using my fingers and curlers) This works fairly decent for my hair, but it’s still pretty random, mostly due to my current cut, which is definitely better suited to straight hair. Anyway, I just tried a sample of Aveda’s Smooth Infusion shampoo, conditioner, and Glossing straightener, and I was pretty impressed. My mom also combines the straightener with their Confixor, and she swears by it! (But her hair is NOTHING near the curly mess mine is!)

  17. Joana says

    Hey, Leesha! Thank you so much for your wearable wednesdays (ww)!!
    I’m a “conservative one” and your ww videos are an inspiration to run away from routine… Well, I must confess sometimes I feel I could be more “fierce” on my morning look… let’s see how it goes! :-D

  18. Bosey says

    Just found your site today. Lovin these videos! Have naturally curly hair and am a “retired” cosmetologist who specialized in curly hair. Every head of curls is different! Here are some tips that worked for most heads of curl. Don’t condition the days you style curly. It causes more frizz. Product is your best friend. Use a smoothing product 1st my fav is Ringlet by Redken. 2nd a good gel that doesn’t flake because you need a lot! I like PM’s Super Sculpt. Use enough to coat all your hair! 3rd is a small squirt (nickel size) of Tigi’s Curls Rock Amplifier. Scrunch into curls. The next key is drying. Mine works best to air dry for about 20 min. Then blow dry (no diffuser). Some hair works better to dry a little then air dry. I like Tigi’s Hard Head hairspray right after. Then I can scrunch(if it’s too crunchy) and mess with it all I want and the curl will stay. Good Luck!

  19. Kendra says

    Hey! About your curl :)
    I just started using Ouidad, i saw the infomercial like a million times and thought i would try it. The thing I like most out of the sample pack that I got is the Tress Effects gel. It keeps the frizz down, isnt all crunchy like normal gel, and it doesnt smell bad (that is if you dont mind the smell of cloves). I think they sell it at Saphora now.
    Yay! Have fun lol.

  20. laura says

    i think you’re hair looks cute!!!

  21. Sandra says

    L-O-V-E hehe i love it <3 :D

  22. IN says

    Hi ya,
    Just want to tell you I’m really enjoying Wearable Wednesday. Also I totally understand about the curly hair thing. I have really thick curly red hair myself and don’t want to have to straighten it. So with that said i use 10 as a leave in product. After washing and conditioning my hair then i style with catwalk curls rock and kendra style gel 17. They work really fantastic for me. Also i add just a touch of r&b because it smells so so good at the back of my hair. You just need a touch and your hair smells so good all day!! :)

  23. ema says

    hey…I really like your work and I would like you to do a tutorial of some light blue and black for blue eyes…..because everyone keeps telling me I have beautiful eyes,but I don’t know how to express them….so please =)

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