April 16, 2014
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  • Aashna

    luv this one specially the lip color

  • http://psychopixie.wordpress.com Julia Mathias

    Wonderful idea, I always loved effy’s make-up (at least in her saner moments, lol), and Kaya is just sooo pretty that even completely smudged make-up looks good on her. I just need to find a good brown as my lid colour (because I have way darker skin than you do), but I will definetely try this one.

  • JuliaS.

    Lovely look, I was wondering did you go and film in the show ’cause I thought I saw you in the first episode of season 3 is that you ? Or someone who looks a LOT like you ? Take care

  • Glynis

    I also liked season 1 and 2 the best, but effy is so cool!! ^_^ I’m really glad you posted this look, I tried it out immediately!

  • Ana

    Nice, but I’m wondering why you didn’t do the teal pigment on the lower lashline that she has? That’s what really makes this look amazing to me, and brings out her blue eyes.

  • http://youtube.com/mizzie Mizzie

    I have a friend that would love this!

  • Antonym Mouse

    Wow, I can’t even believe this! haha. I took the exact same screens from the same ep and was going to do a tutorial. Beat me to it!

  • Sandra

    … hey do you wear contacts

  • danielle

    brooke did a nail tutorial really similar to whatcha got on! x

  • Tessa

    I like seasons 1 & 2 the best also for Skins. I like the look.

  • http://caroliine-lilyofthevalley.blogspot.com/ Caroline

    Hi, I just discovered your website and I absolutely love it! You’re very pretty and you know how to make yourself even more prettier. Plus, you give me ideas to make some of your looks. And what I find great is that you seem inspired by everything – films, mythology… I think that’s really cool.
    Well, I just wanted to say that!
    Cheers from Paris, France!

  • Kelly

    Where is the blue (under the eye) ? It’s very important ! :O