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Vote for me for Beauty & Style King! Jenu Active-Youth Skincare System

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 I am currently participating in Beauty & Style King of the Web and need your help! There are only THREE days left to vote (I’m super late on posting about it, boo!) and you can vote up to 10x a day. If I win (or get top three, lets say, considering I missed two thirds of the contest!) I will bring back Giveaway Thursday for the summer, so you all have loads of chances to win awesome things!

Check out the review of the Jenu Skincare Kit below (the prize the winner gets for Beauty & Style King, which if I win I will be giving away to you guys!) and photos below.

If you would be so kind to vote for me, click here!!



Jenu 2Jenu 3The kit comes with an eye and lip serum, the device, a USB charger and a wall charger.Jenu 5Jenu 6Jenu 7Jenu 8

The divice is used by applying the serum to your under eyes or lips (depending which serum) or do the metal top on the device, and then pressing the power button and moving the device in small circles across your under eye area or lips for a full minute. It will help to reduce fine lines, deeply hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes, and plump and hydrate the lips.Jenu 9Jenu 10CCharging it is like this. It’s charging if the ring is lit up.Jenu 11The wall charger has an extra USB port at the top, so if you are short on power sources, you still have a way to charge your smartphone ;)

Available from Jenu.


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