Ursula Halloween Tutorial- Photos & Video

One of my favorite Disney Villain of all time is Ursula. This look was really fun for me to create because I wanted something that I felt represented her without going too much into a cartoonish feel. I wanted to still have blues and purples on the eyes like she did, as well as a red lip- which in theory sounds super overkill, but I really liked how it turned out! Hope you do too :)

Ursula makeup 6Ursula makeup 7Ursula makeup 12Ursula makeup 17


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Chaos 24/7 Eye Pencil
Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette:

  • Bukowski
  • Holy Bible
  • Babe
  • Oddfellow
  • Arcadia

Urban Decay Asphyxia 24/7 Eye Pencil
Sugarpull Poison Plum Eyeshadow
Sigma Boost Eye Pencil
L’OReal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara
Ardell Disney Villains Ursula False Lashes

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Tarte Adored Amazonian Clay Blush

OCC Roleplay Lip Tar


Be sure to check out my other Halloween looks from this year, Maleficent and Queen of Hearts! I will have a couple more out this week too!


  1. Nora says

    Soooooo beautiful colors <3 perfect for ursula

  2. Ebony J says

    Gorgeous! (: Ursula is my favorite disney villian (:

  3. Danyelle Angus says

    you are amazing at capturing characters in makeup looks

  4. Nouf says

    Your makeup is Ah-Mazing! i just have to ask what kind of linses are you using in the video? and where can i find them??

  5. Betty says

    Hi! Would you be able to direct me towards where I could find those lenses! I really like where you took this Ursula look and would like to infuse it into my costume this year. Thanks!

  6. Kristina Koos says

    Where did you get those contact lenses? They’re amazing!’

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