Urban Decay The Vice Palette Review, Swatches, HQ Photos

OH MY GOSHHHH. This is the newest thing out from Urban Decay, and I gotta tell you, it does NOT disappoint. The Vice Palette is amazing in so many ways, so let me share a few-

  • 20 brand new colors never released before
  • PRACTICAL, sleek packaging
  • Full mirror that is nice quality- no funhouse mirror here!

  • Mirror actually stands UP on its own, perfect for traveling or using without holding the palette
  • pop-open clip in front- easy to open without damaging shadows
  • nice mix of textures
Overall, I’m in love. The only thing I would change is to add more mattes- there are only two, and they are more highlight/transitioning colors than colors I’d use to actually SEE. This palette retails for $59 on Urban Decay’s Website, which brings each shadow just under $3. For 20 brand new colors, I’d say thats not a bad deal!

Here are some photos of the palette and close ups of each shadow. The swatches are not over any type of base, and are not packed on- they are just as-is so you can see how amazing they are with no help. 

UDVicePalette 9UDVicePalette 4UDVicePalette 2UDVicePalette 5UDVicePalette 12


Column 1:
UDVicePalette 18UDVicePalette 18UDVicePalette 19UDVicePalette 19

UDVicePalette 24 Desperation, Junkie, Provocateur, Nevermind



Column 2:
UDVicePalette 18UDVicePalette 18

UDVicePalette 19

UDVicePalette 19

UDVicePalette 25 Muse, Chaos, Rapture, Echo Beach




Column 3:
UDVicePalette 20

UDVicePalette 20UDVicePalette 21UDVicePalette 21

UDVicePalette 26 Jagged, Occupy, Vice, Anonymous



Column 4:
UDVicePalette 22UDVicePalette 20UDVicePalette 21UDVicePalette 21

UDVicePalette 27 Blitz, Unhinged, Noise, Freebird




Column 5:

UDVicePalette 22UDVicePalette 22UDVicePalette 23UDVicePalette 23UDVicePalette 28 Penny Lane, Black Market, Armor, Laced



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  1. Samantha DeCecco says

    Ah! I hope this is still around when Christmas comes! I want that!! 0_o

  2. Almeida88 says

    I love these color but whenever I purchase UD eyeshadows they have so much fall out!!! I’m afraid to purchase this one

  3. amandasourlemon says

    Is it just me, or are a lot of these colours just renamed regular shades? Noise looks like Woodstock, Penny Lane looks like Chopper?

  4. MarinaRey says

    I can not WAIT to go to my local saphora tomorrow and pick up this pallette! I can already tell its going to be a new favorite. Omg every single one of these shades or BEAUTIFUL and it has a perfect mix of wearable and fun colors!

  5. Rachel says

    I think Noise is a deeper more vibrant pink than Woodstock, and Penny Lane looks lighter and more golden than Chopper, in my opinion, after comparing Leesha’s swatches of these with Temptalia’s swatches of Chopper and Woodstock.

  6. Dia Burisly says

    I love the packaging soooo much, but I won’t use half of these :-(

  7. Alexis Colon says

    I’m in love with chaos. I don’t need the whole set though. I have so many UD shadows that look similar to some of these

  8. makeupmattersbylnc says

    I’m really excited for Penny Lane too because UD needed a good true copper color.

  9. OrangeLipstickBlog says

    OMG, Vice and Unhinged are beautiful!

  10. Sita says

    This pallete looks amazing! I am so tempted to get it!

  11. Polarbelle says

    great swatches. Armor is a nice looking taupe.

  12. Anjum says

    Most of them look a lot like other Urban Decay shades. Noise is like Woodstock, Provocateur is like Sin, Laced is like Tease, etc. But, otherwise, the palette looks beautiful and I WANT IT.

  13. Marta Floris says

    i love this rewiew. Fantastic. I want this palette. <3 I hope it arrives soon in Italy

  14. Carissa says

    Can u do a review on the new mini palettes from urban decay? The fun one and the feminine one. I can’t remember the name of the last one…

  15. nadierosa says

    I need this palllete! The problem is i’m living in Brazil and I do not find here…

  16. Lisa Schroeder McFadden says

    Urban Decay is having their Friends & Family Discount (20% everything) … FFHOLIDAY12 is the code. :) I bought this palette because of your review. Love your channel and blog.

  17. maisha says

    great review you left no question unanswered. lol thinking abou gettint it i have naked 1 and 2 and a single eyeshadow in blunt. so im really tinking do i want this palette or the pencil limited edition set.lol decisions decision.

  18. Anna :) says

    the best blog post i’ve seen regarding this palette :) you’ve just made me want it even more though <3 haha … by the way love watching your videos xxx

  19. Julia Durant says

    Great review. Picked it up on ebay for 49.00 with free shipping. My advice to people wanting it is check there before you hit up retail. Exact same palette and colors, authentic. I love me some UD but if I can save some money that’s even better. The seller I got mine from is lily_ann1

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