Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadows Part 2: Bright Shades

Here is part 2 of my UD Starburst photos- the brights! These include two shades of purple (a lilac and a darker violet) a bright grass green, and a super gorgeous pool-blue turquoise. Check it out!










UDstardustbright54, Retrograde, Griffith, Atmosphere (Applied over UD Primer Potion)

UDstardustbright54, Retrograde, Griffith, Atmosphere (Applied over NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk)


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As stated on the Urban Decay website, these are meant to be super sparkly with just a wash of color, so they are meant to be sheer. of the four, Retrograde and Atmosphere definitely have the most color payoff, with Atmosphere being amazing over Milk (and my favorite color in general!) These look best applied over other shadows, or on top of a similar (or white) eyeliner. The photos don’t do the shimmer justice, unfortunately its VERY hard to capture exactly what these look like applied through a photo because they are just shimmer overload, and that needs movement and light hitting at different angles to really be seen. On the lids, it looks almost wet, like you applied vaseline or gloss over eyeshadow. This sparkle is very, very different than the chunky glitter Urban Decay has in some of their eyeshadows (that I have found is prone to fallout). Its suuuuuper fine, doesn’t get all over when applying, and there’s a TON of it.. so it isn’t just random sparkles, its shimmery, sparkly, glossy looking.. almost like water when the sun hits it :)

Available for $20 from Urban Decay.



  1. monica says

    Leesha, you really need to try the Stila new Jewel shadows. They are AMAZING! I bought one in Amethyst to try it out, and it’s to DIE FOR! I will be purchasing more. I think Stila once came out with a little palette of these before but now they have singles with more colors. They look like wet shadows when applied with no fallout. No glitter, just shimmer. Very similar to these which is why I brought it up. I didn’t like the Stardust as much, it had some fallout for me. Well the one I purchased did and I ended up returning it. Stila did it better with the wet shadow look than these in my honest opinion.

  2. Danish says

    omg, atmosphere is amazing!!!

  3. Laynie says

    Ohhh, I’ve had a major love for Atmosphere for ages now. I tried it at Sephora and fell in love, it’s got such an interesting sparkle to it. The color is insanely gorgeous too…

  4. London says

    These definitely remind me of the Stila Jewel palette. That certain type of smooth glitter. I just love it! It looks beautiful over shadows! I have a trick if you happen to get some fallout from these. What I do is, after I apply my eyeshadow, I just dab a little Pixie Epoxy on top. (It’s by “Fyrinnae”, and its basically just a glitter base). Then just dab the Stardust on top of that and.. voila! No fallout AT ALL. Its amazing stuff! Also works well for foiling pigments too! :)

  5. Candi says

    These are 20$ a piece? About how much do you get in the container? I love love love Atmosphere. But really don’t know about paying 20$ for one eyeshadow. =/

  6. _NuSkA_ says

    Beautiful colors; I like the purple one :P

  7. Anna says

    I’m temped to buy griffith just because thats my surname!!

  8. Valerie39 says

    retrograde is awesome

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