Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadows Part 1: Natural Shades

Every time I go to Sephora and look at the Urban Decay display, my eyes always go right to these! They’re super, super sparkly, I can’t help but be intrigued! This post will have all the natural shades of the Stardust range, so check em out below!


udstardustnaturalBobby Dazzle

udstardustnaturalBobby Dazzle

udstardustnaturalSpace Cowboy

udstardustnaturalSpace Cowboy

udstardustnaturalDiamond Dog

udstardustnaturalDiamond Dog

udstardustnaturalMoon Spoon

udstardustnaturalMoon Spoon



UDstardustnaturalBobby Dazzle, Space Cowboy, Diamond Dog, Moon Spoon, Void (over UD Primer Potion)

UDstardustnaturalBobby Dazzle, Space Cowboy, Diamond Dog, Moon Spoon, Void (over NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk)


Check out Part 2: Reviewing the Stardust Bright Shades!

These are described as “an explosion of prismatic sparkle against a wash of color” so they are meant to be sheer. Unfortunately it’s pretty hard to capture the entirety of the sparkle factor in these babies, it’s beautiful! They give a glossy look to the eyes, almost like you applied vaseline overtop of your eyeshadow.The way I plan to use these is just to pat them on top of similar shades, or even similarly colored eye pencils. With a slightly sticky base (like the shadow pencil in the 2nd set of swatches) you can get pretty good color payoff, but if the pencil base is the same color as the stardust, it will obviously be much more prominent. The point of these is to add shimmer, and they definitely deliver!

Another factor I like about these is the packaging. It’s so weird! I found out that the way to open these is to lightly squeeze the black bars on the sides, and the clear plastic top will spring back. Its kinda fun actually, I can see myself mindlessly opening/closing these while watching tv or something haha :)

Available for $20 from Urban Decay.



  1. Sarah says

    I love space cowboy!

    1. darlyn says

      mmee too i just can get it theres no sephhora in the whole australia unlless u go to sydney

  2. ... says

    I guess this is one of those products that you have to try for yourself irl to realy see the effect.

    1. leesha says

      yeah, like i mentioned its REALLY hard to capture full sparkle on a camera, as the light hitting it at different angles is such a huge factor in seeing it. it sucks!

  3. Angelica says

    OoOo definitely worth $20, I gotta have these and get myself a NYX jumbo pencil. Your reviews are amazing Leesha! Everytime I see a new post, I rush to it!

  4. samantha says

    I have one in void. Its pure sparkle! Great for going-out looks :)

  5. mouse says

    i love these! they are gorgeous

  6. Christine says

    These look so gorgeous!!! Im loving Space Cowboy :)

  7. Amber says

    These are GORRRGEOUS. Dying to see a smoky eye with these! I’d wear it EVERY DAY.

  8. Kristen says

    Any chance we could see a tutorial using some of these? Love your reviews and love your tutorials!

  9. Briana says

    You should check out the Sephora Prisma Chrome shadows. They have really great pigmentation and really interesting colors. The blue one, Sapphire Shine, is soooo different!!!!

  10. Stephanie says

    Wow, Space Cowboy has the “wet” appearance. Love!

  11. Simone says

    the shadows look more vibrant and the glitter is more intense over the nyx milk pencil. very pretty

  12. Misty says

    Are these similar to those NYX eyeshadows that you like? The pearl ones?

  13. Katie says

    Although, I do love these, I have it in Void and even with primers I get so much fallout. :/ I hate it when my WHOLE face is full with glitter. Not just shimmer but huge glitter clumps. :(

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