Urban Decay Previously Exclusive 24/7 Eye Pencils: Smog, Mushroom, Hustle, Corrupt, Whiskey, Sabbath, Empire, Mainline

To continue on with the eye pencils that have recently been added to Urban Decay’s 24/7 line, here is the second part of the previously released shades (the new shades are here and here!). These are shades that have been released limited edition in the past but have now joined the permanent line. Click here to see Part 1 of the Previously Exclusive Shades!

UDprevreleasedliners 19 Smog Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 20 Smog Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 21 Smog Eye Pencil

Smog is a golden copper with loads of shimmer.

UDprevreleasedliners 22 Mushroom Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 23 Mushroom Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 24 Mushroom Eye Pencil

Mushroom has always been one of my favorite shades from Urban Decay- it’s a nice, cool taupe that really looks great smudged on the eyes. This would be easy to play up with one of the bright blue pencils!

UDprevreleasedliners 25 Hustle Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 26Hustle Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 27Hustle Eye Pencil

Hustle is a brown with gold shimmer. Nice and pigmented but not the most unique color

UDprevreleasedliners 28

Corrupt Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 29Corrupt Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 30Corrupt Eye Pencil

Corrupt is a red-brown shimmer with silver sparkle. 

UDprevreleasedliners 31

Whiskey Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 32Whiskey Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 33Whiskey Eye Pencil

Whiskey is a great staple brown. Matte, medium brown is an essential pencil for everyone to have. I have the duo whiskey (double ended pencil with Whiskey and Zero) and I’m so glad its a pencil on it’s own now. 

UDprevreleasedliners 37Sabbath Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 38Sabbath Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 39Sabbath Eye Pencil

Sabbath is a deep, deep navy matte pencil. It looks like the bottom of the ocean, and would look insanely badass on the waterline!

UDprevreleasedliners 40Empire Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 41Empire Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 42Empire Eye Pencil

Empire is a shimmery dark violet. Would work great for a colored smokey look.

UDprevreleasedliners 43Mainline Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 44Mainline Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 45Mainline Eye Pencil

Mainline may just be my favorite matte. It reminds me of a seaport, and looks really great on the waterline. I love that UD is adding more mattes to their entire line in general (not just pencils) because they’re all gorgeous!


24/7 Pencils are a great texture- they’re nice and creamy and apply beautifully. They are by far my favorite eye pencils that I’ve tried, working well as both an eyeshadow base and alone.


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  1. Danielle says

    I am so happy Mushroom is permanent! I wasn’t sure what to do when I used mine up. It’s probably my favorite product from Urban Decay.

  2. Letitia Harriet says

    So happy there is such a variety in the line now. It’s a pitty they aren’t a bit more inexpensive.


  3. ♥ J says

    Love love love mushroom! Beautiful shade~!!!!

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