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Urban Decay Previously Exclusive 24/7 Eye Pencils- Asphyxia, Deep End, Psychedelic Sister, Junkie, LSD, Delinquent, Uzi

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To continue on with the eye pencils that have recently been added to Urban Decay’s 24/7 line, here is the first part of the previously released shades (the new shades are here and here!). These are shades that have been released limited edition in the past but have now joined the permanent line. Check it out!


UDprevreleasedliners Asphyxia Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 5 Asphyxia Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 6 Asphyxia Eye Pencil

Asphyxia is a bright pink with a blue shift. I’m a sucker for duochrome, so this is one of my favorites. The pigmentation isn’t the best- I really wish it was a bit more vibrant!

UDprevreleasedliners 1 Deep End Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 2 Deep End Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 3 Deep End Eye Pencil

Deep End is a gorgeous, gorgeous blue with cyan shimmer. I had mentioned in my post about the new UD shadows that the Deep End eyeshadow was basically what I would be if I was a color, but I may like this pencil a bit more. It seems brighter than the eyeshadow just a bit.

UDprevreleasedliners 7Psychedelic Sister Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 8Psychedelic Sister Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 9Psychedelic Sister Eye Pencil

Psychedelic Sister is a vivid violet with shimmer. This would work awesome smoked out around the lash line or used on the lower lash line with a shimmery gold shadow on the lids.

DSC 0252Junkie Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 11Junkie Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 12Junkie Eye Pencil

Junkie is seriously awesome. Badass teal with gold glitter. I love this shade and have loved it since it came out. 

UDprevreleasedliners 13LSD Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 14LSD Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 15LSD Eye Pencil

LSD is a dark blackened blue with bright blue glitter and shimmer. Really cool way to add a subtle color to a smokey look.

UDprevreleasedliners 16Delinquent Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 17Delinquent Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 18Delinquent Eye Pencil

Delinquent is a blackened violet with shimmer. I love dark, blackened shades with a bright glitter in them, and UD has quite a few with these new additions to the permanent line!

UDprevreleasedliners 34Uzi Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 35Uzi Eye PencilUDprevreleasedliners 36Uzi Eye Pencil

Uzi is a charcoal with silver shimmer. Perfect smokey eye color- not too dark or light!


24/7 Pencils are a great texture- they’re nice and creamy and apply beautifully. They are by far my favorite eye pencils that I’ve tried, working well as both an eyeshadow base and alone.

Available for $19 from Urban Decay



  1. Danielle

    April 2, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    I’m waiting for mine to come in the mail! I’m so excited! Great review!

    – Danielle

  2. Karina

    July 5, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Love these colors! But I hate the price. Really?!?! $19 a pencil. And in Europe (or at least Spain) they don’t even change the price to the equivelency, they just change the symbol. Here they are 19 euros and 19 euros are not 19 dollars. I wante the Vault (w/ 40 full sized pencils) that they launched in March. It was so limited edition that when I went 4 weeks later in April to buy it for $300 (that’s $8 a color) it was gone. UD, you didn’t even give me time to save up and order it :( I’ll have to buy them slowly.

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