Urban Decay on Hautelook: Deluxe & Stardust Eyeshadows

I just wanted to give you all the heads up that Urban Decay is on Hautelook today, and has both the Deluxe and Stardust Shadows on sale for reeeeal cheap- Deluxe shadows for $4, and Stardust for $10. They also have the Deluxe Shadow Box Set for $10. 



I have reviews of the Stardust shadows here and here. They’re amazing.





My absolute YOU NEED THIS recommendations- 

  • Deluxe Shadow Box Set
  • Peace Eyeshadow (if not getting the box set)
  • Fishnet Eyeshadow (if not getting the box set)
  • Atmosphere Stardust Eyeshadow
  • Diamond Dog Stardust Eyeshadow
  • Void Stardust Eyeshadow


You can check these out here. I have a feeling these will sell out fairly quickly so if you’re interested get them soon! :)


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  1. jamie lynn prata says:

    i tried to snag one of the blushes but i guess i was too late – it was already sold out. but i did end up buying the de-slick gel – can’t beat half price! i was really surprised to see how cheap they were offering everything yesterday. Yay Hautelook!!

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