Urban Decay Naked3 Review!

NAKED 3!! So, last week I saw on my Facebook feed one of my blogger friends posted what looked like an Instagram photo of this palette that she found from someone else. I hadn’t seen UD’s announcement video yet, so I was shocked and excited! I was especially excited when I found this baby waiting for me in my mailbox, ready to share with you guys!

Naked 3 may sound a bit repetitive at first, because really, how many neutrals does one need? The great thing about this palette is UD made sure that all the shades are brand new and are really unlike the other Naked Palettes. Naked3 is very pink and rose toned, yet just like previous Naked palettes, has a wide spectrum of colors so you can create a ton of different, completed looks. It comes in a case very similar to Naked2, but it is in a rose gold shade to better represent the colors inside.


UDNaked3 31UDNaked3 30UDNaked3 29UDNaked3 28UDNaked3 27UDNaked3 4

Strange: pale neutral pink matte-satin. This shade has great color payoff and a sliiiight sheen to it. I love that it isn’t overly frosty, because I love light, highlighter shades to be more on the matte side. has a very slight pinkish tone to it.

Dust: pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter. Dust is really one of the stand-out shades in this palette. It’s such a gorgeous, shimmery light pink with a slight peachiness to it. This would be a gorgeous daytime shade to really brighten up the eyes.

Burnout: light pinky-peach satin. I love love love peachy shades, and this one is no exception. It is slightly more shimmery than a normal satin if you ask me, but not nearly as frosty as some of the other shades here.

UDNaked3 26UDNaked3 3

Limit: light dusty rose matte. I am really glad that UD included a couple of matte pinky-brown shades in this palette. This one is gorgeous and is nicely pigmented and easy to work with, which is all you can ask for with a matte.

Buzz: metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter. Buzz is a perfect shimmery rose shade. I love the metallic sheen it has and the base color is just beautiful.

Trick: light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle. This shade works well with Burnout, but is much more orangey. Again, a really nice shade (I can’t get enough of orangey/peachy pinks!)

UDNaked3 25UDNaked3 2

Nooner: medium pinky-brown matte. This shade is quite a bit darker than Limit, and has more of a brown element to it.

Liar: medium metallic mauve shimmer. I can see the mauve aspect of this more in person than this swatch, as the frostiness caught the flash quite a bit. This shade is like a darker, less pink version of Buzz.

Factory: pinky-brown satin. Like Liar, I can see the pink more in person, although you can see it slightly in the shimmer here. really interesting color, as I don’t think I’ve seen a shade that incorporates pink like this.


UDNaked3 24UDNaked3 1

Mugshot: metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift. The “slight” pink shift is pretty slight, I can only really catch it if I move my swatch back and forth towards a light source. The color payoff and texture of this shade is amazing, though.

Darkside: deep taupe-mauve satin. This shade is really interesting, as its got a taupe base and the mauve is more like an overlay. I do think it’s way too frosty to call a satin, though.

Blackheart: smokey black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle. I always love the idea of a matte with glitter on top, but it rarely swatches as nicely as it looks in the pan. This shade isn’t the darkest black, but that isn’t a bad thing and it isn’t meant to be. The micro-glitter doesn’t apply evenly, but I didn’t expect it to. If you really wanted it to be noticeable, you’d need to use a sticky base, as well as maybe even adding some of your own red glitter on top.


Every shade in this palette has the ridiculously awesome color payoff and texture I have come to expect with newer Urban Decay shades- the mattes are like butter, the frosts are super smooth and shimmery. I like that the shades here are quite different from Naked and Naked2, so the palette is definitely not going to be any repeat colors from those palettes (or anywhere else!).

I will have another post comparing all three Naked palettes and swatching shades that look similar so you can see if this is something you need or can pass on. You can see that blog post here!

This palette will come with the double ended shadow and blending brush shown in the photos, as well as an Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler that has samples of each of UD’s four primer potion samples.

Available for $52 from Urban Decay late November; Sephora, and Ulta in December.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  1. edenblue says:

    There are a few shades here that I really, really, really like, but the rest I’m not fussed about. I do like the idea of a pink-toned neutral palette though!

  2. Hermione says:

    I can’t wait to pick this up!! My birthday is Nov 21st, so I’m hoping I can grab it right after that, assuming it becomes available at UD. I adore rosy colors, and this palette looks so gorgeous! I’m glad I decided against buying 2 since this is coming out so soon.

  3. Ashley Robinette says:

    Im super EXCITED 4 this palette<3 I have all naked palettes (including naked basic's) and i can tell that i will love this palette just as much for its very different, the pink/rose toned make's this palette just beautiful…Please if u get the release date before they announce it, let us know ASAP. Has anyone seen the MOTHERLOAD palette on urban decay's website yet? Its 68 shadows with a build your own palette in the middle for $595! Such a great deal because each item is $18 alone so buying altogether would cost $1242 :o wish i owned 1 but not anytime soon lol

    • Michelle says:

      Sorry, what I meant to ask it was if you would know by any chance how UD N3 compares to the Unzipped palette by Lorac? The Unzipped palette by Lorac is filled w/rossy-nude eyeshadows… Can you please do comparison swatches? Thank you v much!

  4. Loralie says:

    I need this palette! I have Naked but skipped Naked 2..This looks like it has some new colors to offer. :) Thanks Leesha for sharing.

    • Loralie says:

      I forgot to ask..Lesha I lost the top of my naked palette so the shadows have no protection.. can I keep my palette germ free with a solution?

  5. Katie Valeska says:

    Thank you so much for posting these photos! This is the first review I’ve seen where the color of the photos hasn’t been pumped up or oversaturated. I had reluctantly decided against this palette because every color in reviews looked like bright, juicy clown pink, which just wouldn’t suit me, but this looks like exactly what I want out of a pinky range of neutrals. Much appreciated!!

  6. PurpleSkyBeauty says:

    this was very helpful thank you Leesha! I already have the naked 1& 2 and will surely buy this one as well !! I need to earn much more money… sighs … :/

  7. deathbyglitter says:

    I totally need this! Wow, so beautiful. I am obsessed with pinky/rosy colors as they really brighten my gray eyes. I’m sure I’d use this palette all the time. I hope I can buy N3 the day it comes out! :D Awesome! I’m so excited for it!

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