Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm- Shade Extension

Urban Decay is expanding their shade range on the Naked Skin Beauty Balm line, adding three distinct shades instead of one universal shade that they had before. The product is still the same- an anti-aging super potion that has loads of skincare benefits, smooths out wrinkles, hydrates skin, and evens out redness, but now there is a light, medium, and dark shade. I have the light and dark shades for you here!

UDnakedBB 1UDnakedBB 2UDnakedBB


So you can see, the shades aren’t very opaque at all, they add just a tiny touch of color to the skin. Beauty Balms are usually known to be pretty pigmented, but Urban Decay’s version isn’t, and in my opinion would work better as a foundation primer than as an all-in-one like most other BB Creams. I do like how this feels on my skin and I like how it takes redness out of any acne I may have, but I don’t think this really adds any coverage with the new shades. If you need a new foundation primer that has all the benefits you could possibly need (perfecting skin, protecting skin with SPF, treat, prime, and hydrate) then this is a good thing to look in to. My foundation applies much nicer when I use this product, and I love how it feels on my skin!


Available for $34 from Urban Decay starting January 14th. 



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  1. Jessica Lee Hart says

    I have very oily skin… How do you think they last or hold up on my skin type? Love the packaging and they look like a nice everyday tinted balm for a grab and go day.
    the way to my Hart

  2. ChrissyN says

    On the site it says thst their bb cream is a primer only, not a foundation-like product

  3. MissBrunzy says

    I tried this and returned it. I do have a sample of it still but I am not impressed. For that price tag, I just didn’t see enough positive things to make it worth the purchase. I would rather use a different bb cream or just another primer that I know actually does something. Thanks for the update tho!

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