Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish Set Review & Swatches

Three new products have entered the Urban Decay Naked line this year- a Beauty Balm, a cheek trio, and this 6 piece nail polish set. This nail polish set, in my opinion, is pretty awesome, and follows suit with most of UD’s other polishes- small sizes so you actually have a chance of using up the polish before you are bored with it, and in a set of six.

The colors here, obviously, are set to be in the same color scheme as the rest of the naked line- neutral and easy-for-everyone-to-wear shades. This set ranges from some really light neutrals to a super sparkly deep charcoal, and has quite a few different finishes as well, which helps to balance the set out nicely. All shades applied really nicely- two coats to opaque, smooth, and not streaky. Yay! 

UDnakednails 2UDnakednails 8UDnakednails 7UDnakednails 6 Naked Nail Polish

UDnakednails 1 Naked Nail Polish

UDnakednails 5 Sidecar Nail Polish

UDnakednails 2 Sidecar Nail Polish

UDnakednails 4 Toasted Nail Polish

UDnakednails 3 Toasted Nail Polish

UDnakednails 3 Smog Nail Polish

UDnakednails 4 Smog Nail Polish

UDnakednails 2 Hustle Nail Polish

UDnakednails 5 Hustle Nail Polish

UDnakednails 1 Creep Nail Polish

UDnakednails 6 Creep Nail Polish


My favorites here are Sidecar, Hustle, and Creep :) Least fave is probably Naked.. not really a fan of super neutral nail polishes like that, plus think the yellowish tone looks weird on me!


This nail set is available for $26 from  .

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  1. Florence says:

    Whoa, all of these colors are actually really good – they’re accurate transformations of the shadows /and/ they all look attractively wearable as nail polishes! They look good as a set together – very balanced. Is it just me or is it weirdly awesome seeing familiar eye shadows being twinned into nail polish form, even down to the glitter size and finish?? I think creep should have had some multicolored shimmer, but toasted and sidecar are so accurate!!


  2. Kristen says:

    Hustle and Creep are beautiful. I wish they were sold separately as they are the only two colors in the set I would wear.

  3. examplesample says:

    Does anyone know of a dupe for the first one, the neutral “Naked” shade? I only want that one because it’s a perfect nude for my nailbed when I swatched it in the store but I don’t want the whole set, the other colors aren’t “naked” or neutral at all so I don’t even know why they’re in a “naked” nail palette. Please let me know if you know of a dupe!!

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