Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Today is the release of the newest edition to the Urban Decay Naked line- Naked Basics. This is a smaller palette than the previous Naked palettes- half the size at 6 shadows, and the excitement here is that it is a matte palette. Check it out!

NakedBasics 21NakedBasics 20NakedBasics 11NakedBasics 19 

Packaging wise- I could not be happier.  This pallet is so compact (smaller than my iPhone) super sleek, and absolutely perfect for traveling. Urban Decay is finally stepping away from the bulky, flashy packaging that may be fun to look at, but is a royal pain in the ass for storing (I can’t tell you how many Book of Shadows I have forgotten about because the packaging made me place it somewhere out of the way!) I also love that the outer packaging is matte, playing into the theme of the colors :)

NakedBasics 18NakedBasics 17NakedBasics 16 NakedBasics 9Venus is described as a white demo-matte. This color throws me, because Urban Decay has been doing a lot of promotion for this product advertising that it is all matte, but this color is about as far from matte as you can be. If something is described as a demi matte to me, I would think it would be less shimmery than a satin, but this is full blown shimmer. That being said, I still like the color and I think it fits with the palette- it gives a bit of a pop to whatever look you use it with. I just wish UD didn’t call the palette 100% matte, because it’s kind of misleading.

NakedBasics 15NakedBasics 8 Foxy is a yellow beige matte. This is not a new color and can be found in the Naked2 Palette. NakedBasics 14NakedBasics 7 W.O.S (Walk of Shame) is a neutral taupe matte. This color is also not new, it’s the free color you get when you purchase the empty eyeshadow palettes. This is a great shadow for paler skin tones to use in the crease as a blending shade.NakedBasics 13NakedBasics 4 Naked2 is a slightly darker, cool toned taupe matte. It is much cooler than the shade Naked from the original Naked palette. NakedBasics 12NakedBasics 3 Faint is a neutral brown matte. 

NakedBasics 10NakedBasics 2 Crave is described as the darkest brown-black matte. It is slightly, slightly less dark than UD’s darkest blacks and when compared shows up more as a very dark gray, but I feel like this isn’t something you would be able to tell when applied to the eyes. Overall, it is a nice, blendable black shadow, and I can’t complain about that. 


This palette has six shades that blend wonderfully, and are really, as the name says, nice, basic shades. I know a lot of you are were probably hoping for more, or saying that these are just matte versions of colors in the already existing Naked Palettes, but honestly, That’s the point. The two Naked palettes are full of super shimmery colors, I feel like this palette is a nice welcoming change to that. UD is known for glitter bomb, shimmery colors, so this is slightly new territory for them. Getting mattes down to a buttery smooth consistency is not the easiest makeup challenge, and I really think they hit a home run with the consistency of these shadows. Hopefully this means in the future, Urban Decay will step further into the matte game and give us some seriously amazing colorful shadows!

Available for $27 from Urban Decay, Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s stores.

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  1. Guest says:

    My favourite beauty product of 2012 was the Rimmel Scandaleyes eye liners – I don’t have great access to Urban Decay in Ireland so these are a great alternative to the 24/7 liners :) Have black and nude – love me a nude eyeliner to brighten up!

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