Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette- Swatches, Photos

The time has come to show you something I knowww you’ll all be excited about! Urban Decay is releasing a NEW Naked Palette, appropriately named Naked2. I was lucky enough to have this to play with for the last month, and so I want to show you photos and swatches, along with some comparison shots with the first Naked Palette :)


Naked2wm 2
Naked2wm 3
Naked2wm 4
Naked2wm 5

Naked2wm 6
Naked2wm 7
Naked2wm 8
Naked2wm 9
Naked2wm 10
Naked2wm 11
Naked2wm 12
Naked2wm 13
Naked2wm 14
Naked2wm 15Original (left), Naked2 (Right)

Naked2wm 16Original (Top), Naked2(Bottom)

Naked2wm 17Original (Top), Naked2(Bottom)

Naked2wm 18Original (Top), Naked2(Bottom)

Naked2wm 19

Original (Top), Naked2(Bottom)
I found it kind of ironic that my main thought when looking at the Naked2 palette was “why are there SOO many shimmery colors?! where are my mattes?” when there is actually one more matte in this palette than in the original Naked palette. I like that there is a matte black and a matte highlighter shade, but overall there is just so much shimmer, which is actually pretty common in Urban Decay shades, so I can’t really complain about that. If that’s something you look for in shadows, then this palette is right up your alley.
In comparison with the original Naked Palette, I found that some of these were similar (Bootycall from Naked2 and Virgin from Naked are very similar; Tease from Naked2 and Naked from Naked are quite close as well, with Tease being just a bit more on the plum side; Half Baked is in both palettes), but I guess when it comes to a palette full of colors meant to look natural, you really don’t have too much room to expand on shade colors.
This palette is also pretty warm toned, which might be an issue with cooler skin tones.
Overall, I don’t think this is different enough from the original Naked palette to warrant getting both. I love the new packaging and the larger mirror, and the colors have great color payoff, the quality is definitely there.. I just feel that a lot of these shades are only a bit different from the ones in the original Naked palette. If you never got the original, then I’d say this would be worth checking out, and would also be a perfect gift for a beauty junkie, or someone who is new to makeup or needs some new basics.
The Naked2 Palette will sell for $50 on Urbandecay.com.



  1. Soo says

    I thought there’d be way more mattes :/

  2. Roxanne says

    OMG I am in love !!

  3. Emily says

    Thank you so much for the review! I was hoping someone would have swatches up soon. C: I have the original Naked palette, but it will be interesting to see if I can justify buying this one for myself. The shades are just so similar! I’d feel better about buying one of Sugarpill’s palettes, or one of Make Up Forever’s holiday kits. I would feel like the money was justified, especially for some stellar colors. These palettes are just too close to each other. :/

  4. Becca says

    OH MY GOD that looks so bitchingly awesome. i must have it.

  5. Steffi says

    Do you know when it will be for sale in the uk or the us? :)

  6. caseydia says

    When is it being released? Will we be able to grab it before xmas??!

  7. Stephanie says

    How much is this retailing for?

    1. Stacie says

      It’s retailing for 50 dollars. You also get a mini lip gloss too, instead of a PP.

  8. Jadyn says

    AHHHHH I love the first Naked Palette and I love this one! Yay! Do you know if it’ll be permanent?

  9. Jenn says

    I’m so glad you reviewed this, thank you! I wanted it so bad, then after seeing how close the other colors are, I’m torn. I wanted there to be more matte shades. But I’ve used the original palette SO much, I was thinking I was going to get a backup, so perhaps I should get this one still? My bridal clients love when I use the Naked Palette, so I guess it would still be a good investment.

  10. Phyrra says

    Thank you very much for reviewing this and for swatching it side by side. I was curious about how close they would be :)

    1. Sweetbsting says

      Me too Phyrra, I think the swatches kind of quell the need that was beginning in my belly lol!

  11. Ashley says

    Hey leesha!

    Thanks for reviewing!! It seems similar to the first one.. but It’s still something I kind of want… It’s between this and theBalms nude palette. I was wondering, how was the brush and lip color that it came with? And how does it hold up against theBalms neutral palette???

    Thanks Leesha :)

  12. Brooke says

    I feel like they put the colors in a different order and thought I wouldn’t notice haha but yeah, worth owning one or the other!

  13. Michelle says

    how different is ydk to toasted?

  14. ENJ_MUA says

    Now I’m mad that I bought the old one. I jumped on the craz let…so if I would have waited a little while longer I could have just bought this one… Oh well time to ask the Fiance’ to dish out some more money…hehehe

    1. Lizziey says

      I use my Naked Palette every day, so I can’t feel bad about it (and its impossibility to find at the time, or the price!) at all. But then, a good friend of mine bought it for me, I didn’t pay for it. So the Fiance can’t complain about having to buy this one! Yay! He’s used to dishing out for my addiction though hehe.

  15. Andi says

    I asked for the Naked Palette for Christmas, I didn’t know there was a new one coming out. I do like the double-ended brush, but other than that I think I slightly prefer the original. It took me this long to get the original, I don’t think I’ll be too heartbroken to have to wait for the #2!

  16. Cody says

    thank you for reviewing this! It looks amazing, but definitely not too different from the Naked palette for me to get it. Thanks again!

  17. Whitney Donna says

    Great review Leesha.

    Do you have any idea on the price range for the Naked 2? Is it around the same, $45-55 range?

    Thank you :)

  18. Sabrina says

    I want this palette! I hope they did not discontinue the first palette.. i want both! i promise i wont buy any neutral palette anymore.. hehe…

  19. Nicole's Mirror says

    I am disappointed with the colours too :( Was hoping for more mattes.. Which is not black or highlight colours :(

  20. Aimee says

    OMG. I’m so excited! I have the original and the new one looks good too! I probably don’t need it but I probably won’t be able to resist. :3

  21. Belle says

    I bought the first Naked palette just over a month ago and I’m sad to say that I wish I had waited. While lots of colors in Naked 2 are similar to Naked, I feel like I like a lot of the colors in Naked 2 better. They’re very shimmery, I agree, but that’s usual with Urban Decay. I think the new colors have a bit more depth and are more useful to me than the previous ones, like the matte black and matte highlighter shade. I’m definitely going to have to try to justify buying this for myself, but if I end up lacking too much in funds, the Naked 2 palette will probably be something that I’ll ignore in favor of something I can consider more worth the purchase.

  22. Gabi says

    Another naked palette? The entire makeup junkie community just went crazy, myself included

  23. Amber J says

    I’ve been putting off getting the Naked palette. But I think that was a good decision! I like Naked2 a little better. :] Thanks for the review and the swatch action going on for a great comparison! I’m sure that took A LOT of time!! <3

    1. Amber J says

      Oh and I was gonna say Half Baked (and YDK) is also in the Book of Shadows II. Must be fairly popular.

  24. Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex says

    Thanks for the great review. I was planning on getting a backup of the first Naked palette, and then I found out there was going to be Naked 2. I also had been hoping there would be more matte colors in this palette, but I’ll still be buying it as soon as I can. The shadows are great quality, and the brush looks fabulous.

  25. Ling says

    It’s beautiful! I want it!! I didnt get the 1st one but I want to get my paws on this one, that’s for sure!

  26. xmissxandristx says

    Leesha, you’re amazing! Thank you for posting this so fast!

    I’m sooooo psyched for this palette!

  27. Sydnee says

    OMG. I have been lusting after the Naked Palette for a long time but as a student I cannot justify spending the money on it but haven’t resently been thinking about getting it anyways. I have yet to find a good looking neutral palette but now that there are two of them I’m at a loss for which I want. Dammit haha.

  28. annie says

    is this permanent? i don’t know if i want this palette since there aren’t many mattes. i would consider buying it in the future though.

  29. Kelly says

    To me they look to much alike to have both. The colour-range is very similar the only thing I really like is that Naked2 has a matte black. I don’t like too much shimmer in my crease. It’s still pretty, but money doesn’t grow on my back.

  30. KivaRenee says

    half baked is my fave UD color so far so I see why it is in both pallets. I don’t have either one (Naked or NAked2) and I think I would be happy with either one. I have pale skin but my face is more rosy for some reason so maybe the darker colors on Naked2 wont effect me as much
    Thanks for the review girl!

  31. Angie says

    I was looking forward to this, seeing as the book of shadows was a complete let down for me ( I had to return mine) And sadly I don’t think I’m going to be getting this. Their to similar to the original, of which I already own, and they also look ( like stated in the review) like they are aiming towards warn skin tones. I am very cool, and pale I don’t see these colors working for me in a flattering every day kinda of way. I’ll save my money, and just get that Too faced palette I was eyeing.

  32. Robin says

    wow looks amazing! I never tried the original so I might have to pick one up!
    is there a lot of fallout from the shimmery shades?

  33. Bliur says

    I’d like to know when it’s going to come out! :)
    I’m getting it ;)

  34. Livia says

    Thank you so much for posting comparison swatches xx

  35. Cassy says

    I wasn’t planning to get the Naked2 palette (even before swatches, I rarely even reach for the first one) I do wish I could trade the packaging with the one on my original, though. Glad they realized that nasty-feeling velvet stuff was a terrible idea. It’s actually a big reason I don’t use mine, but that doesn’t justify buying a whole new palette.

  36. Christy says

    Thank You for the review Leesha :-)!

    Wow, what a disappointment :-(. I have the original palette. I got it when it was first released and I love my original very much. It’s my go to palette for easy day and night time looks. Naked 2 is so similar to the first. What a bummer! I thought this one would have more colorful colors that can go with any skin tone or more matte colors but, that isn’t so. I would like to get the 2nd to go with my 1st for a collection but, I don’t know. It depends how much they will sell it for. If it’s $48.00 and on up, forget it, I’ll pass.

  37. Meiying says

    I love the packaging. The old palette was great, but the packaging seemed cheap and outdated. Mine has some of the words scratching off even though I think I take pretty good care of it. The new case is gorgeous and I love how the mirror is larger too. The two sided brush is a nice edition. I personally love the brush they included in the first one and I’m glad I got that one inside of the pencil liners that the previous edition came out with.

    As for the shadows, they look remarkably similar to the first palette’s. Unless you’re a makeup expert, there is no discernible difference. Except that the black is matte I guess. But I think I would still love to get the new one. UD quality is still exceptional and I want to add it to my collection.

  38. Marta says

    OMG! I LOVE the UD palettes I bought the 15th Anniversary one and I’ve been using it almost everyday, I didn’t got the Naked yet so I’ll totally by the Naked 2 instead!
    Thanks for this review Leesha xx

  39. NeutraKris says

    I was expecting something else altogether. The shades look so similar to the original Naked. I do like the dual-ended brush, and the packaging, but I don’t know if I’ll be purchasing this palette.

  40. Nicole says

    i think i’m actually liking the fist one the most..
    i don’t have one yet, but i really want to get the first one!
    i do hope they don’t discontinue it..

    1. Nicole says

      i don’t like that the second one comes with a lipgloss.. i hate lipgloss! :P

  41. Erin S. says

    I personally think it’s just different enough for me to purchase. If I had come across both of these in the store, without ever purchasing Naked first, I would have gone with Naked2 to suite my cool tones. Naked works, but some shades do make my eyes look, well a little irritated because they are so warm.

    However, Naked is great for me this summer when my skin was a little tan from the sun. Now that my skin is fading and turning more white and pink, the cooler tones from Naked2 will work better.

    So Naked will be my summer palette and Naked2 my winter!

    1. Atanza says

      Agreed 100%! I have cool skin, and these colors look perfect for me. But, like you, I do tan in the summer so the warmer tones from the first palette look a lot better on me. Thanks a lot for even further rationalizing this purchase when it will be my SIXTH Urban Decay palette.. :P

  42. ellie says

    If this palette had Naked insted of Half Baked they might have a winner. What I want is more mattes but not just any matte, a blending color.

  43. rachel says

    it’s called naked. why would ANYONE ON EARTH think that it would have colors??? and if you love and wear neutrals a lot, it’s so blatantly very different from the first one.. maybe a monochromatic palette in magenta would make people happy?

  44. Pamela says

    THANK YOU so much for this AWESOME review and comparison with the first palette!!!!!

  45. Lola says

    I am dying to buy this, though I have the first one…I’m just a collector….and I can’t peel myself away from the computer. I’m just here refreshing the Urban Decay website thinking “any minute now”….lol. I really can’t wait for this!!!

  46. Yume says

    Ooh, the new Naked palette looks really pretty. These look like they would suit my skintone very well. I’m not sure it’s something I’m willing to dish out $50 for (I don’t even have the original), but maybe I’ll find it on sale or something. We’ll see!

  47. jessica says

    Does anyone know when this palette will be available?

    1. Yume says

      I thought they said it was supposed to be on the website last night at midnight, but I haven’t seen it.. unless I’m looking in the wrong place.

  48. Aliza says

    Although I have the first palette, I like these colors better bc they seem less harsh than the other palette. These are most skin tone whereas the first one is like night time hues. I agree they should’ve stuck with the primer potion, it’s far more useful. I like how the mirror is bigger and the case is metal so you don’t have to worry so much about stepping on it somehow or if it’s sat or crushed the shadows have a better chance of not breaking + easy to clean. I think the brush is a great idea, I went out and brought a contour brush bc with colors, blending is probably most of what you’ll be doing.

    *If urban decay made an ALL MATTE naked palette, it’d probably sell just as crazy as the first. I’m not such a fan of shimmer as I am matte.

  49. Aliza says

    Oh yeah when is the release date????

  50. Ana Cafum says

    Sorry, but I identified your blog in the images on my blog…

  51. Jenn Staz says

    I just ordered mine. Great review!! I wish there was one more matte besides the black, but in general I am REALLY excited that there are two neutral mattes in this one that are way different from the ones in the original palette. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. tracy kellick says

      hi where did u order the naked 2 from?

      1. mtx says

        you just need to go to their official website and you’ll find it :)

      2. Marie-Josée says

        She did not order it she got it from Urban Decay before they released it. A lot of beauty blogger and beauty guru’s received this palette to try it out and been able to talk about it on there main youtube or blog page.

      3. natava says

        You can get it through Amazon from Sephora. I received mine today & only paid $53.50. $50 plus shipping.

    2. sydney says

      your review was AWESOME! I really love that palette I want it sooooooo much!!!

  52. Lauren says

    Love the high quality pictures per usual. Can’t wait to get my hands on this palette!

  53. marilyn says

    i really like it a lot after looking at your review! do you know how i can get it in malaysia and how much does it costs?

  54. Sandee says

    i agree w/ leesha. the naked pallets have way too many shimmers! I want my mattes too!!! and the colors look too similar. if you have the 1st naked pallet…no need for the new one!

  55. Brittny says

    Do you think you could do a video comparing the first Naked palette to this one? I kind of want to get both because I like colors from both… But would it be worth it?

    1. Ashleigh says

      Check TEMPTALIA on Youtube, she did a really good comparison

  56. Ioana says

    is blackout a colour that you cand but separately?.. i love it! so intense! i have the original naked palette so i wouldn’t repurchase this new one.. although i loooove blackout! :)

    1. Arianna says

      no you can’t buy blackout separately but it was SUCH a good matte black! and its in the 15th anniversary palette too in case you’re looking into that one. and you can buy naked2 on their website already!! :)

    2. Visagist Vanity says

      Loana…NYX black eyeshadow single is just as intense (if not more) than the Blackout shade

      1. Candy6469 says

        I agree.

        1. Kim Trotto says

          Try U.D. Perversion – it is a matte black and very saturated. Not sure how it differs from Blackout. I have Perversion as a standalone e/s and Blackout in my Anniversary palette and they are identical.

    3. Sara says

      Urban Decay has a single sold eye shadow called Oil Slick that is a matte black but if you like that type of thing I would suggest trying to find The Black Pallette by UD as well and invest in that because it has the most pigmented sooty black hole true matte black I’ve ever seen amongst other black toned colors (purple, blue, golden, copper, shimmery black with light blue irredecence etc.) That palette is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.

      1. Alex says

        THANK YOU! People rave about Sugarpill Bulletproof saying it’s the best black shadow out there but I have all the pressed shadows from Sugarpill except that one because nothing will ever come close to Black Dog. THE best matte black on the market, it swallows light. I saw a review and swatches on the palette and turns out Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy actually works best with the palette-you get the colours you see in the pan. I haven’t played w/ it much and wish more than one beauty blogger had tried it out…imagine the myriad of smokey eye looks (that I’ve yet to try :-P)!

        My worst investment was the UD BoS IV (I think it’s 4. The New York one) and I wish I’d bought the Naked Palette instead.

  57. Anna says

    I wasn’t interested in purchasing the original Naked but Naked2 interests me. I prefer the shades in Naked2 and I feel like they would look great on my warm/olive tone!

  58. Jenna says

    I will eventually get the new one anyway.. I’m a slave to my naked palette, and I love neutrals enough to get it.

  59. Mel says

    Probably won’t bother buying the Naked palette 2 going by how similar it is to the original although I do like the packaging a lot more than the original but that’s really not enough for me to go and buy it. I say that now but guaranteed when I’m faced with it in a shop I’ll be paying for it faster than you can say “naked”.

  60. Emily Cho says

    I just saw your photo on the urban decay facebook page in the Naked2 around the world album. :) Thanks for the review, I’ve been thinking of getting one of the UD palettes for myself for xmas, and now I have one more to choose from! I think I like the Naked2 better, simply for the matte highlight

  61. Sara Ferreira says

    could you swatch the lipgloss, please? if i were them, i’d choose a primer potion like the first naked but in one of the shimmery shades. i think it really matches these eyeshadows! i have the 1st naked palette and thought the same as you did: i need a matte dark brown! i bought au naturel from sleek and it solved all those issues – a lot of matte, neutral shades. the lighter shades don’t have a great payoff, though, but the dark ones definitely do!! this palette is on my wishlist already!!!! :D

  62. SatelliteDreamer says

    Thanks for saving me some money. Honestly, I’m not overly impressed with this. If I didn’t have Naked already, I’d be a bit more interested in it.

    I’ve suggested to UD to make a “Not Naked” palette, with the same type of packaging as Naked, but all bright shades (teals pinks purples oh my!). Shortly after, their 15th anniversary palette came out, but the packaging was just too clunky for my taste, and a bit too many neutrals ;-)

    Maybe with 2 types of Naked palettes out now, we’ll get a bright palette soon, in the awesome, sleek packaging!

    1. Nikki says

      This is a great idea. I would love this.

    2. Gisell says

      A color pallet XD same concept with package compact and simple, but full on colors. :D

  63. Kelly says

    You can get it at urban decay.com its $50 but if you sign up for the email you get 10% coupon plus it’s free shipping ;) I do already have the original but still gonna get it anyways lol

  64. Linda says

    love it just ordered one for me and some for my friends !

  65. Ana K. says

    Will sephora carry this palette? :)

    1. Krystal says

      Yeah Sephora and also Ulta will carry this palette soon. I just checked with ours and they said they are getting them within like a week. HOPEFULLY!! Its already sold out online! lol

  66. Alex says

    I love it~ My mum just ordered it for me for Christmas :]

  67. Veronica says

    Is the Naked2 in the permanent line?

  68. Jennifer Williams says

    Thank you for posting close up side by side comparisons of the two palettes! The difference in the two was my main question since I have barely made a dent in the first one. I was really disappointed in the amount of matte shadows in both the original and this one. In seeing that there is only one more matte shadows and that there isn’t much of a difference between the two colorwise, I don’t know what I will be buying this palette until I use up my first one.

  69. Ashley says

    I like it a lot but I don’t think it’s a necessity since I have the first one. The shades just aren’t different enough. Great pictures!

  70. Krista says

    The colors look more cool-toned to me :)

    1. Sil says

      That’s what I thought.

  71. Courtney says

    Am I the only person who thinks you have been doing alot of reveiws lately? Is it just me? Not saying I dont lOVE the prodeuct reveiws, but, it seems like you do twice as many reviews as you do tutorials.

    1. Leesha says

      i do two tutorials a week? lol i dont know what more you want from me :(

      1. Candace says

        There are some people in this world who you can never make happy. You’re doing a great job Leesha! :)

  72. Hotashi says

    It definitely looks very similar to the original but chopper looks like a beautiful rose gold which I wouldn’t mind having. Your pictures are great, by the way. Very bright and crisp. Thanks for the review!

  73. lizzy says

    Seriously, you have the most honest reviews! And your pictures are so clear…

    This is so informative!

  74. Lisa says

    Love the high definition pictures. Thank you!

    And I suppose you’re right about there not being too much of a change; however there are some pronounced differences that I think are worth commenting on. For example there’s not really any pinky champagne colors in Naked2, and there is surely no greyish-brownish-golden color like pistol in the original Naked palette. So it would seem the Naked2 is maybe tailored towards a different audience, like those with warmer skin tones (as you mentioned it might not suite cooler toned women in comparison). I think you’re correct in thinking you don’t need both, but now you have these subtle differences to inform your decision on which to buy.

  75. jen says

    jeez they sold out already

  76. Ann says

    Heya! So the naked to pallet is…er… let just say “out of my price range” even though i usually only use browns, im really interested in the original what is the pricing on that? usually the go down after the second pallet comes out

  77. Grace says

    Ha, my concern is will the metal case rust overtime? Prefer the Naked 1 in terms of packaging and colors, i hope they dont discontinue it

  78. Phoebe Jane says

    I don’t own either of the pallets yet so if i was to purchase one which one would be the best? I have an olive brown skin tone, brown eyes and brown hair.

  79. Rachael says

    Thank you so much for the review. The first thing I thought… was why would I spend $50 on something that I basically already own. I love my Naked Palette… and I do use it all the time, but I would not spend that much money on something that is so similar. I am glad that you did say that there is no reason to own both. I am going to save my money for something else.

  80. Julie says

    If I’m honest, I’m not a fan of the original Naked pallet and after seeing Leesha’s recites as week as Temptalia’s, I’m not a fan of Naked2. I’m cool toned and pale so only about half the shadows in each work well for me. Naked2 seems to have too many yellow tones to do me any good. I did order one for my best friend though since she loves UD and has olive skin. Thanks Leesha for posting this!

  81. Kim Teague says

    I saw your post on my ipod yesterday but by the time I got home from class and going out with a friend (around 6pm) the palette was sold out online :(
    I signed up for the list, and I’m ok with waiting. Thanks for the amazing comparison! It definately helped me make up my mind if I wanted to get it or not.

    Does anyone know if they’ll be releasing the palette at Sephora, I know currently its only online from the UD website but are they planning to sale it at Sephora in the future?

  82. K.A says

    I’m really disappointed I expected more mattes

  83. Jennie park says

    I want one!! I think both are worth having if you love nude loocks which I do :)

  84. renee says

    i disagree, sorry. i think, even though i own an original naked palette, this is a great purchase. the colors, to me, are pretty different and gorgeous. there’s only one repeat and it’s half-baked, which is a great color. this palette is fantastic and totally worth it.

  85. Rachelle says

    I already ordered mine. I don’t have the original Naked so this would be a great buy. I love the colors here more than the original one. I think that one has too much golds and browns. The Naked 2 has more variety.

  86. Erin Engle says

    I ordered mine today from Sephora! I can’t wait to get it. While both palettes are similar they are still different. Which as much as I use the original Naked, I know I will love this one! No UD product has yet to be a money waste for me!

  87. Rachel M says

    I am in love with all things Urban Decay & I actually just started wearing UD over the past couple months. I didn’t have the Naked palette so I ordered Naked 2 from Sephora today & after seeing all the swatches I couldn’t be more excited!! Yay for Christmas gift cards!

  88. LittleBit says

    I really wish a company would make a similar shade but with much more matte. than shimmer….hmph

  89. nay says

    Where can I buy one from AUSTRALIA???? UD don’t ship here :( I bought one off ebay but the shadows smell…. like chemicals crossed with mint I don’t know if that’s normal but i don’t want to test it in case……

    1. kat says

      I get mine shipped from beautybay.com, they have free worldwide shipping once in a while and stock the UD naked palettes.

  90. Lisa says

    ALl shades are gorgeous but ‘Pistol’ already has a special place in my heart :)

  91. lauren jordan says

    Wow, i absolutely love this review.  I’m a fellow beauty blogger and know how hard and akward it can sometimes be to really review things correctly and see them while applying them to everyones wants and needs. great job! Definitely going to subscribe your blog is awesome!

  92. Marilou says

    no swatch of the tiny lip gloss that came with it?

  93. Danielle says

    I’m so happy I ordered the Naked 2 first because the colors are more taupe which is great for my skin tone. I’m still going to get Naked on my birthday;)

  94. Jadelle54 says

    I LOVE IT ! ♥

  95. Daniela says

    i have to be honest, i was really really excited about this pallet, i never owned any before and so i wanted to get one. Im sort of Eva Longoria skin color, or olive. i have dark eyes and brown hair. I really wanted to like this but it was just too shimmery,i really loved the matte ones though, but i had to return it and get a more matte eyeshadow. Like i said its a shame because on all the youtube videos it looks so beautiful! I guess just on me it wasnt that amazing:(

  96. KofyKat says

    I agree, Glad the basics has so many matte shades. Too many shimmers everywhere….

  97. Vanessa says

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