Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner RELAUNCH- Complete Collection Review!

Urban Decay has relaunched their Heavy Metal Eyeliners, changed up the packaging, and added two new shades.  The new packaging features a new logo and a gunmetal cap, but the formula is still the same.

UDHeavyMetal 13UDHeavyMetal 12UDHeavyMetal 11UDHeavyMetal 10UDHeavyMetal 9UDHeavyMetal 8Distortion: Iridecent glitter with pink and green reflects.

UDHeavyMetal 7Glam Rock: Standard silver glitter.

UDHeavyMetal 6Midnight Cowboy: beigy-gold glitter.

UDHeavyMetal 5Amp: Light blue glitter with green reflects. This is a new shade to the line.

UDHeavyMetal 4Spandex: a deep, blackened blue with blue and green reflects. This one looks like a deep ocean to me in the bottle :)

UDHeavyMetal 3 Junkshow: Hot pink glitter.

UDHeavyMetal 2ACDC: medium violet glitter.

UDHeavyMetal 1 Distortion, Glam Rock, Midnight Cowboy, Amp, Spandex, Junkshow, ACDC


To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never really been a huge fan of the Heavy Metal Liners from UD. I generally LOVE everything they have to offer, but these have always been a “meh” item for me. The glitter is super chunky, and the gel liner base the glitter is in is clear, so the glitter never looks consistent. If the liners we in a translucent base that was a similar shade to the shade of the glitter, I can see myself liking these a LOT more than I do.

Another issue is how much glitter you can get on the brush. These swatches are with three layers of glitter- so three times pumping the brush to get product. UD says that you can remove the wiper in the tube to get more product on the brush, but theres really no “goldilocks” amount- its either barely any, or waaaaay too much. See photos-

UDHeavyMetal The liner brush with the wiper in, the standard amount of glitter (sorry this is blurry, i couldnt get a clear shot for the life of me)

UDHeavyMetal Without the wiper- glitter overload!


Now, they do say if you take the wiper out you can just pat the product on to your lid with your fingers, so its not really that messy, and if your goal was to add shimmer to your eye look, this would work. Personally I don’t think I would do that, as when I apply glitter I like it to be really consistent, and I don’t think you can get that result with this type of product.

These are sold for $19 each from Sephora, Ulta, and Urban Decay.

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  1. Sarah says

    Well this was disappointing. I thought when I read “Relaunch” that they finally switched the formula – to a more Stila/Make Up For Ever glitter liner concept. Boo :(

  2. Jolene Barnett says

    I love distortion over black eyeliner. It makes the green more prevalent, and actually leans a bit teal.

  3. Robin Kody says

    I’m thinking about starting a blog, and am wondering as to just how much revenue can come out of blogging..

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