Urban Decay Eyeshadows for Spring 2013!

I get reaaaaaally excited when a product I love comes out with new colors. Especially when those colors are super fun and pigmented. Urban Decay recently came out with seven new editions to their eyeshadow line (when I say new editions, I mean as a single shadow. Some of these are new, others were only previously available in a palette) Check it out!

UDshadows 1UDshadows 2 I absolutely love the packaging for UD shadows since they reformulated them. Super shiny, but still with the subway token feel that they always had. These also are depotable to go in the UD palettes.

UDshadows 6 Sidecar EyeshadowUDshadows 18Sidecar Eyeshadow: Previously only available in the Naked Palette. This color is gorgeous and applies really nicely, considering it does have a bit of chunky glitter in it. 

UDshadows 8 Faint EyeshadowUDshadows 19 Faint Eyeshadow: Previously available in the Naked Basics palette. Super smooth medium brown, like buttah.

UDshadows 10 Omen EyeshadowUDshadows 20 Omen Eyeshadow: Previously available in the 15th Anniversary palette, which I think is one of the few palettes from recent years I don’t own from Urban Decay. When I swatched this, I immediately thought “where has this BEEN all my life?!” Omen has such a cool duo chrome to it and would look badass just swept alone across the lids (or even cooler paired with a bright blue liner!)

UDshadows 12 Snare Eyeshadow

UDshadows 21 Snare Eyeshadow is a new shadow. Beautiful olive green with gold shimmer.

UDshadows 14 Heartless Eyeshadow

UDshadows 22 Heartless Eyeshadow is another new shadow. Light, baby pink, super shimmery but nice color payoff. 

UDshadows 16 Uncut Eyeshadow

UDshadows 23 Uncut Eyeshadow is also a new shade, and is a really cool deep purple with a red shimmer to it. Gorgeous and oh so pigmented. UDshadows 4 Deep End EyeshadowUDshadows 17 Deep End Eyeshadow Is from the 15th Aniversary palette, and is basically what I would be if I was a color. This shade is amazing. Teal, bold, shimmery, absolutely perfect. 

Note: Shadows were swatched without a base on clean skin.

Overall and not surprisingly, I love these new shades. Favorites are Deep End, Omen, and Uncut. I’m really excited to play with these and create some fun looks with them, especially Deep End :) Gorgeous stuff!

Available for $18 from Urban Decay Online.


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  1. Marilyn Tycer says

    I tried to tell myself I do NOT need more makeup, that I have TONS of Urban Decay shadows… and then I saw these swatches. And omg, the colors are amazing.

  2. Andrea Enke says

    ah i love Deep End! that is mt favorite color of anything!

  3. katie says

    when UD announced the whole China thing (tho I know they’ve changed their minds) I decided to stop buying anything they made. Before that, I’d bought everything they made.. I literally have over 8k in UD cosmetics. Nothing has even tempted me since.

  4. Kim Teague says

    I keep telling myself to go on a no buy and then I see shadows like uncut….I’m a weak weak person….at least I’ll be fabulous :)

  5. Kim Teague says

    I keep telling myself to go on a no buy and then I see shadows like uncut….I’m a weak weak person….at least I’ll be fabulous :)

  6. Tatiana says

    omg, they’re all so lovely! Deep End is just so shimmery and gorgeoussss <3

  7. Jen Ireland says

    They’re bringing out even more eyeshadows next week too! Shades are “Easy Baked”, “Laced” and “Desperation”. Laced and Desperation were part of the Vice palette and Easy Baked is brand new.

  8. Andie Vecchione says

    I’m curious to how Snare compares to Urb. Urb is one of my favorite UD shadows, but the glitter can be a pain in the butt, so a glitter free version would be nice.

  9. Littlepinkfizz says

    Love uncut…tutorial using some of these?

  10. Erin Ortiz says

    Really pretty colors!

  11. stream27 says

    Ahhhh definitely need like, 4 of these. Thanks for the beautiful swatches! I’m seriously hoping they bring out Echo Beach from the Vice palette as a single. I fell in love with it and am starting to run a little low. I suppose a good dupe would work as well xD

  12. LavenderSparkle says

    Deep end is also in Urban Decay’s Fun palette, the new edition one released in 2012, these colours are gorgeous!

  13. Michty Maxx says

    Omen is so freaking gorgeous! I really want to grab that one by the balls!

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