Urban Decay Electric Palette Review VIDEO

Forgot to add this to the blog! Here is my video review of the Urban Decay Electric Palette that is coming out March 18th! I also have a blog review right here, if that’s more your thing :) If you like the makeup in this, you can get the details on that here!

Let me know what color combos you’d like to see me use for a look with this palette.
I’m planning on doing something and incorporating a yellow eyeshadow, as well as doing something with this and one of the Naked Palettes to show how to use this palette in a less crazy way :) Enjoy!

UDElectric Palette 22



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  1. Helena says:

    I haven’t seen any looks with Slowburn yet, so I’d love to see it and Thrash or Urban (my favorite colors in the palette) used together.

  2. Megan says:

    I’d like to see some looks with slowburn, too! Maybe one pairing it with neutrals, and another paired with revolt and jilted, or revolt and thrash?

  3. Jesika says:

    Thank you for the tutorial and review of the urban decay electric palete. I bought it today with my birthday money :) yes happy birthday to me! I didn’t always wear makeup. I started a couple years ago. so this bright palete is a step out of my comfort zone. I appreciate you giving me confidence to use it :) did you buy all your eye products in the first tutorial from ssephor

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