Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV- Swatches, Photos

Urban Decay’s new Book of Shadows IV is quite the kit! This comes with 16 shimmering shadows, 10 of which are brand new to the UD line, along with a primer, liquid liner, mascara.. even a mini speaker for your phone!



UDbosIVUDbosIVUDbosIVUDbosIVUDbosIVUDbosIVFull sized 24/7 Liquid Liner, Mini Super Curling mascara, Mini Primer Potion

UDbosIVMini Speaker for your phone!

UDbosIVBlue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra, Baked

UDbosIVBender, Gravity, Lost, Hijack

UDbosIVMidnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Crystal

UDbosIVBust, Missionary, Skimp, Zephyr



The shadows in this kit are just beautiful! I absolutely love some of the unique colors (Blue Bus, Hijack, Gravity) and the neutrals are so creamy and lovely. This would make an awesome little gift, especially since it comes with primer, mascara and liquid liner.

The main problem I have with this is the packaging. Overdone packaging isn’t something new for Urban Decay, it’s actually quite common, especially with the Book of Shadows line. I do like that you can pull out the shelf with the shadows and primer/mascara/liner when you use it, but overall it just takes up more room than necessary (but it is pretty!)

Available for $64 from Urban Decay.



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  • Pamela almeida

    Wow these are gorgeous eye shadows!!! And that mini speaker Is just one of those cool odd throw ins lol I keep passing it up whenever I see it cus of the packaging but might have to reconsider…. I usually tend to go towards the travel friendly packaging. Thanks for the swatches

  • Candace

    Im getting this for Christmas tomorrow! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • Erica

    I’ve looked this over many times @ Sephora. I was never really that impressed with the colours. Till now!! Thx for the swatches :D

  • Liz

    I love the colors. The little speaker it comes with really sucks. I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  • Jorgiee

    All of their Book of Shadows are way overdone, the reason I won’t buy them is simply because of the packaging. If it were more like their ‘Naked’ palette, I would purchase it in a heart-beat~

  • L0velylee

    I brought this a few weeks ago. i was hesitant because it had so many bad reviews on You Tube. But i love it & think its worth the money for all the goodies that come with it! & the colours are gorgeous. my only annoyance is that there is always atleast one or two shadows i already have from them in another palette.

  • Ally

    Can you please do a tutorial using this palette? :)

  • http://lindchensworld.blogspot.com da_lindchen

    so beautiful! I would love it… but its way to expensive for me :/

    • Pamela almeida

      I just bought one right now off the u.d website its on sale for $44! That saves you $20!

      • Emily

        And if you use the code MYGLAM11 you get another $15 off!!!!! I just paid $29 for this BOS! What a steal!

  • Karen

    Do we have to get this online or does Sephora carry it??

  • Amy

    Thanks for reviewing this! I’m getting it for christmas off my OH! Can’t wait to unwrap it :D

  • Simone

    Oh my gawd, Blue Bus and Hijinks are my new loves. I wish my mom would let me shell out $70 for a palette and shipping, lol, but she wants me to get clothes. Sephora has some pretty good deals, haha I’m so excited for my order! Thanks for putting up a post today, Leesha. I know Christmas Day is pretty busy for some people.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, ahaha. :)

  • Alexandria

    Ahhh I dunno, I’m pretty underwhelmed by this actually. The only colour I find myself drawn to is Hijack because it’s the only unique colour- but I really don’t need another metallicy bluey-green colour. The packaging- I can’t say much, I’m rather fond of Too Faced’s holiday pallets and everyone knows how ridiculously over the top they are every year ;x

    I suppose this is good if you like neutral looking colours but I’m really not a huge fan of pallets absolutely lacking in mattes. Too much shimmer and shine looks really awful, meaning I’d need to drag other products out to put something together with this.

  • http://bunbunmakeuptips.com Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    Blue Bus and Hijack look amazing! How’s the fallout? UD eyeshadows are well-known for their crazy fallout… =(

  • http://n/a Shelby

    This set is on sale at Ulta for $45 this week only! i love the colors and all it comes with, on the other hand the speaker sucks:/ Still love it!

  • Sara Ferreira

    i was not impressed with this palette. the pigmentation and texture of some of the shadows just don’t live up to the other UD palettes i know. for that price, i’d rather spend my money on the 15th anniversary collection – it’s cheaper and the quality of the shadows is unbeatable, for me. and it’s practically the same number of shadows – 15 instead of 16. it’s true it doesn’t have the speakers (which, for me, aren’t that useful), the fancy packaging (which, as you pointed out, could be a plus) or the lioner, mascara and primer but, to be honest, i think most people who spend this much money on an eyeshadow palette don’t do it for or even need them.

  • Pamela almeida

    To anyone that hasn’t purchased but is wanting to, Urban Decay is having them on sale for $44 and free shipping….. So you save $20, hope this helps…idk how long the sale is for

  • Gracen

    Do you think it’s worth getting if you already have the Naked palette? Some of the colors are in there and others are pretty similar..

  • amandasourlemon

    I have a Naked palette, and I just I picked up this palette mine yesterday. BE CAREFUL WHEN PICKING UP!! I noticed they have another one exact same packaging, but a few different colours. Instead of Blue Bus it had Kiddie Pool, Bust was replaced by Stray Dog and a couple more colour swaps…

  • Danielle

    i just pulled mine out and put them in my z pallette now i have book of shadows 3 and 4 in there

  • http://xjustsayokay.blogspot.com Margaret

    Gorgeous as always, Urban Decay just makes all their products so special.

  • KristaJustine

    Urban Decay now dropped the price to $44! I have this, and you are right…the packaging is not practical..but is very pretty. I love these shadows so much though and want to keep them in my kit. I feel a depot project coming on…

  • Rinny

    I just got this the other day, and i watched some of the videos that came w/ it and fell in love w/ the simplicity of the make up look. The other looks on the other videos all seemed so easy though, and weren’t terribly dramatic. The only one that had some drama to it was the smoked out video. I was wondering if you could do a better look or something w/ this kit. I also was wondering if their multi-tasker brush was worth the money? I noticed that they used it a lot, and that it does do a lot, but is it really worth it? PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial w/ this :)

    • sierra

      Ikr I wanna get this but i wanna see what it can do first. And not just the get the look cards.

  • Jillyn

    Best birthday present I ever got!!! Love it!!!

  • Jillyn

    Best birthday present I ever got!!! Love it!!!

  • Stephanie

    $29 with SEVENTEEN11 coupon code @ urbandecay.com. Can’t wait to get it and thanks for the swatches!

  • sierra

    if you get the book of shadows perversion and julio (on sale for $5) then use the code SEVENTEEN11 it only costs $52 where as if you take away julio it costs $53! Makin smartz. lol(: its like getting a free lipgloss and saving a dollar.

    (that is if you want perversion)

  • Lauren

    Hey ladies!

    Just to let you know I just bought this palette for $29 on Hautelook! Grab it while they still have them in stock! Xo