Urban Decay Beauty Balm- Review, First Impressions

Urban Decay’s newest edition to the Naked Skin Line is a Beauty Balm! This balm promises to perfect skin with optical blurring pigments, protect with SPF and anti-aging properties, treat skin by helping improve elasticity, as well as prime and moisturize skin. Basically, it’s your entire skincare routine wrapped up into one. 

Personally, I have never been one to jump on the BB Bandwagon. I’ve tried a few out (some American, some Asian) and was never a huge fan of them. This particular one seems to be less BB cream, and more of a perfecting primer. It looks tinted, and applies darker than most BB creams I’ve seen (see the picture of it on my arm, you can juuuust slightly tell it’s there) but when I applied it to my face it came out virtually invisible, when most BB’s are supposed to have some coverage. 

I also noticed that this balm is kinda tacky. I am not a fan in the least of having my face feel tacky, i need a smooooooth, nice feeling going on. This wasn’t the worst by any means as far as tackiness goes in products i’ve used, but compared to my normal pre-foundation routine of Benefit Porefessional and Eve Pearl Mattifying gel, it was a noticeable difference (and I am sure the mattifying gel is why) Once I applied my foundation and setting powder, though, the tacky factor wasn’t an issue.

Overall, I think this is a nice option for a pre-foundation product, and can cut out the need to use a bunch of different products to get the same results. If you are looking for something with lightweight coverage, though, maybe try a tinted moisturizer. 


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Available for $34 from Sephora and Urban Decay.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  • jordyn

    for the price I think I will pass on this doesn’t seem that amazing..kinda dissapointed :/

  • Kelianna

    Seems really disappointing compared to the naked foundation.

    • xsparkage

      it isnt meant to be a foundation, so it really isnt fair to compare it to that as they are very different products :)

  • Lizard

    It looks like it would be worth a try

  • http://twitter.com/PeaceLoveGlittr Kayla

    Nicely done! I’m neither like or dislike beauty balms… I just don’t see a need for them in my makeup regime. I like the Naked Skin foundation, or just Laura Mercier TM with concealer and bit of powder. That’s what works for me!

  • Theblushbrush

    I’m never impressed with BB Creams. I think I’ll pass on this one as well. Thanks for the straight forward review :)

  • deeshore

    I don’t normally like BB creams they don’t really go well when you have combination oily skin. It doesn’t seemed all that amazing and you can’t tell the difference between your normal regiment once you have your foundation on. I’ll pass.

  • Ashelei

    Definitely will pass…. looks like the same exact skin on both pictures, for the money I will not be purchasing, Thank you for the review!

  • Alicia

    I have been using as a pre foundation(primer) under my naked skin and it has been amazing. Smoothes, fills, hydrates, and evens out some pigmentation. I wouldn’t trade any other primer for it

  • http://cloudsandcuticleoil.blogspot.co.uk/ Natasha

    i’m really loving bb creams at the moment, but it looks far too dark and orange for me :(



  • http://twitter.com/Mimbula MareeDeMedici

    This product really does make an amazing difference, a very light natural look. I’ve got mine in the post and am looking forward to trying it. I hope that it provides me with a nice option of wearing on the weekends when I want minimal makeup but relatively clear looking skin.

  • Beth

    I love your videos Leesha.

    Urban Decay sent me a free sample of this balm with
    my recent order. I don’t think I would have tried it otherwise. I’m not a fan
    of most BB creams and tinted moisturizers. However, I really like this balm.

    I prefer light coverage. I’m 32, and I’m mostly wrinkle free, but some medium-high coverage products emphasize problem areas. I feel like this product makes my skin look better, but still natural. I apply Benefit Porefessional on my T-zone, then this beauty balm, blush, and then Tarte’s Smooth Operator finishing powder. This combination works for me.

  • Samantha

    Would you be willing to try and review Jane Iredale’s BB cream??? =) It’s amazing. SPF 25, grapefruit extract for luminosity, firms and reduces fines lines, great for all skin types…similar to most BB creams however I find it gives great coverage. Would love to hear your take on the product though =)

  • Mim

    I tried this cream and have to say I’m really disappointed in it. Pity, cos UD is awesome for everything else!