Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Set

OMG, I had the hardest time getting nice swatches of these. Bloggers, what’s your secret to taking AWESOME swatch photos? The only time I can get really great swatch photos is if I takes them outside during the day, but I always seem to forget to take them until its getting dark (and I do most of my youtube stuff at night anyways, so that doesn’t help) rawr!!

Creepy Leesha eye in the BG! boo that the best picture is a still from the video hahah :(

Taken outside around 5PM. Not the brightest but clear!

And with flash.

Left to Right: White Widow, Gunmetal, Apocalypse, Grunge, Meltdown, Big Bang, F-Bomb

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  • Leiris

    I wanted to get this set but mainly because I just really like Urban Decay. They actually look like really great colors, though.

  • Jeffree Star Fan


  • http://www.cantrixjewelry.etsy.com Angie

    The best tip for good swatch photos is definitely diffused natural light. If you don’t do it during the day a great option is to get an OTT light, which simulates natural light pretty well. And never use a flash. Adjusting the white balance is a great way to get accurate color too. Most cameras will just have you point it at something white and hit a button. You can adjust color afterwards too. I really like that option in Picasa, which is free online (it’s google’s image editing software). Hope that helps! :) Feel free to email me if you have questions. Love your blog and videos!

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      thank you!!

  • Drownrats

    I like apocalypse. Might have to try these. :FF

  • http://facebook.com/zombcat Steph

    You’ve never tried Essie polish?? I use to manage a Regis salon where they carried both OPI & Essie so I become quite the cosmetic whore if you will. If you want, I want to chit-chat with you about some cosmetics sometime!

  • http://www.youvegotnail.com JacieO

    I use two light umbrellas to get good photos. Natural light is lovely but unreliable and I wanted my photos to look consistently good. I picked up the umbrellas, tripods and bulbs for just over $100 on eBay.

  • ashley

    where do you buy your swatch things? you know, the plastic nails. i haven’t been able to find any i like anywhere. i hate the wheels, but i love how yours are rectangular.

  • amanda

    why did you remove video ),:

  • Courtney

    Why did you remove it?

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    Iron River, WI 54847}