April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://mikywilsmakeup.blogspot.com mw

    this is extremely gorgeous on you ,and im in love with ur hair colour
    xo mw

  • Jessica

    Love it!!! As per usual!

  • http://frescophyrra.blogspot.com/ Phyrra

    This is definitely a gorgeous look on you!

  • Harper

    Post it! Come on, Leesha, you can’t do this to us!

    P.S. A nerdy and lame observation here, but the eye and lip pictures look like a cyclops together. It made me laugh.

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      HAHAH it reminds me of oblina from ahhh real monsters

      • Erin

        you should do an oblina tutorial, I was so pumped when you mentioned her! i like this look a bunch, please post the tutorial… we love watching them, even when things go wrong. :)

      • Harper

        I remember them. I also remember they terrified me to no end, especially that naked fat one.

  • Katie

    Do it! I’m curious about how everything came together… I love it!

  • Avary

    You forgot eyeliner on one eye, however it still is beautiful, love the cut crease!

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      one of the many mistakes of that tutorial lol

  • kim

    OMG i love this look!! I just got the alice and wonderland palette a week or so ago!!! So I am going to have to try out this look! Thank you for doing it:)

  • Angela

    Amazing!! Love it

  • Flavia

    Amazingly beautiful! Please upload your tutorial, I have the same palette and I really want to see how you did it!! Very creative!! I would never put all those colors together! Hugs and kisses to you!

  • http://www.annotationsofafailure.com Annie

    Gorgeous :] I can’t wait for your review, I’ve been debating getting this palette & your opinion generally weighs quite heavily in my decision, haha.

  • http://www.youtube.com/sayanythingbr00ke SayAnythingBrooke

    Dammit now I want THAT Lip Gelee too! hahah

  • http://unalluviadestrellas.blogspot.com LuLy//Fujiko

    Nice!! that lipgloss is awsome ? I have one similar but I´ll look for that one =D

  • Sarah

    Awesome Leesha! I hope you post the tutorial, I don’t care if you mess up in it, it just makes you more awesome, ahah! Post it up

  • MissCammo

    It look like it’s more curiouser in the center lid than queen.

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      i might have put a little bit of curiouser, but i now its mainly queen. probably just looks lighter because of blending and the gel glitter on top

  • http://beautyandabeat.wordpress.com Megan

    Ohmygoodness how ridiculously gorgeous do you look! ^_^
    I love the colour combo! And am ridiculously jealous that you got the AiW palette…I debated so much about it, that I completely missed out! Perhaps I can see if I have any similar colours to try out…or maybe just try some different colours, see how that works out!

  • clair

    you should definitively do a tutorial on this

  • http://makeupmylack.blogg.se/ Sanna

    I’m having a Alice in wonderland theme now. Today it is the White Queen :)
    Matches ALL the snow we have here!

  • Elissa

    this is GORGEOUS
    i lovee it

    and the lip gloss reminds me of my Cupcake Beauty Rush lip gloss from victoria’s secret. It’s pink with the purple and blue reflects in it too. (:
    (i love itt)

  • Marina

    I NEED that blush. So gorgeous. I have this palette–can’t wait to try this look out :)

  • Amanda (xxmanduh)

    Muchness is such an interesting color. I love it! I love this look, too. Must try it out.

  • Haley

    omg!! I looove this look, I love that it has the neutral in it as well as the bright blue. *goes to try something similar*

  • blueskies

    so beautiful! I can’t wait for you to post this tutorial

  • Kim

    Hey, can you please post the tutorial on YouTube even if there were many probs? I’d really like to see it anyway, it’s so pretty!

  • Sarah Michelle

    PLEASE put a tutorial up, i LOVE this palette i got it for valentines day, i need new looks.

  • Katie

    Did this look for work tonight. Looked GREAT! I used mushroom to define the crease instead of mad hatter, and sin as my highlight. Looks pretty much the same, but no glitter. Thanks for the idea!!!

  • Johanna

    I relly like this one! It’s so ordinary and yet so unusual. It really suits you! (:

  • Jessika


  • grace

    Great look! Bought this palette when it came out. Would love to see the tutorial! :)

  • Required: Name

    omg I love this look and really want to see the video for it!

  • Krisitne

    please upload this i would love it for prom!

  • Brittany

    I hope you do end up posting this tutorial because it is GORGEOUS! I love it. The shift in various blues is so pretty.

  • CN

    Ooh lala! You look so pretty with all of these shimmery colors! I luv this look.
    P.S. I am you #1 fan!

  • Anna-Marie

    Oh my gosh. This is like your original Alice in Wonderland, but remixed and older. :) I love it. I loved the original, because it was cute and girly and fun and child-like and you caught the essence of the childhood story in my head, I believe. But this! This is Alice grown up and mature. It’s flirty and sexy, it’s glamorous and mysterious. I lovvve. <3

  • Ashley B.

    Omg i love this look on you! its Gorgeous and so are you :D.
    I saw the palette in a magazine and now i really have to go out and buy it after seeing this look lol.

    P.S. I love the hair color :)

  • lexxyradd

    i love this look! please do a tutorial!! i just started watching your videos and youre amazing! i also just purchased the alice in wonderland palette and i need a few ideas….
    thanks so much!!

  • Amber

    It looks great! i just tried it I love it! Amber

  • Amberlynn

    i have been so excited to try this! thank God for my cousin’s endless supply of make up =)

  • http://juicypupppy07.blogspot.com/ juicypupppy07

    i can wait to try it! ummm I trully love it!

  • Shelley

    This look is gorgeous! I like the creative real world/Wonderland idea too.

  • Linda

    i loveee itt!

  • Tanna

    Beautiful!!! =^w^=

  • Jordan

    I always love this look when I come back and look at it. If you won’t post the video, could you at least do another tutorial with this palette? I still obsess and covet this palette

  • MzRebel

    wow that is SO pretty.. and i have this book of shadows.. i understand u didn put up the video cause of the things that went wrong but if u could remake this that would be awesome.. this is one of my favourite looks by you! then again ur so amazing at makeup im always wowed lol

  • Juji591

    Please post this! This is such a pretty look! Thank you for putting so
    much time into your blog and YouTube posts!

  • Sarah

    So pretty. Hopefully this will be a tutorial.

  • Joslin

    I love how sparkley it is.

  • desi

    still hoping for a tutorial!! this look is gorgeous!!

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