Too Faced Summer Eyes: Summer Sexy Shadow Collection

Too Faced newest eyeshadow collection is called Summer Eyes, and includes nine gorgeous, beach themed shadows. The packaging is just like the Boudoir Eyes Collection, with a metal case, look book and shadow placement. I really love the blues and pinks in the packaging, and how it’s meant to look like everything’s underwater. 

TooFacedSummerEyes 1TooFacedSummerEyes 2TooFacedSummerEyes 18TooFacedSummerEyes 19TooFacedSummerEyes 20TooFacedSummerEyes 3TooFacedSummerEyes 4TooFacedSummerEyes 5TooFacedSummerEyes 6TooFacedSummerEyes 7TooFacedSummerEyes 14 Seashell, Peach Fuzz, SunbeamTooFacedSummerEyes 8TooFacedSummerEyes 9TooFacedSummerEyes 15 Plumeria, Cocoa BeachTooFacedSummerEyes 10TooFacedSummerEyes 11TooFacedSummerEyes 16 Coral Crush, Chocolate SunTooFacedSummerEyes 12TooFacedSummerEyes 13TooFacedSummerEyes 17 Mermaid, Toasted Coconut

Swatched without a base

Overall I’m a big fan of this palette! The colors are gorgeous and shimmery (favorites are plumeria and coral crush). I do wish the three larger shades (Seashell, Peach Fuzz, Sunbeam) were a bit more pigmented, Peach Fuzz in particular is gorgeous but just super sheer.

This palette is available for $36. It appears to be sold out online, but I did see it at Ulta last week :)




  1. Elisabeth says

    So pretty=D Especially cral crush=D Bet I’d get really skyblue eyes with that=D

  2. Guest says

    I think the three larger shades are blushes, no?

  3. Margo @PrettyPandaMakeup says

    I’ve seen it at Ulta too, but they are running low…obviously, super cute! I love that Mermaid shade!

  4. bertine says

    Thats a FAKE palette!!!

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