Too Faced Lip Creme Part 4: Reds

A huge part of Too Faced Fall 2012 line is their new line of Lip Creme Lip Colors- a super creamy lip color that is formulated to be ultra moisturizing and give amazing color payoff. Because of that ultra moisturizing factor, you get a lush, glossy look to your lipstick, kinda like its a hybrid of both a gloss, balm and a lip color :) Since there are so many new colors, I’m going to split this in to 4 posts with 4 colors each- This post contains the last of the bunch, the reds!

Post 1: Nudes
Post 2: Neutral Pinks
Post 3: Pinks & Peaches


Toofacedlipcreme4 8 I Want Candy, Coral Fire, Stiletto Red, Devine Wine

Toofacedlipcreme4 6 I Want Candy, Coral Fire

Toofacedlipcreme4 7 Stiletto Red, Divine Wine

Toofacedlipcreme4 5I Want Candy, Coral Fire, Stiletto Red, Devine Wine

Toofacedlipcreme4 4 I Want Candy

Toofacedlipcreme4 3 Coral Fire

Toofacedlipcreme4 2 Stiletto Red

Toofacedlipcreme4 1 Divine Wine


For whatever reason it’s seriously sooooo hard for me to get good quality macro shots of dark reds. they love to apply really unevenly on me, and although they may look alright in person, a camera taking a close up shot makes them look horrible. Needless to say Divine Wine is definitely not a color I see myself wearing much.

I’m really disappointed that there really isn’t a TRUE red. Stiletto red is too sheer for what I want. I feel like a true, awesome red lipstick should be in every lip collection like this, I mean it’s kind of the end-all-be-all of lipsticks, right?

These are available from Sephora for $21 each. 



  1. Jackie Moody says

    :( Disappointed. Not only do these seem too sheer, but they’re all berry tones, which with my skintone, make my teef look yellow. saaad panda.

  2. Phyrra says

    Based on your swatches, I need I Want Candy. I love Coral Fire :)

  3. Nicole says

    i expected to love these, but i’m a bit dissapointed with the shades and how sheer they are..

  4. Joanna says

    Coral fire and I want candy looks slightly different.

  5. anon says

    2nd your request for a great true red in this line. I love the texture of these lipsticks, but have a really hard time finding a good color.

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