Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eyeshadow Collection

The Boudoir Eyes Palette from Too Faced is all about soft, sultry bedroom eyes (hence the name!) This kit includes 9 eyeshadows (5 brand new to Too Faced and available only in this kit) and three “themes”- day, classic, and fashion. The first three shadows in each theme are much larger than the rest, and since they are the lighter shades I really like that they are larger, as those are usually the most used eyeshadows for me. 

The other great thing about this kit is the shadows are super concentrated, so you won’t need to pack on a ton of powder to actually see it. The palette also comes with a little guide to show you how to create three looks based on the themes, essentially going from soft to super sultry. 

TFboudoireyes 1TFboudoireyes 2

TFboudoireyes 10

TFboudoireyes 3

TFboudoireyes 4TFboudoireyes 5TFboudoireyes 11 In the Buff, Satin Sheets, Birthday Suit

TFboudoireyes 7TFboudoireyes 12 Fuzzy Handcuffs, Voulez-Vous

TFboudoireyes 8TFboudoireyes 13 Sugar Walls, Garter Belt

TFboudoireyes 9
TFboudoireyes 14 Lap Dance, French Tickler


TFboudoir 1

TFboudoir 2

TFboudoir 4

The Boudoir Eyes Kit is available from Sephora for $36.


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  1. sofaastrout says:

    Beautiful! I love TooFaced. Do you have pictures of your hair? Not to sound weird but I’m considering going short and I think your hair is similar to what I want. :)

  2. Sylvia D says:

    Oh, my gosh. So I JUST saw this in the new ULTA catalog. I had to go back to check that it was the same product because they’ve photographed it in such a way that it only shows the bottom two rows of shadows. I thought there was only six shadows total! I’m much more intrigued by this product now that I’ve seen the entire thing, haha. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gabriela says:


  4. Misato-san says:

    not interested in this palette but I always enjoy your looks, Leesha <333
    (hope you will swatch new Too Faced lipsticks, I'm very curious about them!)

  5. Heather Jones says:

    Wow this is a beautiful palette, and looks wonderful on you! I just picked up the toofaced heart blush (early vday gift!) and the naked basics palette. This one might be next on my list ;)

  6. Jay @ Wayfaring Beauty says:

    The look guide and larger pans for the base “theme” colors are really nice. This palette didn’t knock it out of the park for me, but I love Garter Belt. And all the names, haha.

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