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Too Faced: A Few of my Favorite Things Holiday Palette

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Too Faced has come out with a Sephora Exclusive kit for the holidays, with a really great theme surrounding the Sound of Music song :) This palette includes 20 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, a mini mascara and a mini lip injection (which I totally forgot to photograph!) All this comes in a chevron print clutch that matches the palette design.


TFfavoritethings 1TFfavoritethings 3TFfavoritethings 4TFfavoritethings 5


TFFavthingsSnowflakes is a light white gold with loads of frosty shimmer. The texture is a little chunky, so using a stiff brush with this one would get you the smoothest finish.

TFFavthings 1
Whiskers on Kittens is a light peach with gold sparkle. this color is very light on my skin tone, and the sparkle doesn’t stay very even, but using a sticky base would help with that.
TFFavthings 2
Chocolate Milk is a warm medium matte brown. This one has great color payoff and is nice as a transitioning color in the crease.

TFFavthings 3
Moon on Their Wings is golden beige metallic shadow with glitter. this one is chunkier than some other shadows here, but has an interesting texture.

TFFavthings 4

Dark Chocolate is a dark matte brown. It is a darker, deeper version of milk chocolate, but a little harder to blend.

TFFavthings 5
Cream Colored Ponies is a super pale matte ivory. I love this shade as a highlight color or blending out the edges of dark shades on the lower lash line.

TFFavthings 6
Honey Honey is a golden beige with a metallic finish and glitter. This is another chunky shadow texture, so it will work best with a sticky base to hold on to.

TFFavthings 7
Buche de Noel is a medium brown with a gold overlay. The texture is really smooth and blendable with this one!

TFFavthings 8
Evergreen is a gorgeous forest green with bright green shimmer. The color payoff isn’t as pigmented as I would have hoped, but I really like the shimmery overlay.

TFFavthings 9
Blue Satin Sheets is a deep blue with gold sparkle. The sparkle doesn’t show up nearly as much as I would hope, and you can see some in the swatch but not at all on the lids.

TFFavthings 10
Coquet is a gorgeous golden peachy shimmery shade. Looove this one!!

TFFavthings 12
Taffy is a light baby pink with silver shimmer overlay.

TFFavthings 13
Crisp Apple Strudel is a shimmery medium brown shimmer. Amazing texture and would work as a great day time smokey eye shade.

TFFavthings 14
Woolen Mittens is a cool midtown brown with an almost satin finish.

TFFavthings 15
Soiree is a burgundy shade with silver sparkle. Didn’t love the color payoff on this one, and I wish it blended a bit nicer.

TFFavthings 16
Tinsel is a pale antique gold with a frosty finish. It has a bit of a green tint to it as well, it’s a pretty unique shade.

TFFavthings 17
Bluff is a silvery lavender shade that I really haven’t seen much before. Great color payoff.

TFFavthings 18
Ooh La Orchid is a matte bright violet. Soooo not loving this one. This shadow would definitely need an eye pencil base and some TLC to get nice color payoff.

TFFavthings 19
Party Time is a really, really unique shadow!! It has a sheer deep blue base with lots and lots of teal shimmer. This would be a really lovely shade to layer over another color.

TFFavthings 20
Pure Glam is a pigmented matte black with silver sparkle.

TFFavthings 21
Raindrops on Roses is a light pink with shimmer blush.

TFFavthings 22
Chocolate Soleil is a light satin bronzer. this one doesn’t have a lot of color payoff, so even light skin girls could layer this without going overboard

TFFavthings 23
Melt into Spring is a matte peach with coral undertones. Lotsa color payoff!

TFFavthings 24
Sun Bunny is a  light and medium shimmery bronzer.


Even though there are a couple shadows here that I don’t think are the best quality, there are enough hits here for this to be worth picking up. This set is such a good deal- you get so many shadows, bronzers, blushes, mascara, look book, lip plumper, clutch.. it’s a really great kit to pick up for yourself or a gift. Expect to see some looks with this palette in the coming weeks, I’ve already used it quite a few times and I really love it!

Available for $56 from Sephora.





  1. sisi

    November 2, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    coquet, tinsel, and party time look like such great shades! It’s too bad that some of them have issues with fallout and chunkiness.

  2. Marta

    November 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    The blushes are beautiful! I love Too Faced Holidays palettes xx

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