Tokidoki Robbery Palette Photos & Swatches

I picked this up at the Sephora VIB Sale today :) I know, like I need more makeup, right? I’m a sucker for sets like this, they’re always such a good deal, and you spend as much as you would on two full size colors and get so much more variety. Everytime Sephora or Ulta has a sale I ALWAYS opt for the gift sets :)

This set is too cute, and I don’t just mean the colors! Theres a billion pictures below of the packaging, because its too freaking cute NOT to take pictures of! love love!

Front in packaging

Back in packaging

Front of tin case.. SO CUTE!!

This was a magnet on the front. I love the little cactus dog with the Sephora bag :D

Opened up.. has a mirror!

Palettes in the box

Under the palettes :)

Front of Palettes

Back of Palettes

Top of opened palettes.. like the bottom of the box :)

Arlecchino, Royal Pride, and Rapina palettes

Arlecchino Palette

Royal Pride Palette

Rapina Palette

Swatches were taken on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I’ve never used any of Tokidoki’s line except for the glitter liners I got from the Friends & Family Sale (Which I actually like, on the contrary to what most people said about them!) Overall I like this set, I really like that it’s removable small palettes. One of my biggest peeves with Urban Decay Books of Shadows or the Too Faced Glamourland is while the packaging is cute, its impracticle for someone like me. I end up just taking the entire “shelf” thing of shadows out, which leaves them open to being dropped or having something drop on them (either a random thing or maybe even an open liquid bottle!) and can potentially ruin or crush them. I like these because theyre cute but the packaging is easy, I can use that metal tin for something else!

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  • Natsumi

    That is all.

  • louisa

    oh my goodness! im thinking about grabbing this palette now

  • trina

    Thanks for your dedication, leesh! these pallets are very pretty. i like the green in that last one a lot. But all of these colors are very pretty.

  • CJx3Pooh

    I just saw this on the Sephora website today! The packaging is so cute :)

  • Aelwyn

    Cute cute cute! I’m glad to see the colours are so amazing! I wanted to pick that set up when I was at Sephora last time, but wasn’t sure how the colours would wear.

    Now I’ll have to get it!

    • Luis

      Wow! This might be 1 sifipecc of one of the most helpful blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject.

  • Jessika

    bulleto is a gorgeous color!

  • Laynie

    OMG, that is so darn adorable!! I’m such a sucker for cute packaging, and Tokidoki does some of the cutest stuff around! (Them and Tarina Tarentino… omg, one day…) This looks like a fab set!

  • Misato-san

    beautiful purchase! Despite the fact Tokidoki it’s an Italian brand… it isn’t on sale here in Italy. =__=;
    no sense.

  • Tamsin

    wow they are sooo pretty :)

  • Amber

    The packaging looks so cute!! I love Lion Pappa!

  • gg

    omg i bought this the other day! How much did u pay 4 it???

  • kathrina

    I JUST BOUGHT THIS!!! i got it with the 20% off friends and family sale. its fantastic!

  • olivia

    I love this! the theme is awesome,so cute!

  • Kaitlyn

    adorable! i want, i want!

  • Sorcha

    I really love this packaging, but I’m not loving the colours in the palettes. They’re a bit boring looking

  • April

    I just wanted to let people know that this is on sale at for 35.00….so still cheaper there even with a discount. Hope that helps.

  • Diana

    OMG!!!! I want these so bad!!!! I am obsessed with Tokidoki but I just don’t know if I should be spending more money on make up trying to save for a wedding and college LOL
    I might just go and get them! <3

    • Pablo

      I went over this wietbse and I believe you have a lot of fantastic info, saved to fav (:.

  • Angela

    I picked this up at the VIB sale too! Love it. First thing I’ve tried from this brand, but so far the colors are awesome!

  • yoshimi

    Ugh, I saw this in a catalog I got from Sephora, would have loved to snap this up. I’m so broke, though, it’s like porn now.

    I have the navy blue and black glitter eyeliners. I love them!

  • Kaydence

    Tokidoki means sometimes in Japanese(: Hahaha. Just felt like throwing that out there.

    • Lourdes

      yjiaahou November 15, 2011 What you can not see with your eyes, Do not invent with your mouth!

  • Kimi

    this looks so awesome i wanna get these

  • Margarett

    I got so lucky and bought this from QVC for $36 with free shipping about a month ago. I love it! I can’t believe it was cheaper on QVC than in Sephora.

  • Mairi

    I love Tokidoki and I have been lusting after their makeup!! Can’t wait to see what you do with these :)

  • cuddleblossom

    I’m pretty sure this is among my xmas presents — HOOARY!

  • Sarah

    CUTE! I love that line although I prefer my glamourland pallette you are right about the packaging getting in the way a lot of the time.

  • saucerville

    I swatch tokidoki every time I go into Sephora and I always walk away without them because I don’t think the colors swatch well. Do they wear well? Are they pigmented? I’m always afraid that I’m buying the high quality packaging instead of a high quality product.

  • Becky

    Super cool colours and nice pigmentation. The only thing I don’t like is that there’s a whole lot of packaging for only a few colours…. I do love the packaging though haha SO cute!

  • rhi

    it’s on sale right now at sephora for $25 :)

  • Valerie39

    too cute, i think i would get da palette just to look at it all day n forget its a makeup reason