Things That I’m Loving: July 9th, 2012

Hi! This video was supposed to go up last Thursday, but was delayed (mainly because the eye cream in my Dermstore kit was changed!) So here are my June Favorites :)



Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation


OMG, I am obsessed. I have told you all in a previous blog post and all over Twitter how much I am looooving this foundation, but if it didn’t sink in, here it is again- it’s AMAZING. Super lightweight, nice medium coverage, and just overall awesome. Did I mention that this also is going to come in EIGHTEEN SHADES?! This comes out at the end of July, I can’t wait.


DermStore Haulerdeals Kit


This trio is awesome. The 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam is a great everyday, all skin types cleanser. The Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Mask is really unique (its one of those gel masks that dries and you peel it off like you’re a zombie) and leaves your skin feeling super clean. I love the Elastiderm Eyecream as well. Unfortunately there was a mix up when DermStore and Haulerdeals were creating my kit for you guys, and a different eye cream was included (and it’s too late to change it). Regardless, the deal above gets you the cleanser and mask and an eye cream with a cute black and purple makeup bag for only $25. Everything is full size too :) Click here to check it out!


Verb Hair Care


I was sent this hair care line a month or so ago, and was a bit weary to try it because my hair is colored (and its red, the most temperamental color!) But this line is all color friendly and sulfate free. I really am loving the entire line! The shampoo doesn’t really lather, but still works to gently clean your hair. I love the finishing polish as well. Everything is awesome, and everything retails at only $12 each, which in my book is pretty affordable hair care!




Oh my gosh, this is something I have been wanting to learn for a very long time. I am plain old fascinated with people who can hula hoop. And no, I don’t mean simply twirling the hoop around your waist (although I’m always shocked at how few of my friends can even do that! ;) hehe) I mean the hardcore tricks! I finally caved and bought a regular and LED hoop last month. I’m a super noob, but I’m having a blast learning :)


So, what did you love last month?!


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  1. Phyrra says

    The haircare line looks awesome. Also I love the LED hula hoop! I’ve heard it’s a fun workout. I spent 12 days in June sick, so I wasn’t really lovin’ a lot, but I am currently loving the Black 15 in 1 Miracle Spray and the Marc Anthony Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Alisha Manning says

    Oh darn, i thought you were going to post about the smokey palette :P

  3. Michty Maxx says

    I’m loving my new shipment of Sugarpill Chromalust loose shadows and my Sigma Precision Eyes kit. I caved and bought 10 more Chromalusts to add to my collection of four; Royal sugar knocks my socks off, Tiara is divine and Stella is gorgeous! M.A.C Vibrancy eye and lip base are awesome too. I’m really digging my Benefit Back to the Fuchsia Ultra Shine gloss too.

  4. danalee48 says

    This month I’ve been loving LUSH’s Mask of Magnaminty (for controlling breakouts/cooling off in the heat) and my led flow-wand (for festival season of course). I’m also loving that you’re into EDM/Dubstep/etc. It just makes me feel like we have even more in common. I wish you the best of luck and the greatest of joys in learning to hula hoop!

  5. Jenny Clinkenbeard says

    I’ve been loving my UD Naked 2 palette (it was a present from my boyfriend for Mother’s day), my UDPP, and my Deva Curl Set it Free hair cream.  Love it!

  6. Xx says

    Ooo where did you get your hoop!?!?!?!? I’d love to get one!

  7. Caroline Molyneux says

    Oh my gosh, Leesha you’re a hooper! I’ve just spent all night obsessing over your old Urban Decay entries after ordering the Vice 2 palette and I was amazed when I came to this entry. My favourite beauty blogger is also a hooper! (You may have guessed I hoop too.) Now I so want to know how it went with your hoops: if you got into it, if you’re still doing it, if you just love what it did to your abs and your butt…

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