Themes and Themes and Themes

Awhile ago, I used to do two weekly videos on youtube called Wearable Wednesday and Fierce Friday. They were basically a way to please everyone- the people wanting toned-down, work appropriate looks had something, and the people who liked bright, in-your-face fun had something. It was also great for me, because each had a specific theme that the looks would be based on (one time Wearable Wednesday was based on Greek Gods/Goddesses, another time Fierce Friday was based off of Candy). This was a great way for me to get my creativity going, and I miss it!


The series both sort of faded out for one reason or another, but I am constantly getting requests to bring them back, and since I clearly suck at posting on YouTube if I don’t have a set schedule clearly defined for me, They’re coming back! I already have this week’s looks planed out, but I do need your help for the next few!

I need some ideas for themes for Wearable Wednesday and Fierce Friday! This can be essentially anything- animals, countries, flags, monochromatic, whatever. I just want to know what you guys think would be a fun idea for either category. The easiest way for you to suggest a theme would be to comment below. if you see a theme idea you like, reply to that person’s comment and let them know! That way, I’ll be able to tell what ideas are popular.

At the end of the week, I’ll hold a poll with the most popular ideas, and you guys can vote to determine a winner. I did this in then past and it worked out really well, so I’m hoping it will again! Not only will this choose a winner, but it can potentially map out future WW and FF themes that will happen when this first one is over.


So, speak out! Let me know what you’re thinking, and here’s a preview of this week’s FF. I need a name for it, twitter thought it looked like Watermelon :)



  1. Cassie says

    Seasons and/or holidays would be kewl for fierce friday… I would love to see some pretty silvers and blues for winter! :)

    1. dallas says

      ^ like

      1. Kristen says

        like as well

        1. Rachel says


  2. Gloria says

    You should do flags and different decades/time periods. I’m not sure which one would be better for FF or WW though.

    1. Brianna says

      I second the different decades/time periods!

      1. Verônica Oliveira says

        I’m from Brazil and at first I’ll beginig excuse myself for the poor english ok?..
        moving on…
        I like the both ideas and I think that the 1° one is a match for FF and the 2° one for the WW (’cause all of that old-school glamour from the 20’s 50’s…. can you imagine that in the WW Leesha??? I CAN!!!

        1. Becca Lynne says

          I agree! Both would be fun and I agree flags for FF and decades for WW!

        2. Vanessa Mendoza says

          I most defiantly agree with you girls, this needs to happen ! =)

        3. Jennifer says

          I agree. I like the Flag Fierce Friday and Decades Wearable Wednesday!!

      2. Denissepr says

        Like it!

    2. Amanda says

      This one needs to happen!

      1. Kristen says


  3. Sara says

    I think maybe some fall/ winter looks would be cool :D

  4. Olgie says

    Yay! They’re back! Maybe you could do a WW look from a particular palette and then that week’s FF look could be from the same palette? It would give us ideas on the different ways we could use one palette. Maybe the Urban Decay Book of Shadows?

    1. dallas says

      i like this!

    2. Leesha says

      That’s a cool idea! I like the idea of having WW and FF related in some way too, as I’ve noticed in the past people want to see a toned down version of a fierce look, or vice versa :)

    3. Roberta says

      I like this idea because sometimes I get bored with a pallet even though it is a really awesome pallet like the UD 15 Anniversary pallet. I do love this pallet but I’m feeling so uninspired lately when I try to do looks with it.

    4. Brooke says

      Like this, very different ways to wear the same palette/stack whatever

    5. Ashley says

      I like this too!!!

    6. Kristabelle says

      I like this too.

    7. Nikki says

      I like this idea for the BH cosmetics pallets I feel like I haave all these colors to use and never can think of something to use some of the colors for.

    8. Crystal says

      love it

    9. Sara says

      I vote this one. I know I basically NEVER purchase individual colors. I buy palettes because it’s easier to afford. So different looks from a single palette would be cool. And even if I don’t have the palette itself, I’ll know what colors to look for. I have multiple, so I’m sure I can find the colors somewhere. :)

    10. Rachel says

      great idea!

      1. Denissepr says

        Like it too!! :)

  5. Bianca says

    That look reminds me of watermelon, too, but not an actual watermelon.. Moreso, it reminds me of watermelon flavoured candy or bubblegum (like those hubba bubba watermelon flavoured tapes)! :)

  6. Tina Marie says

    Not sure if you’ve done this before but maybe complimentary colors, split complimentary or analogous colors on the color wheel? Or even diad, triad, or tetrad colors :)

    1. Naomie says

      ^ i agree

      1. Jessica M says

        This idea is deceptively simple but it can have some really interesting results…like! It can also be worked for FF or WW

  7. dallas says

    you should do wearable/fierce celebrity looks! like lady gaga, or nick minaj. or maybe like colour themed ones, like wearable ways to wear red, or fierce ways rock brown. also, maybe like wearable/fierce glitter, rainbow eyes, cat eye. :)

    1. Nikki says

      i really like the idea for ww and ff for a specific color.

    2. Vanessa Mendoza says

      Yes ! this defiantly sounds good too, it’s a must ! =)

  8. Charla says

    =) i thing for FF would be great Batman characters hahaha like Robin, Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy… etc?

    1. Leesha says

      I actually did a super hero series for FF before! :)

  9. Tara says

    Would you do a FF look on the makeup you did for the pictures in Paris? It was amazingly beautiful. And for the life of me, I can’t recreate it! I need you help. Even if you do it as FOTD. Please? ;)

    1. Krystal says

      i agree! that Paris look was gorgeous!!! :)

  10. Katie says

    What about places in the world? Like different continents or cities or something? Some rich oranges and jeweltones for Morocco and some electric colors for Asian nightlife?

    1. Kimberleigh says

      LOVE! ^^

    2. Gabi says

      Yes! Or like more inspired by their flags and such :)

  11. Nina Patricia says

    For the fierce Fridays I suggest doing a collection of fruit themes just because of the colors.
    Wearable Wednesday’s how about copying styles from Shoes: boots, stilettos, basic pumps, sandals, etc.

  12. charla says

    =) i thing for FF could be great Batman characters hahaha like Robin, Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy… etc?

    (mistake jeje)

    1. Ashley G says

      I love this idea!! You could even go broad for FF and do a comic book character series (or base it on comic-book heroines)!! Like x-men and Batman etc.

  13. Sophie says

    HELL YES!!!! something to look forward to on my youtube!

  14. Sophie says

    oh and idea? fruits or something…maybe inspired by certain butterflies?

    1. Sara says

      Looks inspired by different butterflies would probably be beautiful, and you could likely get WW and FF looks from the same butterfly. So maybe each week feature a different butterfly with WW and FF looks for each one.

      1. Krystal says

        oooh i love the butterflies idea!!!!! :D and the fruits would be really awesome and cute too! :)

  15. Jessica says

    Paradoxes and contradictions, like fire and ice…water and earth…anything that seems a bit disjointed.

    1. Sarah says

      I like this one ^_^

    2. Naomie says

      I 3rd this choice

    3. Samantha Marie says

      I LOVE the idea of this!

    4. Jennifer says

      I like this too and to mix this with one of the other ideas to have FF and WW relate, Fire FF Ice WW, Water FF and Earth WW.

  16. Sarah says

    I like the idea of having looks for either day that would go along with the 7 deadly sins or the 7 great virtues :)

    1. Mary says

      This sounds interesting!

      1. Krystal says

        the 7 deadly sins sounds really cool!!! that should totally happen!!! ;D

  17. Heather says

    Fruit!! Freakin’ fruit! Lol “watermelon” sparked my interest. That would rock! :-) Papaya, watermelon, kiwi, plum, etc?

  18. Kristabelle says

    It’s really simple, but what if every week you picked a color (say, yellow) and showed how to wear it in an everyday way (for Wearable Wednesday) and a more bright, fun way (Fierce Friday)? Or instead of a color, a certain product.
    I’d like to see decades, too.

    1. Becca Lynne says

      I like this idea too!

  19. Naomie says

    I Like Cassy’s Idea c:

  20. Fathima says

    Looks inspired by different cultures would be always fun For FF~Like
    gold and Red for Indian Inspired and
    Crazzy anime eyes for Japanese and
    Olive Green and Bronze for Egyptian,
    very very colorful Swirly ones for Russia……..
    Maybe a tribal look for Africa…

    and for WW,
    makeup looks from TV series signature character would be fun..!!

    Like a Rachel berry Look from GLEE,
    a Lilly Aldrin Look from How i met your mother,
    an Aria Look from Pretty little liars,
    a Joan Holloway from Madmen Look…! things like that!

    1. Becca Lynne says

      I like the TV character idea, different show each week. Sounds fun!

  21. emilyecstasyTM says

    How about NFL teams?

  22. Mila says

    Butterflies!!!! There are so many different species of butterflies out there all with different patterns and colours. You’d have to do research but I think it’d be cool :D

  23. Katy says

    Famous cities!

  24. DeadlyLampshley says

    Musical artist/band themed OR Cirque du Soleil inspired Fierce Fridays!! :D

  25. Mila says

    Or tropical fish.

    1. Krystal says

      oooh thats a nice idea! :) it would be super fun!!

  26. Candace says

    Exotic animals….tigers, zebras, elephants, etc. More subdued version for WW and and something “wild” for FF.

  27. Olivia says

    I think the 7 deadly sins would be AWESOME.

  28. Katie says

    I would say holiday themes for WW and FF. You could do the more subude colors for WW and the vibrant colors for FF. Like maybe a “Christmas tree” one with green on the lid, colors in the crease, and yellow under the brow bone.

    Also since football is going on, maybe football team looks.

  29. Katie says

    I think flowers might be an interesting idea. It’s dead outside and maybe to bring in some life to the winter season.

  30. Alexis says

    I think some possible categories could be :
    Literature :classic books or famous characters in the novels maybe some heroines like Hester Prynne or Jane Eyre. How you would imagine they would wear their makeup or makeup based on their personalities, okay maybe a bit nerdy but can still be fun haha
    LOST: just kidding but that would be totally cool. Smoke Monster smokey eye? No? Okay.
    Nature: I recall you were going to do something like Natural Disasters or Nature themed looks I think that would be awesome (earth, air, fire, water, etc)
    Horror: Even though Halloween is over it would be kind of cool to see an ‘everyday’ zombie, alien, or witch inspired look

  31. Kelly says

    Sailor Moon and all the sailor scouts, either that or all the planets

    1. Ashley G says

      I love the Sailor Moon Idea, or the Planetary Idea :):):):)

  32. Barbara Vidal says

    Game of thrones series! :P

    1. Leesha says

      lol, my bf JUST started watching that.. freaking yesterday. and hes through the series. i gotta watch it but i didnt have 10 hours to give to it hahah

  33. Crystal says

    I’ve always wanted to see looks based off of perfumes or the bath and body works scents. I’d like to try it myself just waiting on getting a good camera if I decide to start a channel :D

  34. katee says

    love love LOVE the pallets idea or even not a pallet but create 2 looks with the same items showing how to use them each different to create a very different look (:

  35. Jacquie says

    I would love to see some fun neutral looks but also some crazy fun christmasy winter looks. I always look forward to your videos :D

  36. Elle says

    I really love editorial looks for Fierce Friday. I’m really hoping for that. I think Wearable Wednesday should be based on colors. Like how can yellow, green, blue… be worn wearable.

    1. Sara Ferreira says


    2. Sara Ferreira says

      Love it! And the opposite, you could use neutral colours for FF! Now, that would be a challenge!

    3. Kathryn says

      This is a neat idea!

  37. Ashley says


  38. Sarah says

    Over in Australia summer is coming up to summer…. so summer bright / tropical/ beach / summer cocktails tutorials with perhaps a different bright colour from sugarpill each week… using one pressed or chromalust as the main colour.

  39. DaniD says

    I think flower inspired make up would be nice. Like the variations of tea roses, exotic plumerias, lilies, fringed tulips and hydrangea just as some ideas. Both vibrant and mellow looks can be inspired by flowers so individuals who like bright and funky make up win, and also individuals who like toned down looks win too.

    1. Sara Ferreira says


  40. Karina Jaruba says

    Do a lazy fierce Friday. In only a few products or a look under 10-5 minutes real time

    1. Jennifer says

      Love this one too. Oh my gosh Leesha, just do them all. :)

  41. mzspontaneity says

    Candy/ Ice cream flavors inspired makeup!! :)

    1. Amy P says

      Check out the tuts she did for jr mints, pop rocks, candy corn, etc…

  42. Sara Ferreira says

    I think, if you are interested in going thematic again, that it would be great to have tutorials inspired by powerful woman who changed the world! They deserve us, girls, to pay homage to them, and there’s no other way for a woman to feel powerful like feeling beautiful. Huge challenge, though!

  43. Brianna Zimmerman says

    Something that i like to do is do makeup looks inspired by CD/album artwork. It’s a lot of fun and my friends really like it:)

    1. Jennifer says

      I like this idea too. Like Rock on FF and Pop on WW

  44. Thomas McAnulty says

    Astrological/Zodiac signs!! I feel seeing inspirational looks off of all of the signs would be really interesting!

  45. Jennifer says

    I love that WW and FF are back!!! <3 I think you should do a mini color theory class too explaining the color wheel and such. It would really help your younger viewers with complimentary and contrasting colors. :)

  46. Kathryn says

    I’d love a redo of the princess looks or anything Disney :)

  47. Amy P says

    For WW I’d love to see tutorials for looks that you feel are too simple to warrant one (like the everyday ones you’re wearing in talk-centric/travel videos or in twitter posts). You’re great at being creative with wearable makeup without going over the top, and noobs like me need to see it done step by step :)

    Since you seem to be really into reading and music, looks inspired by that would be great for FF. I loved the Twilight looks you did back before the movies came out that really represented what the characters were all about from your perspective. Another idea would be looks inspired by Austin — like Lucy in Disguise, 6th Street, the East Side, Lake Travis, etc.

  48. Aftin says

    You could do comic book or horror movie villains.

  49. Tish says

    hi leesha

    how about monthly themes for ww and ff, that way you can have like a series, like you did for superheroes, but all in one month.

    sorry if this is already what you have planned or someone has already suggested.

  50. Jennifer Hall says

    you should do different types of meat!

    1. Louise says


    2. michelle says

      just for the hell of it, sure, lets do meat?! hahaha

  51. Ramona says

    You should do fruit! E.g. Citrus orange (yellow and orange), or perhaps a Kiwi fruit (olive green and black, you could tone it down for a WW look and use a cool green and a dark brown). Blueberry (Dark blue, black and mix in shades of purple) ? :)

    1. Lindsey says

      I love the fruit idea!:)

      1. Jenny says

        I agree!!!
        I am so glad that WW and FF are coming back :D xxx

        1. Sina says

          I agree, too. The fruits sound great :)

          1. Nora says

            Mee too! :)

    2. Kacee says

      Love the fruit idea! So, cute and totally what I was thinking. :)

    3. Star says

      Fruit sounds awesome!

    4. Sara says

      LOVE this idea!

    5. Jennifer says

      I like this fruit idea! Tons of fruit and colors to choose from too!

    6. beverly says

      i love the fruit idea please shout me out in ur video if u do decide 2 do this theme thanks beverly aka beverlyheld13 on youtube

  52. Audrey M says

    Hi Leesha, Im so damn glad you bring back the WW and FF series !! =)
    The monochromatic series sounds pretty awesome actually – boring most of time but in betweens your paws, we can expect a lot from this series x)
    A series based on historic, cinematographic, musical, etc icons could be cool ?!
    But I have to say that ONE idea of series thrills me especially. . . Makeup through Ages – begining at the Victorian Era for instance and finishing where you wanna finish lol

    Besides these I lack ideas :/

    So take care


    1. Izzy says

      A series based on cultural icons and doing make-up through the ages would be amazing.

    2. Bunny says

      Make up through the ages would be amazing!!

    3. Kacee says

      Make up through the ages sounds awesome! Love it! :)

      1. artistka says

        Make up through the ages is great idea! :)

    4. Mindel says

      Make up through the ages would be so perfect, and also different from the other series!! :)

    5. Nicole says

      Makeup through the ages would be a fun one!

    6. McKina says

      Make up throughout the ages would be fantastic! :D Just the thought of it excited me!

    7. Kristina says

      makeup through the ages is an awesome idea!!
      everything audrey suggested is perfect and different from everything else =]

    8. Sarah says

      I LOVE the makeup through the ages idea!!

      Also, you should do two separate themes for WW and FF so we have more variety!

    9. Jolayna says

      Do makeup through the ages!

  53. Sarah says

    For FF or I guess even WW, college team colors! I’d loooove to see some Michigan maize and blue Leesha style!!

  54. Joyce says

    Butterflies, they have some crazy cool colorshemes :)
    and i like the idea of the girl above Audrey M about makeup through the ages.
    can’t think of anything else right now :)

    1. kirsten says

      I love the butterflies idea!

    2. Sam says

      What about not just butterflies, but various bugs and stuff found in nature? There are SO many crazy colours out there on beetles and stuff! Like neon greens, bright oranges, yellows, reds. It could be so fun.

    3. Kimme says

      Love the butterflys colors are too beautiful not to recreate for FF

    4. Jada says

      Love this!

  55. Elaine R says

    I think you should totally do an “androgynous wearable wednesday” . it would be totally different from the brights and could be really cool!

  56. Katie says

    I think another fun idea to counteract the Disney Princess one you did is do Disney Villains (like Maleficent, Evil Queen, Captain Hook, Ursula, etc.). I think they could be WW or FF depending on how intense you want to go with the look.

    Another one I thought of was birthstones. Have a series based on the various gems used for each month. I think it’d be neat because some could be WW and some could be FF (like March might be WW and July might be FF).

    1. Sammy says

      LOVE the idea of birthstones!!! That would be a great theme! :)

    2. Izzy says

      I love the idea of Disney villains.

    3. Bunny says

      Love the Disney villains :-)

    4. Kacee says

      Love the Disney villains and birthstone idea! :)

    5. Kimme says

      Birthstones would be great for WW. Love that idea

    6. Kristina says

      disney villians would be so cool!

    7. Tasha M. says

      This is an awesome Idea.!!! I love it. I love it.

      i thought that if you thought about items that come in sets…Holidays, Eras(Regency, Flappers, Hippies)

    8. Jennifer says

      Love this Disney Villians idea!!

      1. Brittany CrazyHat says

        yea disney villians would be crazy :D

    9. Annssan says

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the Disney Villians!!!! You just have to go with that one :D

    10. Emily says

      This would be sooo awesome! I love it.

    11. Audrey M says

      What a good idea !!!! <3 it !!

  57. Ninna says

    Like Audrey I would love makeup through the ages! :)
    And I would probably do that as an FF, because I know that for example, in the 1920’s, they had dark brows, eyes and lips, and it would probably not be appropriate for WW.

  58. celeste says

    I have an idea at least for one week…Hello Kitty! Also you could do looks inspired by names…like what a name means you will translate into a makeup look. Such as Celeste means heavenly so you do a heavenly look..or Melanie means dark…you get the idea :)

    1. Jenny says

      Following on from this idea…could you do cartoon characters??? xxx

  59. irina says

    You should do a flag theme for WW or a mario characters theme for fierce friday!! or perhaps a gossip girl makeup look?

    1. Sandra says

      i like your idee ^^ flags for WW and mario charatars for FF or maybe nintendo charaters :P

  60. M says

    Do the Disney movies one again! You did them a while ago but I think you should do an updated one since you’ve broadened your skills and makeup collection. And don’t limit yourself to just princesses!

  61. Lili says

    How about different types of desserts? Strawberry Shortcake, Creme Brulee, Pumpkin Pie, Etc…
    Or maybe different flavors of Ice cream? Lots of choices there!

    1. Kacee says

      Love this idea. :)

    2. Jenn says

      Oooo cool idea!

      1. artistka says

        Great idea!

    3. Jennifer says

      Yum! Great idea!!

  62. Anastasiya says

    Hey Leesha!
    I love your work!
    I just wanted to suggest you having an Eastern European Theme. I am Russian/Ukrainian and often feel like we don’t get the credit we deserve in the fashion/make-up world. We come from a world of vibrant colors, beautiful designs, and an even more beautiful history. Since Russia/Ukraine are very familiar with winter, maybe this could inspire some Slavic/Winter themed ideas! I would LOVE to see how you would interpret this into make-up design!

    Here are some things that inspire me:
    Ukrainian Easter Eggs:
    Onion Domed Churches:,,,
    Matryoshka Doll:,
    Russian Winter:,

  63. Cher Vue says

    Hi Leesha!
    I’m so excited for your ww and ff!

    Some ideas I thought would be great are:
    -inspired by different countries like the chinese like more subtle looks, arabic makeup, London looks.
    -Americas next top model photoshoot themes that you liked and were inspired by!
    -different time eras, like 20s, 50s, 70s, etc..
    -you’re favorite magazine cover looks!
    -horoscope/astrological(can even include planet color based looks: mars, Venus, saturn) signs inspired looks

    They’re just suggestions but I can see a little of potential! Haha

    Keep up the great work! It’s about time you come back! We missed you!

    1. Natalie says

      holy crap, we posted a lot of the same suggestions 2 minutes apart ahahaha

      1. Cher Vue says

        Haha really? Great minds think alike? :)

    2. Michelle says

      I really like the idea of the different eras, would love to see what you could come up with.

    3. Kimme says

      Love the ERA idea too. Very excited to see what can be done especially for WW.

  64. Natalie says

    I think, since it is football season… You should do team colors ;) would be kind of cool for some girls to be able to support their team (or their mans team, lol) without having to wear an unflattering jersey! I think it’d be really fun too… here’s a list of all the teams and their colors…
    and I think regardless, even if some women don’t like football, you could still come up with some BEAUTIFUL looks with these color combos…

    Another idea (not sure if you’ve done this already) would be some kind of space based thing… Whether it be a focus on the planets… or if you just did different things like, one planet one week, the next week a galaxy… IDK lol. But the planets sounds pretty interesting, then maybe a milky way galaxy inspired one as the very last one in the series?

    High school stereotype might be kind of fun… prep, goth, skater, stoner, jock, nerd, etc etc… but more high fashion…

    Different places? Not sure how that would work lol… Vegas, NY, Paris, Hawaii… inspired by different landmarks??

    And… you could always do inspired by cocktail looks… which i would LOVE.
    bahama mama –
    margarita –
    strawberry daiquiri –
    long island iced tea –
    whatever this one is –

    etc etc etc…

    Decade looks would be really fun… 1900s – 2010…

    annddd that’s it, i’m out of ideas. lol

  65. Stacy says

    BIRDS!!! You could do different types of birds, like peacocks, swans, owls, canaries =]

    another one i thought of is SAILOR MOON!!!! id LOVE to see your interpretations of all the sailor scouts!!! =D

    1. Bunny says

      Yes yes yes for both of these!!!

    2. thea says

      Yes! I’d LOVE to see a Fierce Friday series based on Sailor Moon!!

    3. Jennifer says

      LOVE the Sailor Moon idea! Leesha would be great at all of those!

  66. Jessica M says

    What about some elemental inspired makeup? like Fire, Water, Earth, Wind/Lightning

    1. Nicole says

      Love this! Elements are a great idea.

  67. Sparkle says

    I think it would be awesome if you did a Disney Fairies theme, Tinkerbell, Iridessa, Silvermist, Vidia, Rosetta and Fawn. Another cool one would be Bride of Chucky. I could probably think of a lot of ideas but right now it’s about 4:30 AM.

    1. Kacee says

      Disney fairies would be cute. Anything mystical and magical. :)

  68. Leïla says

    Hi Leesha!!!

    i think it would be great if you made different Bride styles, like classical, romantic, sparkling, …..or whatever you can think of. :)
    another idea: flower inspired make up… like Rose, Lily, ….
    also,, the elemental inspired make up idea was great!
    oh, and what about Circus?? :) or bellydancer style? or Spices (curry, paprika, pepper…)?

    can’t wait to see what you will do :)

    kisses from Belgium!!!!!

    1. Kacee says

      I love the elements idea and the spices idea. :) Oh, and Circus sounds cool.

  69. Julia C says

    Hi leesha!

    I think it would be super fun to see diffferent flower themes :D Let’s say one look can be inspired by a Gardenia and then the next can be inspired by a Rose :D I think it would be really fun to see what you could come up with.

    1. Kacee says

      I like this flower idea. :)

  70. Jenn says

    I’m with Katie – I would LOVE to see your take on birthstones! There are actually more than 12 if you do the research *wink* so there would be plenty to choose from!

  71. Dani says

    I love makeup through the ages a LOT, also I would love to see space or planets for FF. I know you would do amazing things with that! <3 looking forward to whatever you do, I know it will be fantastic!

  72. Jada says

    I know I may sound too…well…brony (although I’m female), but My Little Pony characters may really suit your FF style =).

    Also love Sparkle’s and Stacy ideas (Disney Fairies and both Birds and Sailor Scouts)

  73. Louise says

    What about doing planets, solar systems and stars etc??

  74. Romy says

    Leesha, would you want to do a Pokemon inspired series? That would be soo much fun! :D

    1. Angela says

      TOTALLY APPROVING THE POKEMON IDEA! So much to choose, so it’s perfect! Like a lavender one for Espeon… <3

  75. Kimme says

    Hi Leesha
    Since I am always wishing come Fridays that I am on a tropical island laying off on the beach or under a shaded tree sipping a nice margarita or eating some delicious island food. Why not do a Caribbean island look for each island. The islands are always full of color, exicitment and big cultures.

  76. Maria Nicandrou says

    I’d love to see a series on the wives of King Henry the 8th! i think you’ve seen my comments about it on some of your vids already though :) take care xxx love your vids

    1. Alex says

      Omg that would be so awesome!!!

    2. Irene says

      That would be so cool! probably for fierce friday would be best :) <3

    3. Andrea says

      cant wait to see the anne boleyn one if u do itt!!!!

  77. Andrea says

    cant wait to see the anne boleyn one if u do itt!!!

    1. Andrea says

      i mean the henry the 8th one :)

  78. Vicky says

    My suggestion is different US cities or even states (maybe not all 50!), either flags or state nicknames, birds etc.

    I love the through the ages for WW, could even start back with Egyptian. Also the different countries makeup would work well for WW.

    I like the names idea but I think everyone will bombard you to do their name. And please do Victoria if you do! ;)

    Love the fruit theme for FF. Also the bugs! Anything gaming related would be cool. I like the planets idea but it’s quite similar to the gods and godesses. And I think your take on Circus would be amazing.

    ThePinkLadyJ (I’m not affiliated or anything) did all the Sailor Moon looks a while back so peeps might want to check them out.

  79. Fox says

    Just gonna throw some random things out there…

    7 Deadly Sins /Holy Virtues

    Video Game Inspired (Mario, Pacman, Kingdom Hearts etc…)

    The Muppets inspired (Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Fozie…etc) Never seen any of those before.

    50’s Vixens (Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly etc…)

    Fairytale Themed (Red Riding Hood, Rose Red, Mary Had A Little Lamb, The Ugly Duckling etc…)

    Vampires (like ww Claudia from Interview with a Vamp, FF Akasha from Queen of the Damned, The Brides of Dracula, etc…)

    The Wizard Of Oz (Not just Dorothy, but the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Flying Monkeys(LOL)…etc)

    Queens of History (Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, Mary Queen of Scotts..etc) They all were from different places at different times with different styles.

    Maybe even one week a Tim Burton inspired look

    LOL okay I’m burnt out. Hope one of those helps!

    1. Sam says

      I’m a fan of darker makeup, so I particularly like the vampire theme one. But these are really all great ideas.

    2. Jennifer says

      LOVE the Muppets idea, and the vampires, and the Wizard of Oz, and Tim Burton lol! Great ideas!

    3. Haley J says

      I love the 50’s Vixens Idea!

    4. Angela says

      Love love love the Tim Burton idea !!

  80. Sam says

    Unrelated: I just got a tattoo that has these colours!

  81. Anita says

    Hi Leesha! I use to love WW and FF. Glad you’re bringing it back. I think a good idea for either one would be based on different types of flowers or insects. The possibilities are endless :)

  82. Karen says


  83. Cathleen W says

    I’d love to see FF and WW holiday looks – office holiday party, fancy cocktail party etc.

  84. Mistaken29 says

    I gotta agree Fruit sounds best so far! BTW love the look! XoXo

  85. Jaclyn Klaus says

    I wish you could do makeup looks featuring endangered species. I think that it would be both fun and informative for people who don’t know about different species who are at risk. Glad to hear WW and FF are coming back :) Those tutorials used to be what got me through the week!

  86. Avishag says

    Hey Leesha :) I think you should do grunge theme for FF.I mean , there is a great grunge fashion and music but there isn’t really makeup looks that made for it.You could take Nirvana or Pearl Jam as inspiration.
    Or maybe you could do’ White stripes’ or Jack White inspired makeup :) good luck !

  87. Jadedjadedusk says

    Hello Leesha,

    I had a few ideas for WW and FF and hope it helps out. I’m trying to think of new things that haven’t been done, and as far as I can recall you never did animal print makeup, nor have you done different patterns that I can recall. I considered destination themed makeup as well. I know you’ve done horiscopes before but what about elemental? I was pretty sure you did a celebrity makeup tutorial before but those could continue on if you had good inspiration for it.


  88. candy says


  89. Avishag says

    TIM BURTON THEME!!! Edward scissorhands,Batman,Beetlejuice,The Nightmare before Christmas,Charlie and the chocolate factory,Corpse Bride,Sweeney Todd,Alice in Wonderland ! :)))

  90. audi says

    NFL teams :)

    1. Stephanie L. says

      OMG! I was totally thinking that. Leesha, do the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and the Jacksonville Jaguars for me!!!! Also, you should do the girls from Pretty Little Liars.

    2. Jennifer says

      LOVE it!!!

    3. Kimme says

      Yep love the NFL.

  91. Tildz says

    For the WW vids, you could try and take palettes coming out from different brands, and make one or more looks from that palette so that the people who have it can get ideas, and so the people considering buying it can see what daily look they can achieve with it.

  92. Sidney says

    You should make looks for each of the muppets! :)

  93. MissR says

    My top favorites from above for FF are Bugs, Birds, and Sailor Moon.

    For WW I think Desserts is an awesome idea. Make up through the ages would be cool, but it’s been done SOOOOO many times it seems like it would be challenging to make it original.

  94. jessika says

    i was thinking Muppets for FF. Like one for Kermit and miss piggy and gonzo. And with the movie and collabrations going on im sure it would be popular.

  95. Taylor says

    Arabian look! -fierce friday
    40’s inspired (maybe decades) -ww

  96. Emma says

    I don’t know if anyone else has suggested this but maybe for FF you could do each districts from The Hunger Games because you can do so much with them. For WW maybe you decide on a color for each time, and then you can only use shades of that color.

  97. Amanda says

    Maybe something based on the weather? WW could be toned down for people at work and FF could be bright and colorful for parties and whatnot.

  98. Kara says

    I was thinking for Fierce Friday you should do looks inspired by video game covers!

  99. kate says

    Mabye fruit themes, drinks themes (coke, sprite fanta ect ), plants ( like flowers ?), cocktails, vintage looks, stuff like that :-)

  100. Kelsey says

    You should totally do cocktails! There is sooooo much to choose from and it would be great for FF since everyone always needs a drink by Friday night!

    1. Sarah says

      i like the cocktails too!

    2. Annssan says

      Love this idea :D

    3. Mary says

      Ha! That was totally going to be my suggestion! She could take suggestions on which cocktails to do each week.

    4. alex says

      Makeup Geek did a series like that this summer

    5. Bella says

      Loveee it!!!!

    6. Rachel says


    7. Jessica says

      YES!!! That would be awesome!

    8. Grace says


    9. Hanna says

      awesome idea

    10. Angie says

      Love this idea!

      1. Fathima says

        OOOh.. i vote Mojitos for the first one!! :) :)

        LOVE THIS suggestion!

    11. Brooke says

      another thumbs up for the cocktail idea! would be really fun =)

    12. Ági says

      i agree! that’s a great idea

    13. Coco says


  101. Carina says

    For FF all colors of the rainbow smokey eye ie blue smokey, next week would be another color of the rainbow or maybe cut crease looks for FF and for WW Pops of color that is well duh wearable.

    1. Elisa says

      I LOVE this idea!(:

    2. Candace says

      I like this idea!

    3. Nancy says

      I love this idea

    4. Jessica says

      I love this idea as well! :-D

    5. Holly says

      Love :)

  102. Kathrine says

    Something inspired by the Nordic mythology :D Would be cool !

  103. joan says

    COUNTRIES! thatd be awesome

    1. alex says

      I love that idea!

  104. Shireen says


    1)different eye shapes
    2)internationally inspired makeup – ex. chinese, arabic, european


    1)icons of the internet – like facebook, twitter, google, wikipedia, and of course youtube
    2)popular cartoons, both for kids and adults, both old and new. ex. tom and jerry, the simpsons, the justice league, foster’s home for imaginary friends.

    1. Sarah says

      i like the internet one!! so obvs red and black for youtube :))

    2. Courtney says

      I was going to sugest an egyptian look which would fit in with the internationally inspired make up :)

    3. kate says

      i love the popular cartoons idea because i love cartoons like tom and jerry and the looney tunes

    4. Jessica says

      Love this as well. :D

    5. Hanna says

      the icon internet one is cool.

    6. andrea says

      love it!!! <3

    7. Rebecca says

      Yess. Love the cartoon idea!

    8. sarahliz says

      love, love, LOVE both of those ideas for FF!

    9. Muskaan says

      i too love this idea

    10. Brooke says

      love these suggestions, ESPECIALLY the internet icons one! so many possibilities there..i’m seeing some kind of cool google-rainbow look..

    11. Christine says

      Love the internet idea!

    12. Simone says

      I love this idea because I would want to see what Leesha would come up with for internet icons and Tom and Jerry (my fave old cartoon, I’ve seen all of the episodes! :D) Either that or international makeup, based off of flags and differing eye shapes in parts of the world. Remember when she had that vote? Around the World would be cool if she offered that up again.

    13. Ági says

      like it!

    1. :) says

      omg yes please muppets!!!!! something that i could wear to see the new muppets movie coming out! but i dont have the pallete :(((((((((

    2. Brooke says

      oh yeah muppets would be really cool..and i think the winter drink idea is awesome!! there could be a drink-themed a hot chocolate look for WW and then a bright, bold cocktail for FF! that’d be so fun!! =)

    3. Christine says

      Muppets sounds very fun! Perfect to use your muppets palette with!!

  105. emily says

    Ooh, cocktails is a cute idea! I just saw a post about that…like Sex on the Beach, Amaretto Sour, Grasshopper, etc…Rum & Coke…lol anything really! Could even be beers like Corona…something with gold & lime… hmmmm now I’m thinking!

    Another theme could be musical instruments….I imagine a lot of the looks would be metallic (silver for flute, golden for french horn, maybe bronze for saxaphone) and then black/white for piano or something…anything! Idk just a way to incoorporate the instruments’ looks, AND their sounds (soft, quiet, loud, brassy, etc.)

    1. Brooke says

      yes yes yes! love the instruments theme!!

    2. Christine says

      Ya incorporating the sounds would be very cool and unique…it would add another dimension to the creation of the looks

  106. Tariatulle says

    How about a “through the ages” theme?
    eg, a toned down 1920s look for wednesday then an amped up 1920s look for friday.
    you could even go really far back and have an egyptian look, a roman look, a celtic look, a greek look etc!

    1. Bella says

      that’s a really cool idea! :)

    2. Rachel says

      i like this idea!

    3. chelsea says

      i love this idea! c:

    4. Stephanie says

      This is a really nifty idea~

    5. DLaurel87 says

      I like this one

    6. Ashley says

      I agree, I like this idea too :)

    7. Lupe says

      YES! <3

    8. Lindsey says


    9. Hanna says


    10. sarahliz says

      awesome idea! leesha would do such a great job with that =D

    11. Brooke says


    12. Jessica says

      Like this idea too!

    13. Becky says

      Really like this idea

    14. Ági says

      yeah! ancient looks!!

  107. Rburd says

    you should do football inspired makeup for wearable wednesdays! especially ohio state!

    1. J0ANNAX3 says

      i really like the football idea :) but i’m more of an NFL girl as opposed to college football. so NFL series? i’d love to see a Dallas Cowboys look! doesn’t matter, could be for WW or FF! i’d love the represent my team in a wearable way on a daily basis but also would like an amped up version for when i go to watch games/parties!

    2. herpaderp says

      i really like this idea! it could be for college football or nfl. there are a million different ideas!

  108. mckinzie says

    I would love to see the Greek God/Goddesses done for FF

    1. zellie15 says

      I would love to see the Greek God/Goddesses done for FF.. that would be really cool… especially because i like FF better:)

    2. Candace says

      Ooh, yeah, that would be awesome!

  109. Crissy says

    I would looove to see an Egyptian one for either FF or WW! And I would also love to see a Western inspired one since I live in Tennessee. XD

  110. Donna says

    cocktails are lame and overdone.. I agree the greek series for FF would be amazing.. another fun one would be Pokemon for FF as they’re all different colors and since there are oh, I don’t know, maybe five hundred or so of them?? all different color combos, you can pretty much pick a Pokemon based on what you wanna work with :)

    1. Ashley says

      I actually think the Pokemon is a great idea, there is a ton of colour combinations to pick from! & I also agree, way too many “guru’s” have done the cocktail series before- BORING!

    2. Kiki says

      gotta catch ’em aaaall!

      I love this idea! :D

    3. Christine says

      Love Pokemon idea!

  111. Christine says

    There are SO many Greek series out there, it’s really overdone, not to mention you’ve already done that theme for WW and to do it for FF would be quite repetitive.

    That said, I think move or literary genres would be fun – Science Fiction, Romance, Horror, Comedy, Action, Thriller, etc.

    1. sarahliz says

      i actually really love the ideas for using genres =]

  112. Whitney says

    A food theme and then your look for this Friday could be the first since it looks watermelony. But there are lots of pretty looking foods that could be a cool eye look like: Cakes/ desserts, Sushi, Pasta, waffles, etc.

    1. Brooke says

      i think this is an aweeesome idea..a food theme would be really fun! sushi especially, cuz it’s all so pretty and colorful and there’s a ton of different combinations..a food/cocktail theme would be really cool. i know some ppl are saying cocktails are overdone, but leesha’s so creative she could totally come up with lots of original looks for it..that’s how it’s been for other themes..lots of ppl do makeup looks but there’s only one xsparkage =)

    2. Ági says

      fruit looks!! watermelon, srawberry banana kiwi etc !

  113. moonchild says

    LOVE the preview! It should be ‘WonderMelon’ :D

    1. Brooke says

      great name!!

    2. Christine says


  114. Kori says

    For FF looks inspired by Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits and maybe The Stingers as well? But especially The Misfits ;) The bad girls always have the best style lol.

    1. Jessica says

      YES! I love JEM!!!!

      1. Brooke says

        me too!!

  115. J0ANNAX3 says

    many ppl are suggesting Greek Gods/Goddesses. While I agree that particular theme is a bit overdone, you can still stick with the Greek theme but doing looks inspired by the mythical creatures! Like Medusa, Hydra, Cerberus, Pegasus, etc.

    1. Coco says

      Like it!

  116. Kristen says

    I don’t know if you’ve read the hunger games, but you could to wearable wednesday for some of the district people and fierce friday for the capitol people. or you could even do it in reverse to make it more unexpected.

    district people: katniss (duh), peeta, gale, haymitch, rue

    capitol people: cinna!!, portia, effie, caesar flickerman, president snow

    please do this!!!! i loved the hunger games trilogy and with the movie coming out and all it would be awesome. =]

    1. Elle says

      She has talked about the books and upcoming movie quite a bit on twitter, actually.

    2. Tee says

      I like this idea! I loved the Hunger Games <3

    3. Hanna says

      :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it would be so cool to do it for the districts!

  117. Elysia says

    Please, no greek. While it could be fun, it is overdone. If u can be creative with greek, than you could be creative with anything-so why not? I think the idea of the instruments was kinda cool. And make-up for diff eyes shapes would be great. The muppets one would be really fun for FF!

  118. Natalie says

    How about holidays? You could do Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, etc etc. This would give everyone a fun makeup look for whatever parties are going on that holiday!

    1. Bella says

      wow! thats a really good idea!.

    2. sarahliz says

      looove it! i could seriously use some looks like that lol

    3. Ági says

      she has already done nearly all of these

  119. NPugh says

    Doing The Muppets would be so fun! Theme a look after all of the popular Muppets characters. This would also be kinda cool since the new Muppets movie is coming out soon.

  120. :) says

    harry potter looks! house colours, looks to represent the characters! amd musicalbinstruments too.

    1. Elle says

      She’s already done tutorials for the different houses

  121. Bella says

    I loooove like a different color every week but a theme to base it off of
    for example:
    blue- rain
    red- love
    yellow- fire
    pink- anything!!!!!!

  122. leah says

    i think you should do fruit looks for FF like the watermelon one you did for example.

    1. Ági says


  123. zellie15 says

    Anime themed

  124. Chloe says

    So the greek gods/goddesses would be a good idea but one problem…. she already did that, So maybe for FF doing looks inspired by movies old and new and then for WW doing make up for different eye shapes or even one based off of Stereotypes (expamples : Emo, preppy, sporty, girly, edgy, etc)

  125. Courtney says

    How about for Fierce Friday having animals as the theme, you could use it as inspiration instead of having to have an animal print, like what you did with the peacock look inspired by your laptop decal. So an example would be pink flamingo or blue bird. You could also use things like butterflies and bumble bee’s which aren’t technically animals but close enough :)

    1. Ági says

      like this idea

  126. Liz says

    Hi Leesha,

    I remember from a long time ago when you did a poll about what series you should do.
    There was one I loved and did not get picked


    I would love to see you do that for FF.

    Hope you are well, and good luck choosing!

  127. Brooke says

    Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Rachel Bilson, rachel Mcadams

    1. April says


    2. Brooke says

      double no

  128. Candace says

    Dessert themes!

    Creme Brulee, Death by Chocolate, Neapolitan, Tiramisu, Key Lime, Strawberries and Creme, et cetera.

    1. andrea says

      that’s a cute idea!

    2. sarahliz says

      sounds tasty lol, i like it =]

    3. Brooke says

      this totally gets a vote from me =)

    4. Courtney says

      Love this idea!

  129. herpaderp says

    i think an animal idea for fierce friday would be great! and they don’t have to be just domestic– they can be all. example, i think a peacock look would be amazing, and if you could figure out how to do little zebra stripes on your eyelid with liquid eyeliner, you could do a zebra look.

    as far as wearable wednesday, i feel like i’m being super typical when i say this, but maybe celebrities. i know you’ve done some celebrity looks in the past, but i think this would be a good idea. and if that doesn’t work, maybe like a landscape or seasons them– example, you get a picture of a forest, make a look inspired from it. i dunno, it’s a thought. :P

  130. Lisa says

    Album cover artwork FF. We can suggest albums, or leesha can do her favorites, or the classics. It would be interesting!!!

    1. April says


    2. Grace says


    3. Brooke says

      ooh i’d have a million ideas for this one if it won a poll!!

  131. Kelsey says

    You should totally do a Hatsune Miku inspired tutorial!

  132. jess says

    i’ve always wanted to see your “cliques” theme.

  133. Danyle says


  134. Andrea says

    I love the years idea! Like 1920s wearable wensday, then fierce friday… the next week.. a different decade.
    I also like the album cover inspired idea! A different album cover every time..
    A rockstars theme would be cool too! You could do a David Bowie look… Blondie.. SIOUXSIE SIOUX! Please do a siouxsie look! :) Google it, it’s beautiful makeout.
    And yeah! I’ll let you know if I think of more :p

  135. Louise says

    Hi, how about flowers?!

  136. Brittany says

    I think WW should be decades, and FF should be foods or Disney characters.

    1. Em says

      Disney characters would be fun!

    2. NPugh says

      I love the Disney characters idea!

  137. Jackie says

    YES!!! Best news!!

    I would love to see a Sailor Moon theme!! If you’re not familiar with it, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are based off of the solar system, hence Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, etc. You could simply just have a Solar System theme, too =]

    1. Guadalupe says

      It would be so awesome if you did this! :D

  138. Em says

    I think monochromatic for both wearable wednesday and fierce friday would be cool. You could do the same color in one week, just have it toned down on Wed, and amp it up on Fri. I love wearable wednesday, so glad it’s coming back!

  139. Jessica M says

    I like the idea of the makeup for different eras and the countries.

    What about Sanrio characters? Each has a rather distinct/limited color scheme (with the possible exception of Hello Kitty) and set of “personality traits” that can be played up/incorporated into the look (so a shy, sweet character could be a wearable Wednesday, while a bolder, more colorful character could be a Fierce Friday).

    Birthstones? That would tend to focus on certain colors and textures that may be interesting when applied to makeup.

    You could also look at famous artwork for inspiration. A Van Gough (especially ‘starry night’) or Mondrian would make interesting make up looks! A lot of them would be more along the “fierce” idea but plenty could be toned down depending on the color scheme or “harshness” of the piece.

    Can’t wait, I loved the theme looks :D

    1. April says

      i would love to see the art!

    2. sarahliz says

      I love the idea of using birthstones as inspiration, especially because of the textures that can be mixed. and, being kind of an art nerd, i REALLY love the idea of using famous paintings as inspiration. Something inspired by Andy Warhol would be awesome =D

    3. Brooke says

      the art and birthstones would both be really cool

  140. Allie says

    I think you should do disney movie characters! theyre so cute and colorful plus theres like a billion to choose from for both WW and FF

  141. yoshimi says

    I’d be excited to see you do Countries for Wearable Wednesdays and Gemstones for FF! I’m definately looking forward to this FF tutorial, my vote is calling it “Watermelon Tourmaline”. The pink and turquoise crease-cut cateye is WOW.

  142. Sara says

    Themes based on characters from the new My Little Pony cartoon would be adorable for FF. You could really have some fun with the color combos and sparkles with the holidays coming up.:)

    1. Brooke says

      YES!!!!! a million times yes

    2. Tara says


  143. Kandas says

    yoshimi said birthstones but I think gems in general would be cool. and there are lots of different kinds… not sure how to explain, but like, take Opals for example. Fire opals, peruvian blue…Opal ranges from clear through white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black so there is a ton to choose from. Maybe too much though.

  144. Carina says

    You should try doing makeup for the series inspired by the original 150 Pokemon :D There’s so many colors and not to mention the Pokemon’s designs could give you inspiration :D Please consider it or at least do a couple videos based off it :3

  145. Zaëlle says

    You could do a spice girls theme!

    1. Leïla says

      oh yes!! A Spice Girls look!!!!

    2. Kelsey says

      LOVE THIS!

    3. Brooke says

      yay for spice girls!

  146. Jennifer says

    You should totally do a pokemon theme. Like, every week, you could come out with a look inspired by one the pokemon you like the most. That would be awesome !

  147. Christine says


    E.g: I remember for one summer trip my mom took me and my brother to Wicklow (Ireland) and we used to go to a cafe for tea and scones in the afternoon. The seating was outdoors in a beautiful garden and the furniture was white plastic garden furniture. It was so sunny on that trip the white from the table was almost blinding but it made the red roses seem even more red and bright.
    ———> Look: Bright white and bright red (possibly on the lips), or for FF incorporating a rose/flower design.

    It would be a cute way to share stories with your followers (that you want to be shared of course!) and probably a nice way to remind yourself of childhood, teenage years etc etc, and the inspiration for each week would be totally different (possibly a plus for you as an artist)

  148. Brooke says

    wizard of oz!!!!! there could be looks for places like the yellow brick road and emerald city..or the characters, maybe a green-and-black FF look for the wicked witch or a smokey silvery WW based off the tin man, etc..and something for the ruby slippers!

  149. Sara says

    Holiday party looks! wearable but fun and of course more bold and glittery looks :)

    1. Cassie says


      1. natalie says


    2. Holly says


    3. Leah says


    4. Becky C. says

      That could be cute… like santa claus, pointsettas, candy canes, elves(sorry if I spelt that wrong), aurora borealis, snowman, even characters from old christmas movies like rudolph, rudolph’s girlfriend clarice, frosty, heat miser, cold miser, IDK can’t think of anything else at the moment…. But yeah!

      My daughter said the dragon ball z kai characters lol.

      1. Greta says

        Yes! That’d be so fun!

      2. Taylor says

        your daughter is awesome!!! the world needs more female DBZ fans :) and that would look pretty darn cool

    5. Coco says

      Great idea!

  150. Avery says

    You should do a for a cat as fierce friday! Like cool winged eyeliner and detailed eyes.

  151. Sarah says

    For Wearable Wednesdays you could recreate (or draw from) the signature looks of Golden Age Hollywood stars?

    1. Emma says

      I would love this! What a great idea!

      1. Stephanie says


        1. Harley says

          OMG YES !

          1. Amie says


          2. Coco says

            Yes yes yes…

    2. Sarah says

      I hadn’t checked this thread in a few days but YAY I’m glad some people agree haha. Good LAWD the comments..I saw the number and I thought the website glitched!

  152. Dar says

    Hi Leesa! Stoked for FF to come back. I’ll throw some ideas at ya.

    “Runway” – I know you’re up on the trends, so it would be cool for you to do a series of runway inspired looks. Crazy avant-garde! Perhaps you could do some 80’s runway throwbacks. “Psychedelic Burlesque” – flashy colors and frizzy lashes. Totally what I would expect from Xsparkage – just lets you play more with your vibrant makeup addiction. :) My last suggestion is “Famous Paintings”. Not the drab ol’ Mona Lisa – more like inspired by Van Gogh’s moody Starry Night, super mod Piet Mondrian or the golden boldness of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.

    Hope this helps Leesa. Keep on doin’ whatcha doin’. I’m proud of all you have accomplished and love your vids!

    1. Beth says

      I love these ideas! Especially the runway looks, but I would also like to see WW Runway looks, on how we can incorporate trends into our day-to-day makeup. Also I love the Famous Paintings Idea. They would look so gorgeous!

      1. Kristen says


        1. Coco says

          Me too really like the famous paintings idea! Like Monets water lillys !!!

    2. ChloëV says

      Sounds great, especially the runway!

    3. Casey says

      I like the Famous Paintings Idea!

  153. Megan says

    You should name the look “Hummingbird Heartbeat” , after Katy Perry’s song. It remind me of those bright Hummingbird colors and also of Katy Perry’s colorful style.

  154. Mary says

    Fairytales!! like alice in wonderland (and then all the characters) and snowwhite and everything :-D

    1. Danielle says

      I love this idea!

    2. Beth says

      Love Love Love this!!!

    3. Harley says

      omg this too ! haha

    4. Pam says

      I like the fairy tale theme also but I was thinking classical illustrations. The SurLaLune site has a great collection of images from some fairy tales here:

      The colors are a little more muted but have a kind of water color feel. The stories are also available on the site if you want to read them for inspiration.

      1. Coco says

        Yes go with it…love. Great idea Pam!

    5. Tabitha says

      thiiiis <3

    6. Lexy says

      obsessed amazingggg!

  155. Lizzie says

    How about different flowers, or more celebrity looks, or a Facebook Tutorial, one for Twitter, Tumblr etc based on the wesite color schemes!

    1. AmandaTX says

      Those websites are all blue, unfortunately. Not much variation. :(

    2. Ági says


  156. thecandiedmango says

    Disasters! You could do some really cool stuff with this—oil spills (going with the rainbow sheen oil has instead of a literal interpretation), forest fires, volcanic eruptions…

    1. Annie S says

      i love this!

    2. haley says

      YESS! natural disasters please leesha

    3. Ági says


    4. Lisa says

      This is super creative! I love it!

    5. Tabitha says

      Oooh this sounds like a neat idea as well :)

    6. Coco says

      Another really great idea….you girls/ ladies are so good at this …love it!

      1. Greta says

        This is clever! Could be a fun FF!

  157. Lacie says

    I think it kind of looks like a flamingo inspired look. I love it!! Keep up the good work!

  158. justine says

    my innitial thought was a flamingo, but then i thought of flit from pocahontas. awesome look!

  159. Silje says

    Do iron fist inspired look? make a dark an dramastik look fun with colurs but still dark an dramastik :D

  160. Silje says

    Or a tim burten movie marathon?

    1. Derick says

      I was totally thinking that, thumbs up!

    2. haley says

      thatd be really cool

      1. ChloëV says


        1. Zoe says

          OMG YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    3. Beth says

      Loving this!!!

    4. Hanah says


    5. KamiJ says

      Ih my god I love that Idea=)

      when I saw the pic of this weeks FF – i just read yr twitter about the muppets ;)

      And I think that look looks like “Miss Piggy loves Kermit XD

      haha keep it up I love your looks =)

    6. Casey says


    7. Aubree says

      Love this idea!!

    8. Nikki says

      So awesome, i would love that

    9. Roxy says

      So cool!!!

    10. Coco says

      Oh oh this this!!

  161. Derick says

    World Wonders
    Endangered Species
    Patterns (plaid, stripes, hounds-tooth, etc.)
    Planets/Solar system, Pick up where Petrilude stopped!
    Fairytale creatures (unicorn, leprechaun, dragon, centaur, fairy, etc…)
    You could take some of your old looks and use the exact opposite colors and see how different it looks
    Popular villains
    Pixar inspired

    I hope some of my ideas were helpful!

    1. Esha says

      I like a lot of those. World Wonders, Fairytale creatures, Popular Villains, Patterns

      1. Alisa says

        World Wonders + Fairytale Creatures ! Yes !

    2. Ashley says

      OMG Pixar- I’m a Disney Fanatic!

      1. Greta says


    3. Ági says

      fairytale creatures!!

    4. Sarah says

      I like the idea of taking old looks and doing opposite colors.

    5. Nikki says

      Fairytail creatures + Patterns I would love that

    6. Roxy says

      Great ideas!

  162. Sophie says

    Christmas theme! Or Bonfire Night!

  163. Courtney says

    I like Pixar inspired and maybe somthing wearable inspired by the Different time period barbies. like the 1980 somthing Peaches and cream can be peachy.

    1. Coco says


  164. Esha says

    Fierce Friday Theme:
    The Muppets
    NHL Hockey Team Colours. Different looks dedicated to different teams using their colours.
    Country Flags
    Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Wearable Wednesday Theme:
    Victoria Secret
    Ivy League Schools – using their school colours
    Hollywood Icons from the 1920’s – Audry Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, etc.
    Princesses from Around the World – England’s, Spain’s, Denmark’s, etc.

  165. Jillie says

    Women through the ages / Famous historic women

  166. Sophie says

    Hey what about makeup looks from ANTM? (America’s next top modell)

  167. Taylor says

    Decades! like 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s etc

    1. Daniela says

      Yes, makeup by decades would be awesome!

    2. Rachel says

      Yes definitely! I’d love to see an 80s (maybe punk rockish), look.

    3. Ági says

      agree!! ;)

    4. Alisa says

      agreeeeeeeed :)

    5. Coco says

      I would totally be in to this!!!

  168. Michelle says

    Retro chik

  169. Lindsey says

    For FF, I vote for doing make up looks inspired by famous paintings.
    For WW, I vote for doing make up looks inspired by fairytale characters.

  170. Tara says

    I thought I posted this already, but maybe it didn’t post lol!

    Leesha, would you be willing to do one of the FF with that look you did in Paris, the one for the photoshoot? I have been trying to recreate it, but for the life of me can’t accomplish it :( If you would consider this look for FF that’d be so cool!! Thanks!! XOXOX

    1. Tara says

      Crap! I did post this already. I can’t delete it. Sorry for duping my comment :( I’m lame!

  171. Raven says

    I am getting married in October next year and all the wedding looks are SUPER BORING! Would love to see a kind of vintage look that would kick up the wedding look a notch or two

    1. Leïla says

      yess! Wedding looks!!!! I’m getting married in September 2012 and i could definitely use this kind of tutorial!
      a turquoise bridal make up would be grat for me…^^

    2. Ági says

      yes! exciting wedding looks

  172. Sarah says

    College teams would be so cool! The colors can be so unique and might make some really interesting looks.

  173. Rachel says

    After watching the vid of you talking about the Inglot palette and you mentioning Pokemon (the fact I’d also pulled out my old Game Boy Colour and started it again probably didnt help either.) I’d love to see a Pokemon inspired look. It could be a WW or FF I guess but I think FF would fit it much better.

    At least theres a lot to pick from but I personally only know the ones from Red/blue gold/silver

    1. Grace says


    2. Ericka says


  174. Hadar says

    I think a really cool theme could be like different decades and the fashion or styles that were popular then.. like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc…

  175. Holly says

    Deserts. eg. cheesecake, chocolate fudge, creme brule

  176. dementia says

    I just stumbled into your blog and so far I’m loving it! I wish you have feedburner newsletter though…or some other newsletter form. Anyway, my theme suggestion is….Cyndi Lauper. I love her back in the 80’s and I think you can really pull off her look :)

  177. Avery says

    You should do a look from any kind of characters from Batman…any of these villians such as: the Joker (this one would be fun!), the Riddler, Mr. Freeze or Ivy!!

    1. Aubree says

      That is an awesome idea!! Of course it helps that I am watching Batman right now lol

  178. Ági says

    Sex and the City caracters make up tutorials!
    Something glam rock you know the 80s rock n roll looks!
    or.. rockabilly looks:)

  179. Sarah says

    I’m getting ready to do looks based off of my favorite band’s albums on my blog. It’d be cool to see what your favorite bands are and what looks you could create from their albums. Also, I think watermelon sums up this look the best and I LOVE it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  180. amy says

    maybe you can do Children’s TV Shows? but i dont mean like dora or something more like old ones that we used to watch..

  181. Josh says

    Birthstone looks
    Cleopatra look
    Fairy Tale looks
    Disney Character looks

    1. Lock says

      Fairy Tale Looks would be nice.

    2. Zoe says

      Birthstone looks and fairy tale looks sound awesome :) She did disney looks a loooong time ago, but I still love them :3

      1. Josh says

        She did princesses and Tinker Bell. I meant more like Tigger, Pooh, Pascal and other characters.

  182. Liz says

    read through the comments and definitely agree with most of these but my favorites would be vintage glam hollywood stars for WW (audrey hepburn, veronica lake, judy garland, rosemary clooney, etc.) and famous paintings for FF (my inner art history nerd is tingling at the prospect)

  183. K says

    I’m just here to say that gosh your watermelon eyes are adorable on you!

  184. Tabitha says

    I think it would be cool to do teen movie inspired looks :D (Cruel Intentions, the Virgin Suicides, the Craft, Jawbreakers, Clueless, Spice World, Heathers, 10 Things I hate about you, Mean Girls, the Breakfast Club, etc. )

  185. Lock says

    I am in love with this idea!
    I am in love with (this is the geek in me) The Lord of the rings movies right now. So maybe if you could do something like that……
    Just something to think about! Anyone else?

  186. christie says

    Have you seen Monster High dolls? They are the kids of famous monsters. My daughter was one for Halloween and I had a blast doing her makeup. Could be fun inspiration!

  187. Grace says

    If you visited a bird shop or park before you would have known that birds are adorned by amaaaazing color combos!!!

    And theres also neutral (brownish birds) for WW!!

  188. Rachael says

    Do some type of TV show theme. There are so many great shows out there right now. You can pick specific characters (like you did with Glee), and recreate their looks. Vampire Diaries, The Circle, True Blood, etc… I know when I watch some of these shows I think, I wonder how I can recreate that look. Or, what eyeshadow is she wearing. I am always looking online for these type of tutorials and I do find some. But the guru’s are not nearly as good as you when it comes to makeup.

    1. Alisa says

      Love this idea. Agreed !

      1. Khomatose says

        You should check out GoldieStarling’s channel, she’s already done True Blood and they’re amazing.

  189. Kathryn says

    what about the planets & the universe? nebula, black holes, then the actual planets etc etc?

    1. Tabitha says

      I like this idea a lot :)

    2. Cassandra says

      totally was just thinking that!

  190. Cassandra says

    Planets or Plants, i think would be pretty cool!

  191. Khomatose says

    I think a ‘Historical Heroines’ theme would be amazing! Like Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra and Emily Davidson!

  192. Zoe says

    Seeing as it’s winter now, why not Christmas themes? Fairies, snow, lights, food, I bet you could have tons of fun with that! :)

  193. Mya says

    can you make a tutorial on this look ? and you should do Christmas looks !!

  194. Roxy says

    Country flags
    Precious stones

  195. Lock says

    Board game looks?

  196. Josh says

    Roman Gods
    Dr. Seuss Looks
    Food Inspired Looks
    Weather Looks
    More looks from that Makeup Store Magazine
    Around The World
    Geographic Looks
    Muppet Looks
    Animal Looks

  197. Seth says

    Primary/bright colors, but for WW. A lot of people want more color in their corporate-style makeup, but don’t want to risk looking garish.

  198. Ashley says

    Wearable Wednesday- Fruit!

    Fierce Friday- Each planet of the Solar System & the Sun!
    Girls who rock? Hayley Williams look, Katy Perry, Cassadee Pope, Sierra Kusterbeck

  199. Coco says

    How about the avant-garde Rock Stars like David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust , he was really great with color..or his make-up artist/ girl-friend was.

  200. Conor says

    A really awesome one would be dark and twisted fairy-tales. Like take all of the Disney characters like snow white, cinderella, ariel, etc. and twist them so they look really evil. because disney has made these stories into cute kids stories when the originals told by the grim brothers and such were really dark and scary. i think it would show the real side to the stories :)

    1. Greta says

      That would be cool and creative!

    2. Daisee says

      i love this idea!

    3. Taylor says

      I am in luv with this idea i cant agree more

    4. Amy says

      this idea is soo amazing im sooo late but i really hope you do this my imagination is running wild with different looks lolz i would love to see yours.

  201. angie says

    i would like to know where u got those star contacts..the ones u have on in ur video “shocktarts fierce friday”

    1. Taylor says

      Thats a great idea i like it

  202. Pauline Paulette says

    What about working on contrasts? Like black-birght colours, teal and purple, red and violet… colours that you don’t usually think they can fit so well together but instead they can be great if well mixed.

    Or something inspired by cats? often they have beautiful eyes mixed with colours on their furs that are uncomparable.

    Another themes could be something inspired on uniforms (service and work uniforms such as hostess, waitress, security and armed forces and/or paramilitary organizations -I think about navy, marines, birtish policeman etc.-, school uniforms -like the british ones or the japanese we so often see in animes and mangs comics-, scouts…)

    Or something inpired by fashion and literature styles: gothic, steampunk, punk, dark, dark fairytale, fairy, hippie, cyber, medieval fantasy with all its witches and fairies and dragons and other mithological creatures…

    Or a Wearable wednesday inspired by rainbow colours? It can be challenging to wear bright colours in a subtle way.

    1. Pauline Paulette says

      Wearable wednesday with bright colours and fierce friday with nude and soft colours… that could be great and challenging also!

      1. VI says

        I totally agree with this post “WW very colorful and FF with nudes, golds, silvers, coppers etc!!! could be great!

      2. Lola says


      3. ariana says

        o yes please nudes for FF colors for WW,,, or the metal, flower sound like a great idea

      4. Sabrina says

        great idea…. im really bored of nudes in everyday…. so colorful WW and metalic FF is a great idea…..

      5. Sabrina says

        leesha please go for flowers for WW and metals for FF :)

  203. Lola Rose says

    How about pin-up but more modern, just like you said in Aphrodite Wearable Wednesday tutorial? In my opinion that was the best video of yours :). Something that’s not too agressive with bright colours so you can wear it on parties or just a regular night out in a caffe.

  204. Taylor says

    i know you did this a few years ago, but it could use an update: Disney Princesses :)

    1. Amy says

      ohh an updated version of this would be awesome and it could work with another idea on here. you could do the traditional disney princess for ww and the dark twisted one for feirce friday!

  205. jeny says

    i love this look you have. have you posted the video and i havent been able to find it??

  206. Nicole says

    Different types of pokemon! You’ve already done disney princesses but I think it’d be cool to see Pikachu, Mew, Squirtle, etc. types of looks :D

    1. Raquel says

      That would be awesome! xD

  207. Mya says

    could you please make a makeup tutorial on this look i think it is really pretty . thank you so much for all you do .

  208. Taylor says

    What if on WW you do like a Sesame Street theme or Mario Bros. or you could do light vs dark fairies or maybe even a little baby doll face but of course make it wearable My friend thinks like Gum packets because i also do themed looks and i get alot of ideas from you and I think that would be a great idea to do and then for FF you do Bridal looks or just keep it simple and do like smokey eyes like a purple or blue or green smokey eye. Anyways thats my thoughts I have always been a creative person PLEASE READ MINE!! I hope you guys like my Ideas thanks!!

  209. Amber says

    Waht if you doWinnie the Pooh characters or villains cuz i realize you did super heroes and you could also do winter looks since its getting christmas time or football teams or baseball or even hockey or basketball or even though you did princesses you could do like the whole crew like for cinderella you could do the prince the stepmother and the stepsisters like that sort of thing and thats just for WW Now for FF you should do like the girls from Twilight and the Volturi(Im not sure how to spell it) or just alot of barbie or vintage or pinup girl looks In my opinion I think you should be crazy colored for WW and go nude or be less noticable on FF if you get waht i mean thanks luv

  210. Nikki Scene says

    You should really make this into a look. i really want to see how you did this look

  211. MarinesGirl:) says

    Alright it sounds weird, but how about horse racers? Like Jockey colors and such. I did one cuz i was bored, I did Secretariat (Im a big horse fan :P) the jockey silk was Blue and white, and Secretariat himself was redish. So i made a Orang/red, blue, and white look based off of him, it turned out AMAZING! to bad i didnt record it. But theres my idea :)

  212. Elisabeth says

    Country flags, flowers, book/DVD covers, holiday looks :D

  213. Astrid says

    How about flowers? Like roses, sun flowers, you can make so much bright looks, so it would great for FF :)
    anyway, it doesn’t matter which theme it’ll be, your looks are always AMAZING :D

  214. Ally says

    How about instead of Disney Princesses, you do Disney Villains?

  215. Lolly says

    What about a series of looks based on snakes?
    There’s king snakes, combras, vipers…
    So many different types with trange color combinations!
    Or lizards. Or reptiles in general.
    They may not be the cutest things, but some have amazing color combinations.
    I’d also like to to see a ‘sophisticated’ rainbow look, if possible.

  216. musicjunkie says

    nothing to do with this but i think you should do looks inspired by singers like katy perry ect

  217. Whitney says

    Where is the tutorial for this look? I can’t find it anywhere ):

  218. seo fiverr says

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