theBalm NUDE’tude Palette- Swatches, Review

A few weeks ago I got this palette in the mail, and based on the name and exterior packaging, I just assumed it would be a neutral-colored palette similar in style to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. While, yes, it is a neutral palette, what I wasn’t expecting was the risqué inside packaging.. that was definitely a surprise!







thebalmnudetudethebalmnudetudethebalmnudetudethebalmnudetudeThese were swatches with no base.


So you can see, the girls inside were not expected :) I guess that is sort of the norm with theBalm though, to have a bit of an unexpected twist with their products! Overall this is a really pretty well-rounded neutral palette. The packaging is practical and super thin, and has a nice sized mirror so it would work well to travel with or keep in a purse for touchups. I like that it isn’t overwhelmingly shimmery but has a nice balance of shimmer and matte.

This palette is available for $36 on theBalm’s website, and can be purchased “naughty”, with the girls, or “nice” without the girls.


  1. Deandra says

    Hahaha, way cute! Totally unexpected

  2. Abby says

    lol “naughty” with the girls or “nice” without the girls. This is gorgeous, I love Shitzo, so pretty!

  3. Hiza says

    Thanks for sharing! What a lovely palette they have. It’s definitely different than the Naked palette :-)

  4. Vintage Hippo Trish says

    I think I’d want this one more than the UD Naked palettes.. I really just prefer these colors. Thanks for sharing Leesha!

  5. Angel says

    So pretty.

  6. Courtney says

    I really like that they offer it without the girls, the colors are really nice, and I would buy it, but with my little brother, who gets into my things, the girls wouldnt be a good option, so I definatley appricate that they have it without them. It was a cute idea anyways though! ;)

  7. yanna says

    is the naughty and nice the same?

  8. Chelsea says

    Haha! I just got my Naughty version yesterday! I bought it during their Black Friday 40% off sale.

    I just ADORE the packaging! My favorite shades are Stand-offish, Selfish, and Sexy.

    The palette is definitely on the warmer side, whereas UD’s Naked palette is more cool-toned.

  9. Traci says

    I got the “nice” version during the black Friday sale for 40% off. I really like the palette and definitely think it was worth the money!

  10. Margaret says

    WOW amazingly pigmented colours. I really love the colours going on, especially Stubborn, Stand offish and Sexy. The Balm always have such cutie packaging :)

  11. Brooke says

    When the Balm was on Hautelook last week they had this for $18! I was surprised because I thought it was fairly new!

  12. Kelly says

    This palette looks so adorable! The names are so funny.

  13. Audrey M says

    Is it a limited edition ??

  14. Sam says

    Haha I actually love this! I would definitely get it naughty, that’s half the fun! Is The Balm available at Sephora, by chance?

  15. inge says

    haha so funny; just before i saw these swatches (witch i realy like) i ordered this palette, but i’m glad that i did it.

  16. KelleyB says

    I love it! very reminiscent of the pin up of the 50s! my fav!!

  17. Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex says

    Cute idea! And I like that they have a naughty and a nice version. The shadow pans seem a little small in the palette though.

  18. Princess Livia says

    Wow, this palette looks amazing. I love the selection of colours!

  19. aforapple says

    Hm, am i the only noticing there’s only white girls, though im white lol (: .. Anyways, i loove Stubborn and Stand-offish.. Really pretty for a cute daytime look! (:

  20. Adrianna says

    loving the selections on this palette and the packaging is so creative! love it! thanks for swatching ;)

  21. chasadie pinnock says

    @aforapple: FIRST thing I noticed, (other than the fact that they were naked). I totally would love some color in the palette, since it seems flattering for ALL skin tones. but eh, what are you gonna do. :P

  22. Nannick says

    Haha! Seriously, i didn’t expect the girls inside the palette ;) Looks nice!

  23. Sara says

    I was really surprised by the “brush” that’s included in this set. Granted, it’s significantly cheaper than the naked palette, but they could have at least thrown in a useful brush.

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