The Hunger Games Tutorials: Recap!

Happy Hunger Games!

Since The Hunger Games DVD was released today, I figured this would be a good time to recap the tutorials I did at the beginning of this year in honor of each district :) Below you’ll find a photo of each look and a  link to the blog post :) enjoy!

THGrecapDistrict 12: Mining

THGrecapDistrict 11: Agriculture


THGrecapDistrict 10: Livestock


THGrecapDistrict 9: Grain

THGrecapDistrict 8: Textiles


THGrecapDistrict 7: Lumber


THGrecapDistrict 6: Morphlings


THGrecapDistrict 5: Power


THGrecapDistrict 4: Fishing


THGrecapDistrict 3: Technology


THGrecapDistrict 2: Masonry


THGrecap District 1: Luxury


THGrecap Capitol/Effie Trinket


  1. Marilyn says

    These are all really awesome looks. I love that you did them for every district too.

  2. Smurf says

    Yay! Thanks for the recap! I’ve used your Hunger Games looks several times already and had a slew of compliments! Can’t wait to try out more of them!

  3. Shelby says

    Absolutely beautiful I love that you put so much time into these looks! They look like they walked off the set of the movie! Such a huge fan!

  4. Phyrra says

    The lashes from technology are so awesome! Loved all your tutorials :)

  5. Ash says

    Love it. I am doing district 4 look for the Sydney IMATS. :)

  6. Katie says

    Where is District 13?

  7. nessa says

    love it! it makes more sense to me since I watched the video and I understand the concept of the movie!

  8. Bianca Olivarez says

    how did you create district 3 look?!

  9. Hira Saeed says

    Absolutely stunning. U r gorgeous. :)

  10. Hira Saeed says

    What foundation do u use for ure tutorials? Its so flawless!

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