The Hunger Games Series- District 9


Here we are at District 9! These tutorials have been really fun for me so far, and I just reread the first two books of the series this past weekend, so it’s all fresh in my mind and making me ridiculously excited for the movie premiere, which is both good and bad. The same thing happened when the first Twilight movie came out, I was insanely excited and all the hype just made it worse.. and I left the theater insanely PISSED because it was horrible and nothing like I imagined and no one could act and blah blah blah. Hunger Games is getting a ton of hype and promotion, and I really really hope it lives up to it.

District 9′s industry is Grain. It’s actually the district that I was assigned to on!


Classy, right? I’m a plower. Just what I always aspired to be in life.

I wanted this look to have golden tones of beige and browns, and I really liked how it turned out. I also added some glitter and sparkles just to make it a little more fun.


Thgdistrict9 2



Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil in Sin
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Elektron/Amber
Urban Decay Naked Palette (used Buck, Darkhorse)
Sleek MakeUP Au Natural Palette
Lancome Eyeliner Pencil in Blanc
MAC Eye Kohl in Coffee
Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Puro Amor
Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure in Nude
Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
Sugarpill Eyelashes in Sinnocent

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Elektron/Amber

Urban Decay Starburst Sparkling Lip Gloss in Space Cowboy
LIT Cosmetics Glitter in Honeydrop


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  • auroragyps

    Will you be doing any Hunger Games looks with a darker &/or more dramatic lip and simpler eye?

    • Leesha

      possibly! i havent really thought about it as i tend to do the opposite of that, but ill see what district that would work for to switch it up :)

  • Anna Thorne

    I absolutely love this look! I’m loving all the looks you’ve been coming up with.. And I agree with you on the hype. I was so excited for Twilight, and everyone was talking about how awesome it was.. I read the books as soon as I found out a movie was coming out. I was severely disappointed. I can’t even believe they let a movie like that get so popular.. The eye contacts, the hair, the horrible “pale” makeup.. It just was bad to me. I was terribly done, and New Moon is my favorite movie, not just because I’m a Jacob fan, but because it meant way less of the cheesy ass idiocy they made the vampire clan. I liked some of the actors, and I did like how they tried to be the characters, but everything else just kinda ruined it for me. Sorry! Total rant. :D What I’m saying is: I hope Hunger Games is bad-fucking-ass, because it has so much potential!

  • Jessica

    When did they give the districts official duties? I just looked it up and apparently District 6′s industry is Transportation. I could have sworn they never mentioned it in the books (Or maybe I’m just a terrible reader, eep!
    The lips are so fun! :D I watched the video on my phone last night but it really didn’t capture the true beauty of the look. By the way, does the cosmetic glitter feel rough and scratchy on your lips?

    • Leesha

      there are some that they didnt mention in the books, but once the movie website came up, they sort of filled in the blanks :)

  • Kimberly

    It made me laugh when you mentioned being disappointed with the Twilight movie, I felt the exact same way lol. But anyways, this look is gorgeous, and so wearable in my opinion! :)

  • Gwinda

    I’m loving all the Hunger Games looks, you’re doing an awesome job! I’m also hoping its nothing like Twilight was (I don’t like Kristin Stewart at all. Her and that stupid eyebrow!).

    I’m a Technician in District 3 while my husband is a Perfumer in District 1. I think we need to switch. Lol.

    • meri

      oh my gosh i always knew skisten stewart looked weird but i couldnt think of what it was. and now that i think about it her eyebrow is annoying its like…. off…..

    • Annie

      Ha ha, I’m a deckhand in district 4.

      • Cassidy

        I’m a baggage handler in District 6 :)

        • Annie

          And the bad thing is…I ABSOLUTELY hate fish.

  • Sam


  • Ludmilla Rocha

    The duo used eye illuminator, also used on the cheek?

  • Ludmilla Rocha

    The duo used eye illuminator, also used on the cheek?
    In the video the color appears to be different

  • Andrea

    I love Hunger Games make-up looks and this is one of my favourite :)
    And I feel the same way about the movie coming out. Usually the movies destroy my perception of the book and in the end I’m very dissapointed. I’m even debating if I’ll watch the movie or not. I didn’t watch Twilight and I’m happy that I didn’t :)

  • Anna

    I have really loved this whole series! And I really can’t wait for some of the fancy districts and I’m really curious about what you plan to do for the Capitol :)
    And yes, Twilight was so disappointing, but the Hunger Games trailers look so good and I do think it’s worth all the hype (crossing my fingers like crazy). I guess it seems more likely that this will be better, because on paper Twilight looks good but translating it into film you are just like ‘Oh, a creepy vampire falling for some bland girl mixed with bad acting,’ idk I think Hunger Games has better potential.

  • Trellyn

    Just wanted to give anyone a heads up, the link you have isn’t correct.

    • Leesha


  • Mindy

    lol I did the card thingy too. Did you know you’re able to order an actual copy of your card? I saw the link on the Hunger Games FB page. It’s free, just gotta pay shipping. I don’t have mine yet, so I hope it wasn’t a scam for them to make an easy $4 over and over hahah

  • Leah

    Wow I adore the sparkle lips! So pretty :)

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness! Fantastic look, but I adore your nails! What did you do for them?

    • Kelly

      It looks like a magnetic polish. Maybe the new China Glaze Magnetix?

  • Brenda

    I am Loving all the looks and would wear any of them!!! Excited for the next one, District 8 – that’s where I was put!! LOL :) It’s funny too, because I love to knit and sew ;P

  • Amy-Elizabeth (@brervixen)

    Love it! I’ll also be joining you in District 9 as a farmer.
    For Rue.

  • Anne

    Oh hi, totally not related to Hunger Games at all.. but is your birthday really July 26th? AND you live in Austin?! Super crazy because that’s my birthday and where I live! I think its neat when people have the same birthday! Cheesy, aye?

  • Cassy

    This is so pretty! I love the glitter you added to your lips.

  • Rosie

    I’m a Geologist in District 12 – which I hope feeds me better than other professions in District 12, lol.
    But gawl, I would love to be a perfumer in District 1!

  • Katie

    Where did you get your Inglot palletes at? I’ve been looking around and can’t find them anywhere. I would love to have either the solid one or the rainbow one. Thanks.

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  • Bianca

    It’s actually quite exciting to see what you come up with for each district! This one is my favorite so far, but I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  • Margaret

    This looks great. I’m so excited for the Hunger Games :D

  • Katie

    Lol I just got District 9 for mine (i’m a harvester though). Guess I’m doing this for the premiere!!

  • http://leeuwarden maher

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  • Harmony

    Hi Leesha, Could you make a tutorial on the look you had on the photo of your pass? The eyes make up is just soo beautiful!!!

  • Mariana

    I love your make ups and try my best when going out for this fresh and colorfuls eyes. A couple months ago I was assigned to district 12, yey me, right?

    Will try this make next time I went out. But will use naked colors insted.


  • Brooke

    i got a district I.D and im district 3 s im gnna were that to the premiere

  • Sweetbsting

    District 1 and I’m a vintner… IRL my husband is a wine salesman lol!!

  • Aria

    Beautiful and original as always!!
    I was assigned to District 4 and I’m studying a Sea and Environmental Sciences career…seriously, the aplication starts to scary me ;)

  • Alice

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m a harvester in District 9.

    Also, I love this look! I’m hoping I can do my make up like this when I go to see the Hunger Games this weekend (not hopeful though, I’m kinda broke lol!)