April 16, 2014
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  • Sayrina

    Leesha, I can’t wait to see what you do for district 4. I’m having a costume party for my birthday and in the capitol page, I’m from district 4! So I’m keeping a track on your tutorials :)

    • Annie

      Me too! Except for the birthday part.

  • http://aliencry.deviantart.com Zarie

    Gorgeous! I play WoW, so you just gave me an awesome idea for my druid look for Blizzcon next year!(since there won’t be one this year =[ )

  • http://esotericfancies.blogspot.com Seren

    I love that you’re really going all out for these! Soooo pretty!

  • http://hannahfyed.blogspot.com Hannah

    I think the brown lashes were an amazing choice! I like these more editorial looks! You get to be creative and have fun.

  • http://www.phyrra.net Phyrra

    I love the lashes! They look awesome with the look.

  • Sophie

    Leesha, I absolutly love those Hunger Game Series District make up !! they’re fun and beautiful, and most of all adjustable : as you say it, it’s totally wearable without the “extensions” on the cheeks, witch, by the way, I think they’re Art ! Keep going on !

  • http://lisanneblogt.wordpress.com Lisanne blogt

    I love this series, thanks for sharing! :D

  • Bulletwitch93

    the color of the lashes is so beautiful!

  • Jessica

    So pretty :3 I really like the branches on this. In my head I was expecting something like this but leaves instead of branches. But I think I like this better. The color on the inner corner of your eyes is so eye-catching :)

  • Anomalous813

    Those lashes are amazing. Good for you, continuing to do editorial looks. You can’t please everyone and there are still a lot of people who simply appreciate your skills, no matter how you choose to apply them.

  • http://yousoldtheworld.blogspot.com/ yousoldtheworld

    Wow, that’s gorgeous!

  • Ana

    That is the coolest creation I think I’ve seen! It looks so pretty. The green and the tree branches, <3 I love it!

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