The Hunger Games Series: District 2 (Masonry/Weapons)

District 2 of the Hunger Games has the industry of Masonry and weapons. This was one of those industries like district 5 (power/electricity) where I was just having a hard time figuring out what would be a good idea without going too literal. I decided that since they make weapons for the capitol, doing a sort of evil/powerful dark look would work. I love how this turned out, it’s very wearable but very different for me. Enjoy!

(Also, if you missed any of the Hunger Games looks, you can catch up with the Youtube Playlist or through Blog Posts.)






  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Inglot Eyeshadows #358, #353, #390
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Demolition
  • Inglot Eyeshadow #373
  • Lancome Eye Kohl in Blanc
  • Inglot Eyeshadows #456, #351, #63
  • Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray
  • Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
  • Faux Lashes Sasha False Lashes


  • Inglot Eyeshadow #360
  • Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose
  • Guerlain Parue de Nuit Highlighter


  • Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Colour in Apocalypse
  • Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Perversion


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  1. Abby says

    I absolutely adore this District’s look but you should seriously do a look for the 13th District because that’d be completely epic and you might be the first makeup guru to EVER do it. But either way, I absolutely LOVE this makeup because it’s all smokey and dark and awesome!!!! And I can’t wait for the last two looks because I know they’re going to be loud and bold and colorful and glittery!!!!!!

  2. Emmely says

    I am in love with this look, it’s sexy, vampy and mysterious. It reminds me a little bit of the breaking dawn wedding look you did a while ago, but this is soo much more ‘wow’!
    I wish I had the products to do this look on myself.

    1. Inge says

      I treidthis look just now with the products i have and it turned out pretty great, though i don’t have all matte nutruals so i jused colours with a bit of a shimmer, so if you just try with the things you have it will work.
      btw great look leesha i realy like it especialy the combination of the lips and the eyes.
      And i agree with Abby you shoulld do a district 13 look, it would be realy original

  3. Emi says

    Loooove this look!

  4. yeaLINDSAY says

    I really like how softly blended the eye look is! I am for sure trying this out on me! Thanks for the beautiful tutorial Leesha.

  5. Sandi says

    Oh I actually wore something very similar to this for St. Patty’s Day haha! I really like it…makes me happy to be assigned to District 2.

  6. jess says

    would this be weird with purple instead of the dark brown/black?

    1. Caitlin says

      Not at all. This look could work with any colour combination really. :)

  7. Danielle says

    Your skin looks lovely! Great look :)

  8. Lesley says

    So pretty! I want to try this one out, too. Hopefully this upcoming weekend :)
    I used your America’s Next Top Model finale tutorial for St. Patrick’s Day and it came out amazing! You are defnitely helping me get over my fear of false lashes, haha.

  9. Laynie says

    This look is so, so gorgeous!! You look almost kind of evil, but in a good way!

  10. Masha says

    You should try doing an emo look just for fun lol :P

  11. Arlene Dowden says

    I may have to try this look. Great evening look for me as well.

  12. Rachael says

    Simply stunning!!!

  13. Becky says

    You look airbrushed. So pretty!!! :D

  14. Lily (Clamara of D4) says

    OMG! I love the powerful vibe I experienced when I saw this look.

  15. Eve says

    Love the look and the glitter!! MOAR GLITTEEERH!! : D
    What was the glitter adhesive you used? :)

    1. Eve says

      Sorry… Wrote a comment on the wrong District :(

  16. Sahar Tajammul says


  17. Lovelytine says

    Um, since when did gloss set lipstick?

  18. Jornalistacharif says


  19. Karina G says

    Love this look!!!

  20. Hannahellsmore says

    Leesha, you are such an inspiration to me.  Your the one person who taught me to have confidence in me and to look like whatevr i want <33

  21. gabi says

    Just did this look for work this morning! (I work in retail lol) love how it turned out :)

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