April 17, 2014
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  • Abby

    I absolutely adore this District’s look but you should seriously do a look for the 13th District because that’d be completely epic and you might be the first makeup guru to EVER do it. But either way, I absolutely LOVE this makeup because it’s all smokey and dark and awesome!!!! And I can’t wait for the last two looks because I know they’re going to be loud and bold and colorful and glittery!!!!!!

  • Emmely

    I am in love with this look, it’s sexy, vampy and mysterious. It reminds me a little bit of the breaking dawn wedding look you did a while ago, but this is soo much more ‘wow’!
    I wish I had the products to do this look on myself.

    • Inge

      I treidthis look just now with the products i have and it turned out pretty great, though i don’t have all matte nutruals so i jused colours with a bit of a shimmer, so if you just try with the things you have it will work.
      btw great look leesha i realy like it especialy the combination of the lips and the eyes.
      And i agree with Abby you shoulld do a district 13 look, it would be realy original

  • http://projectswatch.blogspot.com Emi

    Loooove this look!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/yeaLINDSAY yeaLINDSAY

    I really like how softly blended the eye look is! I am for sure trying this out on me! Thanks for the beautiful tutorial Leesha.

  • http://sandipalien.blogspot.com Sandi

    Oh I actually wore something very similar to this for St. Patty’s Day haha! I really like it…makes me happy to be assigned to District 2.

  • jess

    would this be weird with purple instead of the dark brown/black?

    • Caitlin

      Not at all. This look could work with any colour combination really. :)

  • http://www.dani-sugarandspice.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    Your skin looks lovely! Great look :)

  • Lesley

    So pretty! I want to try this one out, too. Hopefully this upcoming weekend :)
    I used your America’s Next Top Model finale tutorial for St. Patrick’s Day and it came out amazing! You are defnitely helping me get over my fear of false lashes, haha.

  • http://layniefingers.blogspot.com/ Laynie

    This look is so, so gorgeous!! You look almost kind of evil, but in a good way!

  • Masha

    You should try doing an emo look just for fun lol :P

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  • Arlene Dowden

    I may have to try this look. Great evening look for me as well.

  • Rachael

    Simply stunning!!!

  • http://www.valgusvarivarv.blogspot.com Rebeka Tarn

    Leesha, this looks amazing. So classy!

  • http://beautybudgetbee.wordpress.com/ Becky

    You look airbrushed. So pretty!!! :D

  • Lily (Clamara of D4)

    OMG! I love the powerful vibe I experienced when I saw this look.

  • Eve

    Love the look and the glitter!! MOAR GLITTEEERH!! : D
    What was the glitter adhesive you used? :)

    • Eve

      Sorry… Wrote a comment on the wrong District :(

  • Sahar Tajammul


  • Lovelytine

    Um, since when did gloss set lipstick?

  • Jornalistacharif


  • Karina G

    Love this look!!!

  • Hannahellsmore

    Leesha, you are such an inspiration to me.  Your the one person who taught me to have confidence in me and to look like whatevr i want <33

  • gabi

    Just did this look for work this morning! (I work in retail lol) love how it turned out :)

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