The Hunger Games Liquid Skyliner Capitol Ad

oooh, lookie! The Capitol of Panem has a pretty new ad for their ~Official Eyeliner of The 74th Annual Hunger Games~!



Fancy huh? :)

FYI- this isn’t real, just pretend! That’d be a badass color though, huh? Closest I can think of is Urban Decay El Dorado :)

PS- if you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, be sure to check out this Friday’s tutorial.. and the next month of tutorials coming every Wednesday and Friday until March 23rd. :D :D :D


  1. Deanna says

    AHHHHH! Leesha if you do Hunger Games inspired tutorials from now until the movie that would be so awesome! love the books so much! scared to see the movie because I don’t want it to be ruined. Can’t wait for Friday!!!

    Stay Beautiful!

  2. Brooke says

    You’re such a bitch hahahha I thought this was the PERFECT real idea lolol although I guess I don’t see Lenny Kravitz doing a makeup ad

    1. leesha says

      lol they have one for teeth whitening with ceasar flickerman and a beard trimming one for seneca crane too! hed do the ad just like kristin stewart and robert pattinson are on the twilight makeup and hair tools hahahha

  3. Gabi says

    THG tutorials? :D Thanks Leesha!

  4. jenn says

    Yes! Love Hunger Games! Can’t wait to see them!

  5. Patrice says

    ok, this eyeliner NEEDS TO BE MADE!!!! and not ~limited edition~ either, i freaking need this!
    hajajsnbdbjrfkdks so excited!
    also, leesha, china glaze has a ‘colors from the capitol’ collection out now. the colours are so gorgeous, and i thought i’d just let you know about them if you’re interested!
    if you end up getting any of them, i’d love a review :3
    take care xxxx

    1. leesha says

      i literally JUST preordered them haha

      1. Heather says

        Where did you preoreder at?! I neeeeeeed naoo

  6. Greta says

    THG is my favorite series, I’m so flipping excited for the movie to come out, so I about died when I read that you’re doing makeup looks. I’m going to have to try them all. Probably going to wear my favorite look to the midnight premiere if I can go!!

  7. Christina says

    I decided to read the hunger games because of you…. so glad I did. I devoured the series in 3 days…. thank you so much for getting me into it.

  8. Vicki says

    I haven’t been this excited for a movie release since Harry Potter! I can’t wait to see how the books inspired your make-up looks!

  9. Cassy says

    Hi Leesha! I love your blog and your videos! I started watching your videos a couple of years ago and you’ve always been my favorite beauty guru!

    This “ad” is so cool! It completely tricked me and I got so excited there was going to be a collection. Bahaha.

    I love the Hunger Games books. I’m so excited for your makeup series!!

  10. Courtney Mellark says

    GRRR! I saw this, and died, then I saw that it wasnt real and died again. :( And speaking of HG tutorials, me and a few of my friends have been doing this thing since December, where you have to make all of your nail polish designs relate to HG. If anybody is interested, we would like more followers :D

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