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This was the most fun I’ve had filming a video in so long, and I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it! I need to do more videos like this :)

Side note but I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week.. my workout routine I was doing was honestly leaving me so exhausted i couldn’t function and had no motivation to do ANYTHING. I’ll talk about how I’m switching things up in my healthy beauty post on Sunday but pretty much I realized that going from not working out ever to working out 6 days a week with the hardest workout to be put on DVD wasn’t exactly a cake walk (no shit leesha!) but live and learn, and that doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just modifying so I can freaking function!


Anyways, enjoy this goofy video :)



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  1. Letitia Harriet says

    I know this may not be do-able, but I’d love to see Healthy Beauty videos. Like on your workout routines, what you’re eating and stuff. Seeing as I’m pretty much a couch potato it would be helpful to see how someone goes from not really doing anything to being healthy and such.

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