TGIF: Vegas Outfit & Lip Tar Giveaway

Hi Guys! Here’s this week’s TGIF- a Vegas Outfit of the Day, along with a giveaway of OCC’s newest Lip Tars from their new Heroine Collection!
Entering is as easy as filling out the form below! You can enter up to 6 different ways :) If you enter the “tweet about the giveaway” option, just click the little “tweet” button please!
Giveaway is international and ends on Monday at Midnight EST. Enjoy!!

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  1. Maddie says:

    My friends and i went out and unfortunately another friend and i were ditched at the club and we wondered around the strip for about 2 hours. No matter how much it sucked at the time its was one of the best nights ever.

  2. Silvie says:

    it was halloween night an I was at a friends house. at the end of the night we were sitting on the roof of her house, watching the stars and talked about everything that just came into our minds. that was the best time ever :D

  3. Carolyn Conrad says:

    Favourite time in Vegas has got to be my boyfriend’s birthday. We went out for dinner at Olive’s and had the most amazing food and drinks and watched the fountains and then we went to Koi and danced the night away.

  4. Tyrannika S says:

    favorite night out? hard, I love nights in ^^ but an awesome night out with my gf’s last year was very nice. haninging out in our favorite pub, eating loads of cheece and having a really fun and memorable night!

  5. Stephani Hunt says:

    My favorite Vegas experience was last year. My friends & I decided it was a good idea to take 8 shots of Patron. (bad idea) We walked to Tao & didn’t even make it in because my best friend was hovering over the toilet throwing up. lol crazy but funny night.

  6. Maryam says:

    Haha, I was there when I was 12… so nothing crazy :) I just went with my parents and just us eating in our super small hotel room together after an exhausting vegas day is my favorite memory I think. But the whole thing was quite nice :)

  7. Christine says:

    So, I haven’t been to Vegas (yet). I know it’s pretty sad considering I’m 26 and only live a few hours away in CA. Anyway, my favorite night out was the night of my wedding this year. After our awesome reception, we all went to a local bar without changing out of our wedding attire and got free bottle service and appetizers for the rest of the night. Such great memories!!

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